VENTURIDE Newsletter #2 - January 2016
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Re-introducing VENTURIDE!

Welcome to my second newsletter and happy 2016! I wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy and contentment. 

In the first Newsletter issued last year, I introduced the project, the website ( and the first draft of the itinerary. The level of interest to date has been encouraging and I’d like to build on it going forward, while thanking you again.

In this 2nd issue of the Newsletter, I’d like to give you an update on a number of key themes (itinerary, timelines, preparation…), but before that I'd like to re-introduce
VENTURIDE to those of you who are not too familiar with this project.

For context, VENTURIDE has one objective in mind: to undertake a global research project on what it means to be a Citizen of the World.To this end, I have devised an interview-based mechanism of engagement and I will interview citizens throughout my journey across 37 countries and five continents. For more information, please visit my website on (suggest using Chome).

I will be riding a motorbike and will take a year-long sabbatical to turn the VENTURIDE project into a reality. 

New Itinerary - based on your feedback

Some of you shared their thoughts on my itinerary and believed that I had to spend more time in South East Asia. From London, the furthest eastern point I have ever been to is Moscow so the tips have been taken on-board.  (Thank you Clemence for your tips!)

The result is pretty exciting as I have added Burma (Birmanie in French), Thailand and Cambodia to the list of countries. However, unlike the rest of the countries where I will travel with my own bike, these 3 countries will be “done” using a more standard approach: public transports. The rational for that is that it is not possible to enter Burma alone with a foreign motorbike. Foreigners need to pay for a local guide and have to go through an agency, which is not really my cup of tea, at least for now.

Furthermore, instead of going through Dubai to go from Iran to India, I will go through Pakistan. This means that my bike will be my only transportation method from London to India (and from Africa onwards). No planes or boats, just the road! If you like numbers, this represents between London and India 19 000 km, 116 days, 17 weeks or 164 km / day on average.

To ensure I don’t visit countries in a superficial manner, Nepal and Bangladesh were taken off from the list. Finally, in Africa, I have added Kenya as it seems to be easier to ship the bike from India to Kenya than it is from India to Tanzania.
Visit the site
Discover the itinerary across 37 countries!
Please click on the following link or check the image above. 

Overall, if everything goes according to plan, I should now travel across 37 countries, 5 continents. This will represent a minimum of 54 000km on the ground (Distances travelled by boat or planes to cross oceans have not been factored in).

Mechanics, gym and riding: the fun part!
As my client is currently based in Glasgow, I am based there 5 days a week (from Sunday night to Friday evening). This means that during the week, I do distance relationship with my bike! Not easy, trust me. Skype is not that fun…
I’ve had my first road test with the new bike earlier this month and it was great fun. I went with my dad, who also rides a bike and a friend. It was great to test the bike for the first time and I am confident this BMW X Challenge 650 is the right one for me. It is heavy but the riding position looks appropriate for an around the world trip. Below are 3 pictures from that weekend.

To be physically ready, I try to go to the gym 4 times a week at the hotel. For those who are familiar with the types of machines available in these standard gyms, I work on machines which do Chest Press; Lat; Pectoral; Arm Curl; Shoulder Press; Abs; Triceps. From February, I wil add cardio exercises. 

To learn about mechanics and off-road riding, BMW have accepted to offer me a complimentary off-road riding away weekend and some mechanic classes. I look forward to those.

Join the "£1=1km" Scheme with PayPal!


Firstly, thank you to those who have already donated. I know some of you have already seen this message in past communications (emails, website) but the machine I've built to print banknotes in my cellar only works part time and on the 8 day of the week so I need to find other ways for now. As a reminder, initial estimates bring the overall cost of the project to an amount ranging from  £ 60 000 to £ 70 000 (84 000 - 98 000 Euros), which means that any contribution, whether financial or of equipment will be very much appreciated.  

PayPal "Donate" button is now available on VENTURIDE's website to collect your potential donations. 

Since every £££ counts, I have designed the "£1=1km" scheme so you can donate from as little as £1.

Thank you in advance.

It took me a while to understand that travelling on a bike requires much more preparation than when travelling by foot using public transports. Crossing borders on a bike is not that simple and a lot of paperwork and administrative tasks are required. Preparing the logistics is one my big priorities this month. Many countries I will visit require specific documents and these need to be presented upon arrival in a country.
I am also trying to find some shipping companies who could ship my bike from Asia to Africa and then from Africa to South America to then finish from North America to Europe.
Finding insurances who can / want to insure you in some specific countries is also on my to-do list. The Visas and the Vaccinations are also necessary but these are applicable to all travellers.

Key Dates to Remember!

I will travel for 13 months (392 days, 56 weeks) and below are the key dates you may want to add to your calendar!


  • 06/08/2016: Start Date for VENTURIDE (but my sabbatical starts in September 2016)
  • 26/08/2016: Exit Date

Middle East     

  • 27/08/2016: Entry Date 
  • 07/11/2016: Exit Date


  • 08/11/2016: Entry Date 
  • 05/01/2017: Exit Date


  • 06/01/2017: Entry Date
  • 29/03/2017: Exit Date

South America       

  • 30/03/2017: Entry Date 
  • 15/06/2017: Exit Date

Central America       

  • 16/06/2017: Entry Date 
  • 14/08/2017: Exit Date

North America       

  • 15/08/2017: Entry Date 
  • 29/08/2017: End date for VENTURIDE
Thank you for your interest and let's stay in touch!
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