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EFAD Conference Special
In this special edition of EFAD Newsflash we will be bringing you all the highlights from last weekend's EFAD Conference in Berlin. The EFAD Conference was a great opportunity to see the work of dietetic associations across Europe and to network with peers. This year saw almost 500 delegates in attendance from 21 different countries. 

Catch up on all the presentations and videos and from the Conference on the EFAD Conference website.
EFAD General Meeting 
The weekend also saw us host our 30th General Meeting. A number of topics were discussed, including the election of General Council Dietitians-Nutritionists of Spain as a member of the Executive Board, Manuel Monino will be their representative. 

EFAD membership extended to include all 53 WHO countries

EFAD accepted the Executive Committee's recommendations to extend EFAD membership to all 53 WHO European Region countries.
Doing this will:
  • Indicate to WHO that EFAD is are aligning more with the organisation and its policies, as in recent years we have sought to work more closely with the WHO European Region.
  • Enable EFAD to fulfil our mission “in reducing inequalities and improving nutritional health in Europe” over a wider geographical area.
  • Offer the possibility of growing EFAD membership.
  • Offer EFAD Education Associate members the opportunity to educate and train dietitians in countries where dietetic education does not yet exist.
  • Support the European Health Professions Dialogue in working together to introduce all allied health professions into the entire WHO European region.

Israeli Dietetic Association becomes full member of EFAD

As a result of the General Meeting extending the country of origin of EFAD members to include all WHO European member states, the Israeli Dietetic Association became eligible for full membership of EFAD.  This General Meeting was delighted to accept their application and granted them full membership of EFAD.

Dietitians supporting WHO - Dr Julianne Williams

Dr Julianne Williams, MPH, PhD Technical Officer - Noncommunicable Diseases, WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, Moscow, Russian Federation, hosted a workshop on 'How can dietitians support WHO in the prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases across the European Region?". The work that Julianne and her office do is an integral part of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Find out more about their work.

EFAD's Nutrient Profile policy paper adopted

Nutrient Profiling Systems (NPS) are a scientific method of evaluating the nutritional quality of food and drink, categorising, classifying or ranking them according to their nutritional composition and their impact on disease prevention and health promotion.
The principal aim of the NPS is to help consumers identify nutrient-rich foods, make decisions on food purchasing and improve diet quality by encouraging a healthy diet. The EFAD Nutrient Profile policy paper, prepared by EFADs ESDN for Public Health and calling on harmonisation of nutrient profiling systems across Europe, was adopted by EFAD. Read the paper in full.
Conference Highlights

EFAD European Fellowship Award 2019

Marian de van der Schueren of the Dutch Association of Dietitians has been awarded the EFAD European Fellowship Award 2019 for her continuous, outstanding and significant contribution to the advancement of dietetic practice, research and education at a national and international level.

Over almost 30 years, Marian has built up a multifaceted and thorough expertise in dietetic patient care, research and education. Her research activities span most of the entire professional field. She maintains regional, national and international networks in healthcare, research and education. Her goal is to use her ability to inspire people to get along with both professional field and researchers to take dietetics to a higher level. Congratulations Marian!

Breaking Boundaries without breaking yourself

Prof. Agneta Hörnell presented the EFAD European Dietetic Fellowship Award 2018 Lecture after winning it last year. The presentation focused on 'Breaking Professional Boundaries - a way to reach further without breaking'. 

EFAD Student of the Year 2019

Ezgi Kolay is this years winner of EFAD Student of the Year. Ezgi also presented her work at the pre-conference student day on 'gender dysphoria in aspects of nutritional status, diet quality scores and risk of eating disorders'. 

Best poster and best original research

This year's conference saw the highest quality posters and research presented to date!

Well done to everyone who contributed.
The winner of the best research went to Katrin Fuhse, for her research on the 'Evaluation of dietary intake in acutely ill geriatric patients in a district hospital in Northern Germany'. 

The winner of Best Poster went to Virginia Kefala for her 'Study of the correlation between the satiety state and the sweet taste perception threshold in a group of female volunteers of Greek descent'.

See the full list of posters.
Upcoming Events & Webinars

Free webinar: "Oats and the Microbiome: A Potential Link for Metabolic Health?"

With so few people considered metabolically healthy, researchers are asking whether specific dietary elements could help improve metabolic health. One food gaining increasing attention is the whole grain oat.
The prebiotic potential of beta-glucan, the soluble fibre found in oats, is being explored and, based on in-vitro studies, it’s been hypothesised that beta-glucan from oats may help to normalise the gut microbial composition of individuals with metabolic syndrome.

This webinar will explore this potential and focus on these two topics:
  • the extent to which oats and whole grain foods can influence overall metabolic health
  • discussion on whether changes in the gut microbiome in response to consumption of oats can be linked to end physiological benefits for metabolic health
This webinar is supported by Quaker and chaired by Janet Warren, PepsiCo and the speakers will be; Arne Astrup, PhD, University of Copenhagen and Joanne Slavin, PhD, University of Minnesota.

Register to watch the webinar.

International Whole Grain Day

The Whole Grain Initiative, is calling on EU Member States to prioritise whole grain in their national dietary guidelines and regulations. 

International World Whole Grain Day will be held on 19th November and aims to highlight the positive impact of whole grain on nutrition, well being, and sustainability. The Whole Grain Initiative will be hosting a launch event at the European Parliament in Brussels alongside MEP Elsi Katainen (FI, Vice-Chair AGRI Committee). The event will look at how policymakers encourage more people to introduce whole grain into their diet. 

To join the celebration and get more details please check the WGI Website.
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