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Hailed as a Resounding Success: The World First Global Citizens Dialogue on Accountability for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health at the 68th World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Huge thanks to all those who have participated and supported making this happen. Our call ‘NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US’ is being heard loud and clear! Around the world we have seen citizens work with elected leaders to drive their priorities and push forward the delivery of promises from their leaders. 
At the Global Citizens Dialogue, we gave an overview of the hearings that have happened in 25 countries to date. We made it clear that this was just the beginning. Representatives from Tanzania and Indonesia gave powerful presentations on their Citizens Hearings to exemplify the level of engagement and impact that they have had. The event was standing room only and described as a ground breaking and historic moment for accountability for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health.
‘Now that this (global citizens dialogue) has happened it cannot stop. We cannot now turn back the tide of strengthening accountability for what takes place in this building every year, and you are the beginning of that change, that historic, groundbreaking change.’ Richard Horton, Lancet Editor
‘This is the first time in Indonesia that citizens have collectively voiced our thoughts and called government, civil society organisations, private sector and international community for action, based on what the people feel and need’ 
Dr. Brian Sri Prahastuti, Citizen Hearing Representative 
'More than 2,000 people participated in this process (in Tanzania)...We brought together leaders from different levels, with citizens, journalists and local organisations. That was what made this citizen hearing exceptional because most of the time it’s about pointing fingers, it’s about blaming but here in Tanzania it was about looking for a solution together’
David Lyamuya, Citizen Hearing Representative, Tanzania
‘We realised that citizens’ voices were important to reach solutions so we have to make sure that citizens are involved in solving the problems facing the people. We realised that everyone has a role to play’ 
Mwajuma Hatibu Sempule, Ward Councillor, Tanzania 
‘This dimension of social accountability and citizen accountability holds incredible promise for holding the feet to the fire of the people that have the power to make changes for the lives of women and children and adolescents’ 
Flavia Bustreo, World Health Organisation
‘We (the Government) went to the Citizens Hearings at the national level and asked the people what their needs were at the local level…we understand that the community is essential to bring down mortality’ 
Dr Binta Keita, National Health Director of Mali
‘Indonesia urges member states to take maternal and child health seriously. We have to thrive, survive and transform and the way forward is to unlock the potential of adolescents, commit ourselves to end preventable newborn and child deaths by 2030 and renew our commitment to support the accountability mechanisms towards achievement of health goals in the upcoming SDGs’ 
Diah Saminarsih, Ministry of Health, Indonesia
'This is really becoming quite a growing movement. Over 400 organisations have been involved with this to date, tens of thousands of individuals have been directly involved as well as the many more being reached through the media. We see this as just the beginning in terms of ownership and accountability around the Sustainable Development Goals and around the Global Strategy agenda’ 
Betsy McCallon, Executive Director, WRA
- The Global Citizen Dialogue was preceded by an audience with Ban Ki-moon at the high level session on the updated Global Strategy.
- A full report of all National Hearings as well as the Global Citizens Dialogue will be distributed this summer. 
- Next stop is the G7 Rally in Munich, Germany. Watch this space.
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Let's Talk! Historic moment as citizens demand accountability at Global Dialogue 
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