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REC-O-QUIP has been providing quality products and services to its African customers and surrounding islands through its strong distribution network to meet its customers needs in the fields of Mining, Construction, Demolition, Marine, Civils, Agriculture, Forestry, Solar / Wind power, Industrial automation, Generators and Recycling of waste, paper, plastic, non- ferrous metals, rubber tyres and wood.

REC-O-QUIP provides the broadest range of products available from European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Holland and the UK, as well as the USA. We believe in partnering with our customers so we can provide them with solutions which help achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability by engineering the best systems for their requirements. This means studying customer applications to find new and better ways to create value.

As 2016 draws to a close we find the economy challenging to say the least, but we are Africans with rhino skin and we continue to find ways to progress and evolve. I remain an optimist and find that many customers have the same attitude. If the product sales are down, adjust your equipment to process another product that’s on the up. That’s the service REC-O-QUIP provides: we sell equipment that is versatile and robust, enabling the customer to grow. 
Since last month REC-O-QUIP has been planning a new website which will include a vast database of products available for our customers to browse. We thought it helpful however, to give you an overview of the type of products we offer and the manufacturers we partner with. Find a few examples of the many available products below... 

Kindest Regards

Steven Harmsen
SCRAP SHREDDER - Taurus Redmill
New environmental concerns and increasingly higher demands from steel works make processing light scrap, white scrap, appliances and WEE using traditional means uneconomical. The justified demand from steel mills for a cleaner denser scrap means it is time for a rethink. The Taurus Redmill is the ideal solution when it comes to processing collected and white scrap as it transforms uneconomical light scrap in to high density high value mill feed.
Compared to traditional full sized shredders the Minimill enjoys the following benefits:

• Small overall dimensions
• Low labour requirements
• Low energy consumption
• Low capital outlay and a quick return on investment
• Low maintenance costs
• Less environmental and noise issues

The Taurus Redmill is built on its own solid frame which reduces vibrations and eliminates the need for expensive foundations. As there is no need for foundations compliance issues are also reduced. Down stream separation of ferrous from non ferrous metal content equates to a 95 ÷ 97% pure ferrous metal content. Processed scrap is uniform with a high density rate of 1000 kg/m³.

The Taurus Redmill is the timely answer for business who want to create high value high density scrap without the large capital outlay and continued high operating costs of a full sized shredder.

M1O5J Hammer Mill is the first of the new series TAURUS REDLINE. Compact in size and equipped with a metal conveyor belt feeding system as well as a magnetic drum fitted downstream to cleanly separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals.
The TAURUS REDLINE series will have 4 other hammer mills, supplied with rotors consisting of up to 12 hammers and motors with up to 560kW of power output, and they can also use a feeding box with compression system (patent pending). M105J has been designed to enhance and add value to a wide variety of scrap, light scrap, WEEE, small appliances, radiators, electric motors, carter, tins, cans and more.
Compact in size and with lower operating costs than larger mills the M1O5J is a machine designed for the reality of today's recycling yards. With lower overall dimensions and lower power requirements the M1O5J needs less operating space, fewer operators and less maintenance which means lower operating costs while guaranteeing a higher quality, higher value end product.

We have various Taurus balers and shears available. Feel free to browse the brochure below for more information.
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Cranes of S2 and S3 series are extremely versatile and the extension on the first arm allows easy loading of the material close to the truck. Thanks to the moderate height, due to the extension on the first arm, it is possible to work with the crane into covered buildings. The possibility to combine the crane with different types of hydraulic stabilizers allows the fitting on any type of truck and also on a roll off/
roll on containers. The application fields are several, from waste, to paper, sludge or scrap metal handling.

Z series cranes are designed to operate at high speed and at the same time they are manufactured with a very solid structure. The possibility of an installation on the rear of the truck and an extension up to 9 meters allows the use of the crane for loading both truck and trailer, without taking off the trailer. The hydraulic extension on the first arm allows the crane to easily load the material close to the truck cab. The main technical features that distinguish the Z series from others is that the loader in the resting position, folds behind the cab truck, with its gripping device installed.

The Hooklift series with hydraulic arm extensions and articulated arm includes the following models:
SCK 20t - 30t
• Telescopic and articulated arm.
• Better load angle and lower height during the roll on step.
• Deep under floor loading.
• Wider container lengths range.
• Suitable for handling debris materials and sludge.

SC 20t - 30t
• Telescopic arm
• Rear locking – Reversible type (inside-outside).
• Central body built in tubular and casted parts.
• Usable in all fields.

KT FBS 8t - 35t 
• Telescopic and articulated arm.
• Better load angle and lower height during the roll on step.
• High tipping angle.
• Deep under floor loading.
• Wider container lengths range.
• Suitable for handling debris materials and sludge.

KT 5t - 35t 
• Telescopic arm.
• High tipping angle.
• Low loading floor (until the 20 ton model).
• Rear frame reinforced and liftable.
• Usable in all fields.

SCA 3t-26t
• Articulated arm.
• Two length load container.
• Low lifting capacity models, used in the construction industry.
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Bano has been working in the recycling field for over thirty years. Their experience and know-how gained continues to give great satisfaction placing them as a leader in this field. Bano specializes in the manufacturing of PRIMARY and SECONDARY SHREDDERS and SINGLE-SHAFT SHREDDERS for processing a huge quantity of different materials with the purpose to recycle and reduce size and volume.

• Special shredders and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap recycling plants
• Turn-key recycling plants for electric cables, PCB and W.E.E.E. (Waste Electrical and electronic equipment)
• Waste recycling plants for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) production from urban, commercial and industrial wastes
• Shredders and lines for industrial, medical, civil and special wastes
• Shredders for many types of plastic materials including low and high density, PVC, containers, pipes, packaging films and plastics in general
• Tyres recycling equipment solutions: shredders and complete plants for rubber chips, crumb and powder
• Shredders and lines for wood, biomass and vegetal products in general
• Accessories for material conveying (belts and screws conveyors) screening (trommels, vibrating screens) and automatic sorting and separation (ballistic and densimetric separators, magnetic and eddy current separators)
• Mobile and compact shredders
Single-shaft shredder for ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap
Thanks to the development of the Premac range, Bano Recycling offers advanced solutions for the metal scrap classification and recovery. Compared to traditional systems, our plant offers the option of working with a screen during the shredding process to set a desired output size; this gives the great advantage to have a secondary raw material in just one step.
Single-shaft shredder Model MAC-S

Hydraulic or mechanically driven, the MAC-S shredders are successfully used for the treatment and size reduction of a wide variety of wastes; assuring a final precise size. Our slow-speed single-shaft shredders have universal use, are suitable for shredding urban and industrial wastes and other materials as plastic materials, bulky waste, electric cables, electronic appliances (WEEE), wood, tyres. High performances with low energy requirements and low operating costs are guaranteed by the exclusive Bano cutting system and by the different rotor designs specific for every kind of application.
Performances are greatly increased thanks to the presence of the pusher that keeps a constant and self-regulated rotor feeding. Maintenance is extremely simplified due to the moving floor installed, it is also safer and with very low running costs.
Rotating shear
To complete the shredders range for the treatment of ferrous and non- ferrous metals, Bano introduces the new Rotating Shear. The most immediate advantage this machine offers is by the reduction in transport costs resulting from reduced volumes. This makes this machine a suitable complement in large metals recovery plants, since it simplifies the work of other machines further down the line (i.e. hammer mills).
Hammer mills
The hammer mills are machines for the treatment of scrap. They are used for normal shredding of steel scrap and is part of the complete plant for demolition and production of raw second material. The Bano Recycling mills are a complement (no fundamental) for cleaning more the category material so increase the final product quality.
UNIMAC-S Shredder with big dimension
The structure of this shredder is similar to the MAC-S. The main difference is in the screen removal system since this model has a hydraulic opening front door on which the screens are fixed.
FAST CUT Multi-material Pre-shredder
High speed shredder for processing of light or pre-shredded material for the production of a small size product in high volumes.

Bano Recycling designs and manufactures custom machines for shredding and separation, also in mobile version. The construction specifications are evaluated, on request, according to the enforced regulations in use in the country where the machines will be used.
The proposed plant is modular: can be composed of pre-shredding module, for the production of chip, or for the production of granulate and dust. The complete plant allows to extract, at the end of the production cycle:
  • Cleaning iron 90%
  • Granulate with size to select
  • Powder
  • Textile
The installation, thanks to the applied technologies, maintains a low production cost and vary rapid maintenance.
Iron cleaning from the tyres
Magnetic Separators, Induction separators, Blowers, Conveyors, Air separators, Rotating sieves
Suction and filtration systems
Unilever Food Processing Plant
This machine can work independently and take entire packages of food waste, including tin and aluminum cans. The feeding opening is around 30 x 30 mm and it can be fed with a small conveyor with, if package size allows for it. The washing machine consists on a high speed rotor, spinning inside a basket screen: the organic parts are then completely liquefied / pulverized and pushed out of the screen, while the plastic or paper or metals is pushed out to the front part of the machine. Usually water is injected into the machine specially when doing metal cans, to ensure an excellent cleaning action and also to keep the basket screen clean to ensure proper discharge of the material.

Special refuse (waste) of contaminating risk presents serious problems in terms of handling,
transportation, cost and storage. BANO has designed the PCB series which is a highly automatic integrated system capable of sterilizing potentially infected waste materials through its transformation into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) similar to those derived from urban sources. The PCB System is a plant conceived to handle such materials as are produced in hospitals, ports and airports.
System Description:
  • Loading conveyor belt
  • Loading hopper
  • shredder
  • absolute filter
  • shredded material collecting hopper
  • transfer screw pump to the sterilization chamber
  • Treatment chamber
  • Vacuum system
  • Electric control panel
  • Waste discharge
  • Heat exchanger
  • Steam production
Read more about sterilization of infected waste.
This plant for treatment of scrap paper from paper mills is able to recover the iron separated from the plastic film and from other non ferrous scrap. This scrap is transformed, at the same time transformed, into RDF, fuel for incinerators, that allows the total recovery of the waste that it then transformed into energy.

RDF Production
This type of system allows to process materials such as municipal or industrial waste and make the material suitable for burning in incinerator. The European legislation requires that the fuel reaches a calorific value of at least 1500 Kj/kg and that the organic fraction should be removed in order to better reduce the moisture (humidity) content.

Paper and destruction of confidential documents
Bano Recycling offers complete plants to destroy paper, magnetic or electronic documents (hard disks). Due to the use of single-shaft shredders the finale size can be calibrated as desired and the maintenance can be very cheap and fast. The post-shredding products can be packed (as in the case of paper) or separated for the recovery of raw materials (as in the case of hard disks).

Typical shredding uses include ammunition and document destruction. Bano is the leader in their field and design compact and efficient plant to ensure maximum productivity with attention to detail. REC-O-QUIP supplies Africa with Bano products.
This plants can treat different kinds of biomasses, for the production of chips for combustion in industrial boilers but also special waste woods as railway sleepers, wooden poles for the telephone/electricity, roots or tree trunks of plants, etc.

Plastic – Film – Agricultural textile – Big Bags
Bano Recycling is able to offer different solutions in the field of plastic processing, offering complete shredding systems, loading, washing and drying, thanks also to the cooperation with consolidated companies in the field.

This system allows the treatment in full compliance with the current laws regarding the industrial or urban refrigerator emissions. The plant starts from the oil and gas extraction from the refrigeration circuit until the final separation of the shredded raw materials as well as the treatment of the polluted air. The type of machines used guarantees easy, fast and programmed maintenance, to simplify the work planning.

Post consumer spray cans
This plant allows the correct elimination of spray cans. The plant obtains the desired volume reduction while keeping the working environmental and people that work in full safety conditions.

Shredding and washing of cans and drums
This plant allows the correct recovery of the plastic and metal containers with liquid paint or other dangerous contaminants. The raw material will be completely recovered and the contaminated liquid will be filtered and stocked.

This line is designed for the treatment of ferrous cans coming from the selection of urban waste. This material is presented polluted from waste plastic film, paper, besides sand and dust. Usually it is in baled form, so the first part of the installation opens the bales and cleans the material. The second part of the installation completes the cleaning of material in an optimal way. Also this plant is multifunctional and it can be suitable to process other types of materials.

This plant type allows different works. On fact, this line can be employed when there is the possibility to treat small materials that have the necessary to clean from the other contaminated materials.

Electrical cables
This line, composed by massive pre-shredders, is able to treat different types of electrical cables, among which armed cables with big diameters. The line is designed so that it can be managed by a single operator, the same that loads the cable. Moreover maintenance is simple and infrequent, when compared to traditional systems. The plant, besides working continuously, allows also to work in two phases: the first is only the shredding, until the doser silo will not be filled; and the second, only of separation, using the pre-shredded material stocked in the silos. In this way also where there is a reduced electric power available can work with the plant, considering a larger capacity Silo with respect the standard model. The final quality of the separated copper is very high and the loss of copper in the plastic is almost negligible.

Small motors and armatures
This type of plant allows the shredding of small motors and armatures of small dimension and the consequent separation of ferrous metal from copper or aluminum.. This line can be completed to yield a perfect cleaning of the separated non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals
The use of these shredders with the following materials, allows as optimal ferrous separation and size reduction. The processed product has a superior value and the volume, greatly reduced, allows heavier loads for transport, optimizing costs.

Washing machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens, radios, etc.. are part of electronic waste from which you can recover metals and plastics that can be recycled. The line is composed by several processing stages and is a modular plant. So it can be installed in different configurations or can be built "piece by piece" to complete the plant.
Conveyor belt with metallic slat chain from 1.600 mm wide, crown inter-axle spacing, about 14 m long.
Conveyor belt with rubber mat sliding contact and fish bone type from 1.400 mm wide and drum inter-axle spacing, about 10 m long.
Conveyor belt with rubber mat from 1400 mm wide, with transverse slat, and drums inter-axle spacing, with inclined elevation section and discharge horizontal section, about 13m long.
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Cross Wrap Ltd is the world leader in manufacturing AUTOMATIC WRAPPING MACHINES and BALE OPENERS for the waste industry, including RDF, SRF, MSW and recyclables. Cross Wrap also specializes in manufacturing BOARD PACKAGING LINES for MDF, plywood, veneer, cement fibre board and other board manufacturers.

In addition to their continuous work in product development, Cross Wrap also works with other industries to offer innovative, environmentally safe packing solutions for their needs in storage and transportation. Their leading-edge patented technologies, mean Cross Wrap can deliver a wrapping solution that’s right for your company’s unique challenges. Since Cross Wrap began more than 20 years ago we have shipped over 350 machines to customers in 44 countries – with more than 44,000,000 bales or packages Cross Wrapped to date.
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A definitive stand-out product from CMI's range is the Trashmaster for landfill sites.
Four-wheel, full-width compaction geometry combined with the highest compaction force in the industry, CMI Trashmasters can lengthen the operational life of a landfill by delivering higher material density in less time.

Many of today’s municipal landfill operators are space limited, with a finite capacity of remaining landfill air space while facing an ever increasing volume of refuse from a growing population and economic activity. CMI Trashmaster can lengthen the life of every open landfill cell by delivering higher material density at a lower cost.
  • Full-width, four-wheel compaction swathe with the highest compaction forces in the industry
  • Powerful drives for ALL wheels
  • Advanced anti-wrap technology to greatly reduce debris axle entanglement
  • Four full fenders to reduce debris flinging
  • Steel, forged alloy wheel cleats
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McIntyre is a JMC Recycling Systems company and a manufacturer of recycling machinery including; METAL BALERS, ALLIGATOR SHEARS, CAR DE-POLLUTION SYSTEMS and ALUMINIUM INGOT CASTING MACHINES. Everything manufactured by McIntyre is built with quality in mind. 
McIntyre Euro-strip 500 Cable Stripper - The perfect bench-top cable stripper.
McIntyre Euro-strip 1000 Cable Stripper - The ultimate in cable stripping technology.
McIntyre Euro-Strip 3000 Cable Stripper - Designed for fast and efficient cable stripping without the need for constant adjustment to suit different material sizes
McIntyre Euro-Strip 5000 Cable Stripper - Designed for fast and efficient cable stripping without the need for constant adjustment to suit different material sizes
JMC Cat shears have been purpose built for recovering precious metals from catalytic converters. The Catalytic converter is simply placed in the jaws and cut. JMC Cat shears are versatile enough to be used anywhere in your yard.
McIntyre 600 HD Shear - A fast and strong shear with an extended blade and hold down clamp, making it ideal for every cutting and cleaning task including car radiators.

Contact us for more info on other models.
McIntyre CAT Guillotine - Designed to maximise safety and optimize performance, the JMC Guillotine is purpose built to recover valuable dust from CAT converters.
McIntyre CAT Mill - Catalytic Converter Dust grinding System (top) Compact, reliable, effective - Designed for processing your CAT dust into smaller, more refined particles once removed from your Catalytic converters. 

McIntyre Catalytic Converter Dust Extraction System (left) With Superglaze finish, the McIntyre Dust Extractor provides an extra smooth surface offering superior dust release whilst maintaining good air permeability equivalent to a singe finish, for fine dust applications and improved particle collection efficiency.
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Over 350 scrap metal recyclers globally use A-Ward container loaders to maximise their container loads of export scrap metal.
Coca-Cola, Teta-Pak, Indorama, Abu Dhabi Polymers and Bumi Mulia all use A-Ward container unloaders to unload polymers.
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PRT Service & Innovation produce machinery and equipment for plastic recycling and processing. 
Gusella - Bakker is the result of two European companies with a great history and experience. They merged together to deal with the needs of emerging markets and to enhance the development of innovative new products. Those who work in this field know that innovation and the constant research for new solutions are the basis of industrial success. Thanks to this synergy, Gusella Bakker is carrying on a plan oriented to research and development and the acquisition of more specialised machinery and equipment.
Bakker Hydraulic Products is a modern, dynamic company which is one of the leading companies in Europe for EQUIPMENT FOR LORRY LOADING CRANES and EARTH MOVING MACHINES. The Bakker Hydraulic Products range consists of a variety of GRABS, MULTI-PURPOSE GRABS, HOOK GRABS, PALLET HOOKS, STONE CLAMPS and other specialised equipment.

High quality standards are constantly adhered to. In the European market, Bakker Hydraulic Products is one the most important producers of EQUIPMENT FOR EMPTYING ABOVE-GROUND and UNDERGROUND WASTE CONTAINERS and for MULTI-PURPOSE GRABS for lorry-loading cranes and mini-excavators. This equipment is developed in-house, can be supplied in many different variants. The design department uses state-of-the-art computer programmes to design Bakker products.

Click here to view product specifications: 
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Since 1948 Manni Spa produces HYDRAULIC PRESSES in several fields (wood, polyurethane, metals and general material). They sold and installed more than 3.000 plants in Italy and abroad reaching the highest position in each sector. 

Three years ago we started a positive partnership with a technician that transmitted us the twenty years competences he had collaborating with leading press producers companies for paper, cardboard boxes and other recycling materials for packing.

In the last year we sold and installed some selected presses and plants with innovating technical solutions allowing us to draw closer to this market with competences and high possibility to become part of it.

Our attitude is the result of a balance between accumulated experiences and creativity in designing and executing even new solutions; always at customer’s service and sharing the requests and solutions with him.

For the last 25 years, Manni has diversified production and concentrated its research on engineering and manufacturing solutions for polyurethane foam filled panels. Today, Manni is the only company wholly dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of machinery and plant for the production of discontinuous insulating panels plants and for this reason is inevitably the ideal partner to find the most suitable and efficient solution.

The MVS system has been developed by the common work of three different companies: Cannon, Misa and Manni. This technology is based on the polyurethane injection into a closed cavity in which is obtained and maintained a proper level of vacuum.

Manni designs and produces quality sorting plants and balers for waste recycling to meet the customer needs.
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Hatz Diesel has been represented in South Africa since 1951. In 1986 Motorenfabrik Hatz (Germany) decided to establish their own subsidiary Company in South Africa. Hatz Diesel (SA) (PTY) Ltd has been active in all sectors of the market since Hatz was introduced to South Africa. The parent company Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH was founded in 1880 by Mathias Hatz in one of the most picturesque parts of Germany, initially to repair steam locomotives. The company progressed rapidly and in the early part of this century they turned their attention to the manufacture of combustion engines. Realizing the efficiency of the diesel engine, in 1926 the company decided to develop their own engine. Since that date they have been one of the most successful and innovative diesel engine manufacturers in the world, receiving accolades from many countries for design and reliability. 
The product portfolio of the business fields of Hatz Diesel extends from small and compact single-cylinder diesel engines with 1.5 kW to four-cylinder engines with a power of 56 kW. In addition to the compact construction of the single-cylinder engines, Hatz is known for the reliability and lifetime of its products across the entire range of services. All engines are produced according to customer requirement and specification and are also the only engine in this market segment to use air cooling, thus fulfilling the stringent exhaust gas regulations of the USA (EPA Tier IV final) and the EU (Stage IIIB). 
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In the field of photovoltaic energy Santerno has been a national leader in CONVERSION SYSTEMS for 25 years, with 2 Gigawatts of inverters installed. It offers a vast range of solutions for all requirements: single-phase machines for low power plant (up to 45 kW), three-phase for medium (from 10 to 500 kW), with input string box in low and hook-up in low or medium voltage, and integrated Sunway Station “plug & play” solutions for large plant over 400 kW. 

As a result of experience gained in the industrial automation field, Santerno solar inverters are easy to maintain and guarantee continuity of performance for greater yield. The key to Santerno's success is product reliability, achieved by the sizing and quality of standard components, together with quality controls on design and production throughout the process, in accordance with strict international standards. 
Santerno offers the international market a full range of POWER ELECTRONICS CONVERTERS: versatile products, innovative and reliable, for the most widespread industrial applications such as HVAC HEATING, VENTILATION and AIR CONDITIONING), WATER TREATMENT and HIGH POWER HOISTING (lifts, cranes) and TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (mining, cement). 

The Santerno package includes SOFT STARTERS, SCALAR OR VECTOR INVERTERS, DRIVES for DC motors and electric motors. All of them high performance solutions with top energy efficiency. Santerno pays special attention to the eco-sustainability of its products, offering regenerative applications which make it possible to feed the energy produced during the braking phase back to the mains grid. The company's great commitment to developing the best technologies for consuming less while yielding more ensure a low environmental impact. 
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Recoquip makes this equipment available to Africa with the stamp of European and US quality.
Our focus at REC-O-QUIP is our customers, and bringing them the exact product for their needs. Contact us with your specific requirements and allow us to source the perfect equipment and customization for you.

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