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Good Governance Improves
the Quality of Life for Citizens
First Graduation Ceremony of the Academy is held in Ankara
Good Governance in Public Sector
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The graduation ceremony of “Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program”, organized in cooperation with Lifelong Learning Center of Boğaziçi University (BÜYEM), aiming to raise awareness and improve knowledge of future public service leaders on
good governance” was held with wide attendance of top public sector officials.

The education program targeted to improve the competency of public sector executives on good governance through fostering civic participation in public sector decision making processes and improving the effectiveness of public service delivery via innovation.
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In the opening remarks of the event, our Chairman Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı stated that: “Good governance increases the quality of life and citizen satisfaction. It is the key for sustainable success. Nations rise only through experiencing inclusive development,
which builds trust at all levels of the society.”

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Ahmet Kebeli, the Director of Internal Auditing of Youth and Sports Ministry said, “This program has provided new perspectives and methodologies to improve how we conduct our jobs. We believe that future participants
will also benefit from every minute of this invaluable opportunity.”

In the closing remarks, our founder Dr. Yılmaz Argüden said that “Knowledge and love increases when they are shared with others. Academy aims to increase the level of trust between public sector & citizens by sharing its knowledge, experience, and best practices
in the world with qualified public sector executives who are potential future leaders.”
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Certificates were presented to the public-sector leaders who successfully completed the
96hr education program in collaboration with Lifelong Learning Center of Boğaziçi University
and Experts Associations of the Prime Ministry, Internal Auditors, Energy Authority,
Ministry of Finance, Competition Authority, Tobacco & Alcohol Authority, Legislature, and InformationTechnology.
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Introduction to Arguden Governance Academy
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Argüden Governance Academy is a thought-leader in Good Governance
The Academy contributes to local and global agenda with publications, providing recommendations to institutions such as G20 and OECD.
  Akasya Caddesi No: 2 Göztepe Mah., Göksu Anadolu Hisarı, Beykoz 34815 İstanbul, Türkiye
  +90 (216) 280 51 14
Good Governance for Quality of Life