Introducing the 4.2.20 Foundation - July 2015
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Introducing the 4.2.20 Foundation

July 2015

Since childhood I have been involved in one form or another with the Great Commission and Great Commandment task, from my early days growing up in the Middle East to my involvement with Davar Partners International. Each part of the journey has been rich and meaningful and has shaped who I am today and what I am able to contribute going forward. As I have spent the majority of my time in the Middle East, seeing firsthand the immense growth of Islam and the overwhelming conflicts that engulf that region, one might think that I would be involved in some form of mediation or peacemaking. Instead I am convinced that the only path to peace is to give people access to the Whole Word of God. Other religions, and particularly Islam, distort the stories of the Old Testament and claim Jesus as part of their heritage but not as the Son of God. Many are deceived and mislead as they don’t have any foundation of truth.

A recent study by the American Bible Society and the Barna Group indicates that 72% of Americans mistakenly believe the Bible is currently available in every language. The reality is that only 7% of the world’s languages have a whole Bible. Approximately 90% of the Bible took place and was recorded in the region of the Holy Land, and 80% was initially recorded in Hebrew. Furthermore, the Word of God was first communicated to oral people and for oral people by a God who not only speaks but who creates orally. Yet today there are several core hurdles that prevent the majority of the world, including oral learners, from having the full Bible in their own language. Now as I approach the end of my fifth decade and look at how best to engage for the next, I believe that I must join others to develop ways that every person in the whole world be given access to the whole Word of God in their own language and in a format they understand.

Addressing these challenges is why we have been led to establish the 4.2.20 Foundation and its programs - the Jerusalem Institute for Bible Translation and the Center for Oral Scriptures. The focus and functions of the foundation are specialized and its programs provide complementary services to the excellent work of Bible societies, translation agencies, and the organizations of the International Orality Network. But instead of writing more about it, I invite you to take a quick tour by checking out the following links to our new website and brochure. I am sure you will enjoy them and hope that you will feel as I do and look for ways to get involved.
I look forward to partnering together in bringing the whole Word to the whole world

David Swarr PhD
President/CEO, 4.2.20 Foundation

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