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Mini-Lecture: Tuesday, November 17 at 6:00 PM

You are invited to Making Sense of the Current Screening Mammography Guidelines mini-lecture with Jed Malan M.D. of North Star Radiology on Tuesday, November 17th at 6 PM at BCDC on 1905 Cowles Street in Fairbanks. Snacks and beverages will be provided. There is no cost to attend. RSVP to Seating is limited to the first 30 who RSVP.


Annual Meeting: Thursday, December 17 at 5:00 PM

All are welcome to attend. Snacks and beverages will be provided. New board members will be elected and the Board President and Treasurer will report of BCDC's activities. RSVP to

Unable to attend? Still want to support BCDC? Give a donation online.

Recap: Paint The Town Pink

Thank you to every business that raised awareness of breast cancer during October with themed decor, uniforms,products,...etc. Congratulations 2015 Paint The Town Pink Champs Splash & Dash Express Car Wash! Proceeds from sales of pink lava washes and punch cards and donations totaled a whopping $11,069 for BCDC!! 

  • 10/01 Boots, Bags, and Brie In My Element to benefit BCDC (fundraising totals coming soon)
  • 10/03 A Gala Affair generated $114,201 in support of BCDC
  • 10/09 BCDC at Fred Meyer West 
  • 10/10 BCDC at Women In Business Trade Show
  • 10/14 BCDC on 96.9 FM and 93.5 FM
  • 10/14 Every Rack Is Worth Saving at The Banks Alehouse generated $6,850 in support of BCDC
  • 10/15 BCDC at Rotary Club of Fairbanks
  • 10/15 BCDC Day at Simply Unique Hair Salon (fundraising totals coming soon)
  • 10/16 BCDC Day at The Barista Cats generated $100 in support of BCDC
  • 10/17 BCDC at North Pole Heath Fair
  • 10/17 BCDC on Health Talk Radio
  • 10/20 -10/24 Morris Morgan Art Show at North Pole Grange generated $351 in support of BCDC
  • 10/21 BCDC at Fountainhead Employee Heath Fair
  • 10/21 Cha Cha For The Tatas at The Alaska Club generated $403 in support of BCDC
  • 10/23 BCDC at Fairbanks Senior Center Health Fair
  • 10/24 BCDC at Filipino American Masquerade Ball
  • 10/24 BCDC at Fairbanks Rollergirls Fall Brawl generated $236 in support of BCDC
  • 10/27 BCDC at Fairbanks Chamber General Membership Luncheon
  • 10/28 BCDC at Credit Union 1 Health Fair
  • 10/28 Safeway Dinner and Auction to benefit BCDC (fundraising totals coming soon)
  • 10/30 BCDC at ThrivAlaska Employee Health Fair
  • 10/30 FNSBSD Sunshine Committee Luncheon generated $400 in support of BCDC
  • 10/30 BCDC at Fred Meyer West

Recap: Inflammatory Breast Cancer Workshop

Thank you Terry Arnold of the IBC Network Foundation for empowering BCDC board members, staff, and guests with information about inflammatory breast cancer. Learn more at

Pictured above L-R: Darlene, Terry, Candise, Lydia, Lisa, Odette, Kathi, Natalie, Kelsey, Kristina

Delivering Services - 

  BCDC is now scheduling 2016 mobile mammography sites. Call 1-800-464-4577 to request breast cancer screening services delivery on-site in your community or at your place of business.

Evening & Weekends - 

  Call 479-3909 to schedule your appointment anytime Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM or:
  • Monday, November 23rd (evening)
  • Saturday, December 5th
  • Monday, December 21st (evening)

Medical Office For Rent - 

  Seeking a collaborative medical practice specializing in women's health to rent a 1812 sq. ft. medical office suite at 1905 Cowles Street in Fairbanks. 

Community Resources -

Pick.Click.Give. -

  Consider giving a portion of your Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend in support of BCDC.

Customer Rewards - 

  Link your everyday purchases to benefit BCDC with AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards.

Charitable Bequest - 

  Consider including a gift to BCDC in your will or living trust. With the help of an attorney, a charitable bequest is an easy flexible way to make a lasting impact. 

Patients Served in October - 

  • 36 at Eielson
  • 150 in Fairbanks
  • 9 at Fort Wainwright
  • 22 in Girdwood


Live United -

  When you give, advocate, and volunteer in support of the United Way of The Tanana Valley your investment in our community sustains twenty-one member agencies including BCDC. 

Thank You October Donors - 

Illeah Aaberg
Jason Abad
Alaska Universal Productions
Valarie Amarillas
Stanley Amarok
Cori Anthony
Teena Applegate
Ken Assyd
Lana Assyd
Avon - Kim Brower
Bill Bailey
Amy Bainbridge
Deb Baker
The Banks Alehouse
Lisa Baraff
The Barista Cats
Candace Bartos
The Base Camp Eatery
Tracie Batson-Pendergrast
Kristen Bell
Lauren Beskow
Melissa Bidwell
Click Bishop
Darlene Bishop
Lisa Bishop
Lori Bishop
Valeda Blockcolsky
Tryna Blumer
Amilia Bohlken
Tamara Bouy
Pamela Brandt
Angela Brewer
Theresa Brice
Donald Brinkman
Kelly Brooks
Haley Brown
Faith Brownlee
Jolene Bryant
Jennifer Bump
Mary Bunch
Alissa Burns
Mindy Busch
Karen Bussa
Odette Butler
Patrice Case
Steven Cervantes
Belinda Chiu
Shannon Christensen
Aileen Cole
College Floral & Gift
College Town Pizza
Wenona Conway
Charmaree Cook
Holly Cooley
Tina Cox-Cole
Tricia Cray
Stephanie Cronin
Sheena Cummings
Nicole Cundiff
Judith Currier
Christina Danaher
Bethe Davis
Mike Davis
Jewell Dean
Connor Degnan
Karen Denny
Robert Dickerson
Brenda Donker
Rebecca Duhr
Monique Duncan
Robin and Pete Egan
David Eastman
Charles Erickson
Melinda Evans
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital & Denali Center
FNSBSD Sunshine Committee
Tatyana Faumui 
Susan Firmin
Angela Foster
Pat Fox
Fred Meyer Fund
Harlan French
Rose Fulk
Carissa Gallentine
Jenna Gannon
Bernard Gatewood
Robert Geick
Patrick Gesin
Joy Gesin
Kasey Gillam
Oma Gilmore
JoLee Giuchici
Lareena Goertz
Jason Gootee
Melissa Gordon
Jazzanne Gordon-Fretwell
B.J. Gottstein
Anna Gould
Gwendolyn Granger
Marianne Guffey
Annemarie Halliday
Tom Halliday
Karen Hampton
Anne Harrison
Bessie Hausmann
Dawn Hays
Shawn Head
Angela Head
Chelsea Hendry
Marie Hess
Melissa Hopson
Brittany Hunziker
Diane Hutchison 
Michelle Ipalook 
Sylina Jackson
Dean Jewell
Rebecca Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Chanson Johnson
Ella Jusczak
Brandon Kaufman
Melissa Kellner
Christopher Keyes
Monica King
Carol King
Arlene Kirschner-Poe
Cynthia Klepaski
Christine Kneiszel
Christine Knittel
Kate Kozminski
Jo Kuchle
Marta Kurowski
Kathryn Lamal
Brittany Lane
Sarah Lefebvre
Dianna Lindhag
Literacy Council of Alaska 
Zachary Locklear
Ronald Locklear
Ellen Lopez
Patricia Loud
Kathi Loudon
Ron Lowery
Karla Lynch
Christine Mabry
Phil Mace
Cindy Mace
Karl Main*
Stacy Markham
Kaitlyn Martin
Natalie Mayer
Beth Maywood
Jean McDermott
Kameron McGrath
Neil Mckee
Shannon McKinney
Dawn McPhee
Lori Merdes
Sherry Modrow
Daniel Montana
George Montero
Amanda Moore
Samantha Moore-Vazquez
Sydney Morgan
Jan Morgan
Jenelle Morris
Timothy Mullins
Charisma Nakachi
Jackie Nelson
Stacy and Sharif Nero
Robyn Nielko
North Star Radiology
Northern Energy Services
Brian O'Donoghue 
Monica Olson
Amie and Todd Otis
Matthew Parzick
Norman Phillips
Pike's Landing
Jasmine Pletnikoff
Loren Pollos
Jacquelynn Pollos
Denise Poole
Lisa Pullock
The Pump House
Danielle Pungowiyi
Melcyn Ramos*
Alicemary Rasley
Raven Landing
Matthew Raymond
Jen Raymond
Lee Reagan
Laura Reed
Jessica Reed
Monica Ridge
River City Cafe & Espresso
Tina Rivera-Locklear
K. Robinson
Esther Rocheleau
Marie Rocheleau
Thomas Rojas
Amber Rozen
Danielle Sadley
Kathleen Salois
Lynda Sather
Susan Saupe
Maya Scanlon
Julie Schmidt
Daniel Schok
Elizabeth Schok
Richard Schok
Jacqueline Scholle
Jen Schutte
Adelita Scott
Lani Scott
Xochitl Shafer
Katrina Sharp
Tamara Sheehan
Gregory Shipman
Katherine Shira
Sherry Shydler
Junko Skinner
Shannon Slater
Brittany Smarr
Jacqueline Smith
Joy Solie-Howard
Martha Sommer
Shana Sommer
Anna Sorensen
Wynona Southerland
Amanda Sowers
Althea St. Martin
Michele Stalder
Bill Staley
Mary Starr
Michael Steigleman
Dorothy Stella
Aaron Stierle
Arlene Strandberg
Theodore Sturgulewski
Barbara Sundberg
Peggy Talerico
Ellie Thibault
Stacy Thissell
Carla Thomas
Carlie Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Sadie Torwick
Ian Tragis
Eric Troyer
Kathryn Tuttle
Nancy Uptgraft
Erika Van Flein
Toni Veazey
Travis Veazey
Blaine Volk
Arleen Voorhees
Susan Walker
The Waterfall Foundation
Darren Webster
W.D. Weidner
The Westmark
Angelia Weydahl
Christine Whetten
Pamela White
Rebecca Widmer
Nichole Wilkins
Wolf Run Restaurant
Elizabeth Wolfe
Timothy Woller
Women's Igloo #8 Pioneers of Alaska
Kaylan Wood
Ed Workman
Amy Wroten
Zach's Restaurant
Chelsie Zimmerman

*Monthly Giving Club
**Legacy Giving Club

Patient Feedback from October - 

"I love this place"
"Everyone was professional and nice" 
"Very happy, thank you"
"Fast and friendly as usual"
"Keep up the good work!"

"Very simple and painless"
"Easy and not painful"
"Went smoothly" 
"I like that the office is quiet and clean"
"A great service to Fairbanks"
"Well done!" 
"Everyone was very nice"
"The technician was respectful, professional, informative, and kind... I appreciate all those things"
"You made me feel welcome"
"A very pleasant experience"
"Thank you for being here"
"Glad BCDC is here!"
"Keep doing an awesome job!" 
"Very accommodating" 
"Great organization and an asset to our community"
"Anticipation is much worse that the mammogram"
"Timely and courteous employees"
"Quick and professional"
"Made me feel comfortable"
"The atmosphere helped me be less anxious"
"Extremely professional and welcoming"
"The technician did a great job helping me"
"Glad I could get an appointment really quick"
"Easy as possible"

October in Pictures -

Thank you Sheryl at In My Element for hosting BB&B to benefit BCDC

Thank you Holly at Fred Meyer West for hosting Christine, Rusty, and Darlene to sell items on behalf of BCDC

Thank you Danielle for selling items on behalf of BCDC at the Women In Business Tradeshow
Thank you Michael and Melissa at The Banks Alehouse (with Odette) for hosting Every Rack is Worth Saving to benefit BCDC

Thank you Tina at Simply Unique Hair Salon for hosting a BCDC benefit day

Thank you Shelby at The Barista Cats for hosting a BCDC benefit day
Thank you Mo and Margaret for accepting donations on behalf of BCDC at Morris Morgan's Art Show at North Pole Grange
Thank you Emily and Bonni at The Alaska Club for hosting Cha Cha For The TaTa's to benefit BCDC
Thank you April and Kellie (with Odette) for welcoming participants to The Alaska Club

Thank you Estelle and Jerry of Splash and Dash Car Wash Express raising awareness of breast cancer during October


Thank you Baryalay and Eureka of Safeway for hosting the dinner and auction to benefit BCDC

Thank you Haley and Elizabeth of Espresso Yourself Chena Pump for donating your morning's tips of $346 to support BCDC

Thank you FNSBSD Sunshine Committee (with Odette) for selecting BCDC as the beneficiary of your Halloween Luncheon

Thank you Holly at Fred Meyer West for hosting Kellie, April, Valarie, Joann, and Rosita to sell items on behalf of BCDC

Thank you Stacy, Amanda, and Trent at MAC Federal Credit Union for your efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer and support for BCDC during October
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