Happy January! 
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Happy January!

It's the start of a new year for the Kesem Community and we have some exciting updates - including NEW COUNSELOR RECRUITMENT and some Kesem Swag!! 

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This Week on Counselor Spotlight...
Nishant "GoodJob" Kirandikar!

Where do you call home? 
I hail from the lush, rainy hillscapes of Beaverton, Oregon, but previously lived in such far-flung lands as Tigard, Oregon and Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Favorite Kesem moment?
Last year was my first year as a counselor, and I loved the last campfire when the members of Gold Unit shared their camp names and spoke their parting words. Listening to the heartfelt, loving, and frequently hilarious stories from the Gold campers made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Why Kesem? 
I've seen the effects of cancer on my extended family, and I hate the thought of anyone, especially kids, having to deal with those circumstances alone. What I love most about Kesem is how it strikes a lucid balance between distraction from sadness and confrontation of fears. When our campers are with other Kesem folks, they're free to play, goof off, and forget, if only for a second, about cancer. But Kesem is also there when they can't forget about it; when they're sad or scared or just want to be with someone. In the face of a debilitating disease, Kesem builds love, community, and strength. Cancer sucks, but it sucks less when you have friends to love you.

Also, the kids are just so darn funny.

Why GoodJob? 

My father is an incredibly intelligent man with incredibly deficient nicknaming ability. For as long as I can remember, he's been calling me "GoodJob." I once asked him for its origin, and he said something cheesy like “because you always do a good job!” Some of my earliest memories include him coming home from work, bellowing "GoodJooooooob I'm home!" and beckoning to me for a hug. Since my younger years, his pronunciation has grown even more stylized, kind of like "G'jahhhhh." Sometimes, he'll add a soprano flair, so the second syllable sounds like air slowly being let out of a balloon. It's super weird, but it makes me smile, reminds me of home, and, as my only true nickname, was my only real choice for my Kesem name.

What's Been Happening???

New Kesem Gear!
We are excited to release a brand new Kesem Shirt (20$)/Crewneck Sweater (30$) - Available in all sizes and 3 different colors! 
Click the shirt or follow this link to purchase and have them sent directly to your door! A bit of the proceeds from every purchase will go directly to Camp Kesem! 
New Counselor Recruitment!
It is upon us! We couldn't be more excited to start the process of recruiting new faces for our Counselor Community. These counselors make camp what it is! We encourage any and all current Stanford students from all different backgrounds to apply! :) Information can be found at
As always - share this video as much as you'd like and spread the good word of Kesem!

We Have a New Website!

Check it out here!
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Kesem Love, 

Camp Kesem Stanford

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