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How To Shop For A Great Home Audio System 

Here's A How-To Guide For Picking Out The Best Gear! 

Hey guys, Javi here. We've been getting a lot of folks asking us "What's the best sound system to get?" Perhaps it's a loaded question, but the answer will always be the same. It's based on your personal preference. It's our job to make sure you have enough variety here at Hifi records to choose what's best for you. With that said here's a simple 5 step process to decide what to pick. 

  1. Total budget: Source First. In the case of vinyl, allocate the majority of your budget to the best quality turntable you can afford. Once musical information is lost, neither your amplifier, or speakers can reproduce it. Therefore, it's important to get a turntable that extracts the most musical information from your record.  A great way to test this is to A - B two turntables. If you notice that one sounds better than another, go with the better one. If you don't notice a difference, go with the cheaper one.  
  2. Sound : After source first (which is vinyl) you would choose amplification. Choose an amplifier that has as many inputs as you will need. I.e: Vinyl, requires a phono-stage. To stream, choose an amplifier that has bluetooth. Do you want to listen to music you've stored on your home computer? Choose an amplifier that has an internal DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor). This will improve and enhance the sound from your digital files. Let's face it, computers aren't known for their high-end audio!  Do you listen to music in headphones? Make sure your integrated amplifier has headphone input. Power is key, make sure you have enough power to run the appropriate speakers. Ask us about the PS Audio Sprout! 
  3. Compatibility with your existing components: The best sound quality is not achieved by the costliest components, it is achieved by components who work together. Synergy is the key (which is compatibility). 
  4. Size vs. Your Living Space & Look: You don't have to settle with components that sound great, but are an eye-sore. Components should be an extension of your music and good taste. Consider getting some great bookshelf speakers.   We carry bookshelf speakers that pump out some great audio and are easy on the eyes. They are available in multiple finishes too! 
  5. Durability : Make sure you get something that will last! All of our components are backed by manufacturing warranties of up to five years. All built with the best available materials and by expert craftsmen. 
Quality Integrated Amps are essential for home listening!
An integrated amp is a combination of a pre-amp and a power-amp which saves on space and works in harmony.  
You picked up the new Tame Impala record, but now you're trying to figure out what to put that 12" vinyl disc on. You're going to need a turntable to play the vinyl of the week. 
Speakers make all the difference in small spaces. 
 We carry bookshelf speakers that pump out some great audio and are easy on the eyes. They are available in multiple finishes too!  Here's a review for the Dali Zensor 1 "Yes, to put it simply. These are stonkingly good speakers .They're engaging and enjoyable neough that we found ourselves going through entire albums at a time, nearly forgetting that we were meant to be testing them."
Some Headphones 
 Headphones are a great way to vibe out to music. We'll be introducing some AKG headphones to the store very soon! 

Free Dimensional
Modern electro-pop maestro Diamond Rings returns with his most compelling release yet. Co-produced by the Grammynominated
Damien Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Prodigy, UNKLE, Robyn), Free Dimensional transcends boundaries, taking
new wave and glam influences and giving them an edgy contemporary spin. With a debut album universally acclaimed
at Pitchfork, SPIN and others, Diamond Rings have upped the game on his second album, with state-of-the-art production
and infectious heartfelt songs.
. If you haven't heard it yet, come on in and we can listen over a cup of Nicoletti coffee.   

Starting at $99.99 the Vinyl Styl is a great starter Turntable. Comes complete with built in speakers, headphone output, and portable body.
The U-turn Orbit plus is your entry to the high-life. With an isolated motor, acrylic platter, uni-pivot arm, an AudioTechnica cartridge (pre-installed), this beautiful American hand-made turntable is available in a variety of colors (black white, blue, green) and starts at only $299.99
The Rega Rp1 is the turntable your grandchildren are going to be thanking you for. Built by a company that has over 4 decades of turntable experience, Rega has become the industry standard for excellent home audio. Don't believe me? Google it!

Hand crafted in the UK, this turntable is one that will last a lifetime. For $449.99 you can take this European beauty home with you. 

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