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The First Turkish
Integrated Report is Launched!
We have shared the first Turkish Integrated Report.
We are amongst the pioneer NGOs in the world adopting the <IR> Framework.
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We have prepared the Integrated Report covering our
first full year of operation in accordance with the fundamental concepts, guiding principles, and structure of International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework.

We are amongst the pioneer NGOs in the world
with the first Turkish Integrated Report.

As the founding member of the Turkish Integrated Reporting Network (ERTA), we aim to share our experience via
education programs on Integrated Reporting
with civil society organizations and private sector.
Click to Read the Integrated Report
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International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) shared our Integrated Reporting experience from their website with a post titled “Argüden Governance Academy: A Change Agent
to Build Trust for Institutions.”

With this post, IIRC emphasized that the preparation process of the Report helped us enable our organization to clarify and prioritize our goals, and supports to internalize our business model and its philosophy.
Click to Read the Post on IIRC
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Integrated Report and Good Governance

Integrated Reporting helps institutions communicate with their stakeholders more transparently, increase the consistency of their activities; and by providing indicators about the effectiveness of their performance, improve responsible and fair utilization of resources. This in turn results in better deployment of their strategy and improve accountability towards stakeholders.
We would like to thank our stakeholders for their valuable support
in the deployment of the Integrated Reporting.
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Introduction to Arguden Governance Academy
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Argüden Governance Academy is a thought-leader in Good Governance
The Academy contributes to local and global agenda with publications, providing recommendations to institutions such as G20 and OECD.
  Akasya Caddesi No: 2 Göztepe Mah., Göksu Anadolu Hisarı, Beykoz 34815 İstanbul, Türkiye
  +90 (216) 280 51 14
Good Governance for Quality of Life