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Faith No More "Sol Invictus" 
 This the seventh studio album by American rock band Faith No MoreIt is the band's first studio record in nearly a decade. Crank this one up. 
Foals - "What Went Down"
This is the fourth album from the British rockers released on August 28th via Transgressive Records. Yannis, the bands frontman says this is the bands loudest and heaviest record to date. Come pick it up and tell us what you think! 
Beach House- "Depression Cherry" 
  • Depression Cherry is the fifth studio album by American dream pop band Beach House. It was co-produced by the group and Chris Coady. 
Yo La Tengo -   "Stuff Like That There"
This is the band's 14th release. That's right 14 albums deep, the New Jersey based rockers are revisiting the original concept of their 1990 album FAkebook with a mix of covers, covers of their own tunes, and brand new songs! 

La Luz
Weirdo Shrine

La Luz is one of those artists that might get looked over if you don't browse carefully. Just another unsuspecting record in the "L" section of our bins, but don't be mistaken. This is one band that is worth doing a double take of.  Their latest record Weirdo Shrine was produced by psych superstar Ty Segall, and has a masterful blend of sounds that are beautiful, moody, and fun. Reminiscent of 90s surf-rock, psychedelic, and garage rock La Luz are easily this week's pick. Come on over and pick up a copy and enjoy a cup of Nicoletti coffe with us


Why Not Hi-Res Digital?  

Because records sound the best, period. Vinyl records are the best way of producing the emotional connection to music that happens when you listen to a live performance. 

Records allow the listener to dive deep into the artist's true musical and sonic intentions, and are windows that open a soundstage that is just as wide and deep as our own lives.

While there has been much improvement in the quality of digital files, as the case with Hi-Res files which sound better than 16bit /44kHz; it’s still just an improved digital signal.

They don’t soothe you or immerse you the way vinyl does. Why you ask? because our ears and brains need to do a lot of work to turn digital’s discrete samples of audio into an approximation of a continuous waveform. There is a ton of processing in any Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that occurs in real-time while you are listening. The oversampling and filtering that occurs is seldom benign in the time domain, and in nearly all digital playback devices playback involves unnatural artifacts, including ringing artifacts that actually occur before the musical transient as well as after it. Where in nature would one hear distortion of a transient before the transient itself? Only in digital audio!

Analog playback on vinyl by contrast is a mechanical process and relatively straightforward on the ear/brain during real-time playback. As the stylus navigates the groove the waveform is reproduced without oversampling, brick-wall filters or digital signal processing.

How does all this hypothetical add up to what we hear? Vinyl takes the lid off the music in way that the best digital never does. Notes start and stop and float on with timing that is impeccable (assuming your turntable speed is set correctly!), timbres of instruments and vocals are wonderfully natural, and the imaging rounds out fully into the third dimension. Performers live and breathe in your listening room. Vinyl also does microdynamics in far superior and convincing fashion - like when a singer ramps up or down in vocal power, or steps slightly closer to or farther away from the mic. Vinyl recreates these subtleties with far more finesse and nuance than digital ever will.

A big high-five goes out to our friends and neighbors at Singlecut Brewery and Play Too Much for helping make our latest event a total smash. It's working together within your community that builds long lasting great relationships. Support your local community by checking them out! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRASS OWL! In celebration of their anniversary in the neighborhood we'll be hosting a pop up shop and playing some great tunes! Come by and say hey this weekend! 


A big thank you goes out to everyone who came and partied with us for our first Hifi Night in Astoria. Thanks to Singlecut Brewery, Nate Wind, Play Too Much, and the artists and community who came and made this such a fun night! 
Photo captured by Nate Wind just moments before Baby Mollusk performed