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The Heart-Healthy Superfood
In February, we’re reminded just how important our heart health is for our overall well-being. From Heart Health Month to Valentine’s Day, our hearts are the star this time of year. A simple way to show your heart some love? Incorporate more heart-healthy foods into your diet!

Studies have shown that pulses improve blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. These simple ingredients are loaded with fiber and antioxidants (red kidney beans contain more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranate juice), making them the ideal addition to meals in February.

Below you will find pulse-filled, heart-healthy recipes to enjoy this month. Bring on the superfoods! 
Protein-Packed Black Bean and Kidney Bean Quinoa Salad
More Recipe Inspiration
Roasted Golden Beet, Citrus, Lentil Salad
Split Pea Guacamole
One Pot Spanish Chickpea Chicken
Nutrition Facts
In addition to the benefits listed above, pulses are cholesterol free and low in total and saturated fats – a ½ cup of lentils containing less than ½ gram of fat. For these reasons and more, dry peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans are considered some of the healthiest ingredients on the market.
Pulses in the Market
The pulse momentum continues as more brands are starting to create pulse-filled products to meet the increasing demand for plant-based protein. From pulse tortilla chips and chickpea pasta, to milk made from yellow peas, the pulse market continues to grow, providing new and exciting ways to incorporate the heart-healthy ingredients into your diet.
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