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Machinery for DEMOLITION

REC-O-QUIP has been providing quality products and services to its African customers and surrounding islands through its strong distribution network to meet its customers needs in the fields of Mining, Construction, Demolition, Marine, Civils, Agriculture, Forestry, Solar / Wind power, Industrial automation, Generators and Recycling of waste, paper, plastic, non- ferrous metals, rubber tyres and wood.

REC-O-QUIP provides the broadest range of products available from European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Holland and the UK, as well as the USA. We believe in partnering with our customers so we can provide them with solutions which help achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability by engineering the best systems for their requirements. This means studying customer applications to find new and better ways to create value.

As 2016 draws to a close we find the economy challenging to say the least, but we are Africans with rhino skin and we continue to find ways to progress and evolve. I remain an optimist and find that many customers have the same attitude. If the product sales are down, adjust your equipment to process another product that’s on the up. That’s the service REC-O-QUIP provides: we sell equipment that is versatile and robust, enabling the customer to grow. 
Since last month REC-O-QUIP has been planning a new website which will include a vast database of products available for our customers to browse. We thought it helpful however, to give you an overview of the type of products we offer and the manufacturers we partner with. Find a few examples of the many available products below... 

Kindest Regards

Steven Harmsen

Cranes of S2 and S3 series are extremely versatile and the extension on the first arm allows easy loading of the material close to the truck. Thanks to the moderate height, due to the extension on the first arm, it is possible to work with the crane into covered buildings. The possibility to combine the crane with different types of hydraulic stabilizers allows the fitting on any type of truck and also on a roll off/ roll on containers. The application fields are several, from waste, to paper, sludge or scrap metal handling.

Z series cranes are designed to operate at high speed and at the same time they are manufactured with a very solid structure. The possibility of an installation on the rear of the truck and an extension up to 9 meters allows the use of the crane for loading both truck and trailer, without taking off the trailer. The hydraulic extension on the first arm allows the crane to easily load the material close to the truck cab. The main technical features that distinguish the Z series from others is that the loader in the resting position, folds behind the cab truck, with its gripping device installed.

The Hooklift series with hydraulic arm extensions and articulated arm includes the following models:
SCK 20t - 30t
• Telescopic and articulated arm.
• Better load angle and lower height during the roll on step.
• Deep under floor loading.
• Wider container lengths range.
• Suitable for handling debris materials and sludge.

SC 20t - 30t
• Telescopic arm
• Rear locking – Reversible type (inside-outside).
• Central body built in tubular and casted parts.
• Usable in all fields.

KT FBS 8t - 35t 
• Telescopic and articulated arm.
• Better load angle and lower height during the roll on step.
• High tipping angle.
• Deep under floor loading.
• Wider container lengths range.
• Suitable for handling debris materials and sludge.

KT 5t - 35t 
• Telescopic arm.
• High tipping angle.
• Low loading floor (until the 20 ton model).
• Rear frame reinforced and liftable.
• Usable in all fields.

SCA 3t-26t
• Articulated arm.
• Two length load container.
• Low lifting capacity models, used in the construction industry.
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Boom Modifications for high reach demolition fronts:
  • Completely new manufactured high reach demolition fronts
  • Base boom with boom quick coupler system (optional)
  • 2D or 3D stability monitor systems
  • Machine operation weight up to 150 t
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Low vibration in demolition: Erket cutters provide a solution in applications where traditional methods do not work or are unsuitable. Here is an application used in Hamburg, Germany where an ERW 1000 cutter wheel is used to cut a 60 cm thick concrete pad containing 16 mm diameter rebar. The production rate was 60 cm per minute.
The transverse drum cutter is ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for soil mixing. The operating characteristics of erkat special drum cutters allow them to be used in noise and vibration sensitive areas.
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Mechanical pulverisers OSA FM are extremely fast and strong. They have been designed for pulverizing all the material ready for mobile crushing, from the demolition made in the building site and also that material which comes from the demolition of concrete structures, pillars and trellis made on the ground. They are also useful for separating reinforcing rods from concrete.

Osa through REC-O-QUIP is supplying customers with the most cost effective demolition, recycling, grabs and forestry attachments available on the market without compromising quality and retaining the high standards demanded by the European industry. Products that don’t just get the job done, but make you profit and reduce maintenance.
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Gusella - Bakker is the result of two European companies with a great history and experience. They merged together to deal with the needs of emerging markets and to enhance the development of innovative new products. Those who work in this field know that innovation and the constant research for new solutions are the basis of industrial success. Thanks to this synergy, Gusella Bakker is carrying on a plan oriented to research and development and the acquisition of more specialised machinery and equipment.
Bakker Hydraulic Products is a modern, dynamic company which is one of the leading companies in Europe for equipment for lorry loading cranes and earth moving machines. The Bakker Hydraulic Products range consists of a variety of grabs, multi-purpose grabs, hook grabs, pallet hooks, stone clamps and other specialised equipment. High quality standards are constantly adhered to.

In the European market, Bakker Hydraulic Products is one the most important producers of
equipment for emptying above-ground and underground waste containers and for multi-purpose
grabs for lorry-loading cranes and mini-excavators. These equipment are developed in-house, can
be supplied in many different variants. The design department uses state-of-the-art computer programmes to design Bakker products.

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The Crushing Bucket is designed to crush aggregate from demolitions and renovations, such as concrete, asphalt, debris from storage centres and quarry and mine waste, to create a finished product to be used as foundation and stabilizer. The Crushing Bucket allows on-site recycling of aggregate, adjusting its grain size and reusing the product on the work site directly.
The MK Premium Series is the new range of Multi Kit demolition equipment with the power multiplier device Impact Booster.
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Hatz Diesel has been represented in South Africa since 1951. In 1986 Motorenfabrik Hatz (Germany) decided to establish their own subsidiary Company in South Africa. Hatz Diesel (SA) (PTY) Ltd has been active in all sectors of the market since Hatz was introduced to South Africa. The parent company Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH was founded in 1880 by Mathias Hatz in one of the most picturesque parts of Germany, initially to repair steam locomotives. The company progressed rapidly and in the early part of this century they turned their attention to the manufacture of combustion engines. Realizing the efficiency of the diesel engine, in 1926 the company decided to develop their own engine. Since that date they have been one of the most successful and innovative diesel engine manufacturers in the world, receiving accolades from many countries for design and reliability. 
The product portfolio of the business fields of Hatz Diesel extends from small and compact single-cylinder diesel engines with 1.5 kW to four-cylinder engines with a power of 56 kW. In addition to the compact construction of the single-cylinder engines, Hatz is known for the reliability and lifetime of its products across the entire range of services. All engines are produced according to customer requirement and specification and are also the only engine in this market segment to use air cooling, thus fulfilling the stringent exhaust gas regulations of the USA (EPA Tier IV final) and the EU (Stage IIIB). 
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In the field of photovoltaic energy Santerno has been a national leader in CONVERSION SYSTEMS for 25 years, with 2 Gigawatts of inverters installed. It offers a vast range of solutions for all requirements: single-phase machines for low power plant (up to 45 kW), three-phase for medium (from 10 to 500 kW), with input string box in low and hook-up in low or medium voltage, and integrated Sunway Station “plug & play” solutions for large plant over 400 kW. 

As a result of experience gained in the industrial automation field, Santerno solar inverters are easy to maintain and guarantee continuity of performance for greater yield. The key to Santerno's success is product reliability, achieved by the sizing and quality of standard components, together with quality controls on design and production throughout the process, in accordance with strict international standards. 
Santerno offers the international market a full range of POWER ELECTRONICS CONVERTERS: versatile products, innovative and reliable, for the most widespread industrial applications such as HVAC HEATING, VENTILATION and AIR CONDITIONING), WATER TREATMENT and HIGH POWER HOISTING (lifts, cranes) and TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (mining, cement). 

The Santerno package includes SOFT STARTERS, SCALAR OR VECTOR INVERTERS, DRIVES for DC motors and electric motors. All of them high performance solutions with top energy efficiency. Santerno pays special attention to the eco-sustainability of its products, offering regenerative applications which make it possible to feed the energy produced during the braking phase back to the mains grid. The company's great commitment to developing the best technologies for consuming less while yielding more ensure a low environmental impact. 
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Recoquip makes this equipment available to Africa with the stamp of European and US quality.
Our focus at REC-O-QUIP is our customers, and bringing them the exact product for their needs. Contact us with your specific requirements and allow us to source the perfect equipment and customization for you.

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