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Enjoying the gift of ordinary days

Dear Friends,

Do you love Ordinary Time? I must admit, I revel in it. The holidays are wonderful, of course, and I love taking a break from regular routines, but there is something just SO comforting about getting back to "normal life."

Part of the challenge of ordinary life, though, is that it can begin to feel drab and dreary, especially during the cold, dark days of winter. If January or Covid or any other thing has you feeling the blahs these days, I have 3 remedies to share that can boost your mood:

1) Make something.
Every human being is creative. Explore that side of yourself! Maybe you will write a story or bake some bread or build a website or play with clay. Whatever creative project you pursue, give yourself permission to just enjoy the process without any worries of "producing" something perfect.

2) Clean something.
I know this does not sound like fun, but hear me out! Look for some spot in your home or work space that you see every day and that could use some tidying up. It does not have to be your entire living room, but maybe a corner table where things tend to pile up. Or a closet you always dread opening. Or that junk drawer in the kitchen. Spend some time tidying up this small space and then enjoy the fresh, accomplished feeling you will get every time you see it.

3. Enjoy something.
What is a guilty pleasure you can indulge in, alone or with your family? Maybe a movie marathon, an ice cream sundae, going through old photos, reading a favorite book aloud, or having a slumber party in the living room. Allow yourself to just dive into and enjoy something without the need for it to be productive.

How about you? In what small ways are you adding extraordinary joy to your ordinary days? 

God bless you,

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