4.2.20 Foundation - September 2016 Update
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4.2.20 Foundation - The Whole Word for the Whole World

4.2.20 Foundation Update

September 14 2016
"The whole Word for the whole world"

As the 4.2.20 Foundation we are participating in a huge task. With our small team and few resources it would be easy to be overwhelmed. Yet, when the disciples approached the Lord Jesus and were tasked with feeding the 5000, the Lord multiplied and all were fed. He is our provider and our strength and we see His hand multiplying our work in astounding ways.

Never have I felt the need for the whole Word in oral formats more than I have in Bihar where Dr. Alex Philip, head of the New India Evangelistic Association, works tirelessly. There are 104 million people – 80% functionally illiterate, living in 45,000 villages, with a daily income per family of $0.75. There are 6 languages with no full Bible, not even the New Testament. The few recorded story sets that have been translated are being used in the villages with a powerful effect. People are being healed, addicts set free, and churches planted. These emerging fellowships need more Scripture, especially stories from the Old Testament and the Gospels which are similar to their context. This is just one example of the multiplication needed as we work toward the task!

In the last few months our activities have spanned the globe. For instance, we led the Orality Think Tank in New Delhi, India followed by a three week Intensive Biblical Hebrew course; facilitated the development of the Orality Global Mapping Project with a broad team of research specialists; created a new film series about Orality on location in Israel; built partnerships in Asia and Africa with agencies and churches; and continued preparation in Israel for the upcoming eight month Biblical Hebrew course for translators and consultants. Reports on each are accessible from the links below.

There is much more taking place, these have been but a few highlights. The Lord has brought the growth and in faith we face the challenge. Generous contributions have enabled the work thus far, yet more is needed in order to the take the next steps necessary in our quest to bring the whole Word to the whole world.

Your partner in His service, 

Dr. David Swarr

Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation

"Accelerating translation and teaching of the whole Bible in every language"

Center for Oral Scriptures

"Engaging the oral world with the Word of God"

4.2.20 Foundation

"Advancing access and engagement with the whole Word for every language, culture and people"

Biblical Hebrew Intensives

As our goal is the multiplication of Biblical Hebrew translators so that translation of the full Bible can begin in every language by 2033, part of the IBLT strategy is to provide Biblical Hebrew Intensives with our partners in strategic locations around the globe. These take the form of 2 programs. The first is Beginning Biblical Hebrew, a 4-week intensive equivalent to a full year (6 credit hours) of seminary level Biblical Hebrew. The second is a 2-3 week Biblical Hebrew Pedagogy course designed for professors and instructors which exposes them to a training methodology that both improves and accelerates the learning of Biblical Hebrew.

The first pilot project to train professors and instructors in Biblical Hebrew was held in Kolkata, India at Serampore College (begun by William Carey who translated the Bible in over 30 languages). Professors from over a dozen Indian universities and seminaries attended and had their concept of Biblical Hebrew teaching revolutionized.

"I am amazed at the unbelievable strides I personally had made in taking the language inside of me and beginning to think and speak it."
David Solomon Raju P

Invitations to run more Intensives have come from other well-known institutions in India and discussions are under way with translation agencies as well. The second most populous nation with 1.1 billion precious people, yet the full Bible has only been translated into several dozen of the over 1400 languages and dialects of India.

The next Biblical Hebrew Intensive will be held in December in Nairobi, Kenya serving the translation agencies, Bible Societies and academic institutions focused on translation of African languages.

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School of Biblical Hebrew

Preparations for the first 8-month School of Biblical Hebrew, scheduled to be held in Israel beginning June 2017, are coming along well. Interest in this unique, first-of-its-kind course, is mounting from around the globe and some of the participants from India are now applying to attend. The latest brochures and information can be viewed by visiting: https://4220foundation.com/brochures/sbh.
SBH will be hosted at Jerusalem Hills Inn, situated next to Kiryat Jearim - where the Ark of the Covenant rested for 20 years

The School of Biblical Hebrew facilities are situated directly under the site of Kiryat Ye'arim - where the Ark of the Covenant stood for 20 years (I Samuel 7). They look out over the Jerusalem Hills towards the city of Jerusalem. Accommodation and facilities are provided in partnership with Jerusalem Hills Inn.

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Biblical Hebrew Think Tank 

In August, we had the privilege to work with with Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN), to facilitate a think tank event. Key leaders from the nine major translation agencies, such as Wycliffe, United Bible Societies and The Seed Company, will joined together to focus on Biblical Hebrew training as a means of accelerating and improving Old Testament translation. We look forward to sharing about this with you in our next letter.

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Orality Global Mapping Project

The Orality Global Mapping Project was conceived to meet the needs of mission agencies who are building strategies and designing instruction for the world’s oral majority. Despite the excellent research done to identify unreached people groups and languages that do not yet have the Bible there is still missing data, which is the information concerning oral peoples of the world. This information is critical to completion of the Great Commission. Mission agencies need to understand the degree to which their audiences rely on orality. 

Funded by a grant from a generous foundation, the Center for Oral Scriptures gathered two think tanks comprised of mission practitioners and researchers. They built a battery of questions for the Orality Index Tool from the best of orality principles and methods to date.
The initial beta testing of the tool is scheduled to begin in July 2016 among 50-100 people groups, with tabulation of the results and a revision of the survey to be completed by mid-September. We plan to officially launch the initial 2-year mapping project at the WEA Mission Commission Global Consultation in October, and web-publish results on a continuing basis yet linked to the Joshua Project and World Christian Encyclopedia.
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International Orality Network Support

In March 4.2.20 hosted the ION Global Executive Team in Richmond. Then in mid-May we facilitated the New Delhi Orality Think Tank, where leaders from across India convened to discuss the launching of a nation-wide orality collaborative initiative resulting in a plan for an all India orality consultation in January 2017.

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Orality Film Production

June saw team members on location in Israel creating a 3-part film production depicting God’s amazing oral communication methods and strategies as revealed in the Bible and in Jewish history.

This forms a part of the Master Storyteller book & film production that will be released in 2017. For further information, to pre-order or to be kept up to date on the project as it develops, please visit master-storyteller.net.
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Job Opportunity

Special Projects and Research Assistant


The role of the Special Projects and Research Assistant will be fast-paced and varied, providing communications, administration and research support services to the President’s Office and the 4.2.20 Foundation programs.

Full time beginning September 2016
Location: Richmond Va.

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Business Manager


This varied role is an integral part of the President’s Office. He/she will work with members from different areas of the 4.2.20 Foundation to manage the financial records and business processes of the organization.

Full time.
Location: Richmond Va.

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