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June 23, 2016

Images of the Month

Memorable - Vibrant - Fun

We have had a spectacularly hectic month!  June has been a time of personal celebrations (birthdays, graduations, and house guests) as well as lots and lots of weddings!  So many weddings!!  In fact, last week alone we photographed three (3) beautiful couples' special day.
Each celebration was unique
Each wedding was lovely
Each couple smitten with their partner; 
And, each day a offered us a new chance for amazing photographs!
A rainy afternoon along the Spokane River in Post Falls, Idaho challenged us to think on our soggy feet, incorporating the feel of a vacant bandstand and playing with depth of field in Q'emiln Park's Grand Pavilion.
Lena and Mike (along with their loyal wedding party) braved the temperamental weather for candid photos by the water's edge.  The gray skies couldn't detract from the beauty of our bride (or her gorgeous bouquet with dusty rose accents).
Another day we were on top of the world at the Bird Aviation Museum & Invention Center hidden away in rural Sagle, Idaho.  Dominic and Danae wove their love for adventure and flying into their vintage travel-inspired ceremony and reception.
Besides the fact that Jeremiah has always loved flying and someday dreams to take pilot lessons, it isn't often we get to photograph an airplane up close, so we made the most of this ... the ultimate "prop"! 
As a fitting homage to this exuberant couple, the sun came out for this country chic wedding hosted by (what seemed like) the entire town of Odessa, Washington.
This vivacious and talented bride, Kristin, was a natural on a stage we borrowed from Odessa, Washington's annual Deutschesfest celebration.  We can easily see how she captured the heart of her adoring groom, Titus.
Can't believe this is just a sampling of the images we have captured in one month for our clients?  Neither can we ... and our summer wedding season is just getting underway!  Stay tuned for more images of beautiful brides and dashing grooms. 

As always, we totally dig word-of-mouth referrals and introductions.  If you know someone who would appreciate their memories captured in a unique and fun way, let them know about us. 
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World In Pics

House of Representatives Democratic Sit-In, USA
No matter your stance on gun-control laws, political agendas, or the upcoming Presidential elections, we must all recognize that tempers are 'hot' and cooperation is 'cold' on both sides of the line in today's U.S. political arena.

The 2-day Democratic Gun Control Sit-In (staged in the House of Representatives) exemplifies the discord between our elected political representatives ... and mirrors hostility between citizens with contrasting opinions.  When the dust settled, both parties ended the session unsatisfied and restless for cooperation from the other. 

As parents, we couldn't help but shake our heads at behavior on both sides of this battle.  Not because gun control is not a worthy battle, but because it is one not readily resolved by bullying or filibustering. 

We decided that everyone involved should have to wear one, big, cozy "get along" shirt until they can play nice together again.  Who's with us?
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Image from: NBCNews

Blueberry Mochi Cake

Family-time doesn't stop just because we have crazy busy schedules!  This month we celebrated multiple birthdays in our home, and had to be creative meal-planning time managers for those "special" family dinners.

This gorgeous blueberry mochi cake is as simple to prepare as boxed cake mix ... but it's way more awesome!  We appreciate having a gluten-free, berry laden, and 1,000% delectable option when a birthday cake is in order.  You better believe that cake was gone faster than the wrapping paper from a present!
(Read full recipe here ...)


Travel Dreamin'

Holi "Festival of Colors", India
Have you ever been captivated by images of crowded festivals literally exploding with bursts of vibrantly colored clouds?  No, not those "color dash" runs which are never quite as much 'color' as they are 'run'.  We are talking about the true "Festival of Colors", or Holi Festival held annually throughout India.

Well, we are mesmerized by the dynamic hues, contagious impromptu celebrations, playful spirit, and broad smiles we see when we come upon Holi Festival images.  These Hindu festivals mark the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season ... it's no wonder they are so spirited!

You can bet that we are looking forward to the day we can feast our own eyes on such an exuberant display of color and happiness!   
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