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You know Honey, right?

From The Incredibles? Tell me you know Honey.

The Incredibles is probably my favorite Pixar movie, like ever, and Honey is probably my favorite Pixar character, like ever. Though we never see her, she has the best line in the whole awesome movie.
In case you need a refresher, here's the scene I'm talking about:

Honey is Frozone's wife and, superhero or not, she is not about to let him forget it. When Frozone tells her he needs to go out super-hero-ing on the night of their dinner date because "it's for the greater good" she reminds him:

"I am your WIFE! I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!"

Best line ever, and one I quote to my husband as often as the need arises. He doesn't mind, though, because he knows it is totally true. Every wife is her husband's "greatest good." The position is both a privilege and a tremendous responsibility.
I sometimes find I need the reminder as much as Dan does. That moment when he finally sits down after working outside all day on a Saturday and I decide that this moment -- right now, as he is switching on the game, is the perfect time to remind him of all the things I am counting on him to do and that he hasn't yet accomplished that weekend? Am I being his greatest good? When I fail to take up his defense in a disagreement with one of the children, am I being his greatest good? That time last week when he invited me to run some errands with him, just because he wanted to spend some uninterrupted time with me, and I picked a fight in the car? Was I being his greatest good?
It can be depressing to focus on the ways in which I fail as a wife, but I think it's important to remember that, even though we mess up sometimes, we are called to greatness. I am often empowered and motivated as a mom when I consider the fact that I am the mother God chose to give to my children. God made me perfectly to suit their needs, I am the only mom they have, and the only one they are ever going to get. Let's not mess this up, right?
We might not think of it as often, but the same is true in marriage. You are the wife God chose for your husband. The only one he has. The greatest good he is ever gonna get. How are you living up to that today?
I like that Honey is unapologetic in her claim to be the greatest good her husband is ever gonna get. We should all do that. Claim that title. Own it. And pray for the grace to live up to it.
God bless your week,


Last week I shared about the "important stuff."

Amy says: Thank you for this ... I so needed it this morning.  It made my heart smile and reassured me I’m not alone with dealing with the same stuff!!!  😊

Claire says: Thank you for sharing this sweet story Danielle. My seven year old son already is very in-tune with me and I could see him behaving similarly when he's a teenager.  I have really enjoyed your blogposts this fall.

Christine says: I so appreciated reading this! I have a teen boy who challenges me hundred ways a hundred times a day. thanks for the reminder that there are sweet moments too, and those are the important ones.

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