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Campaigns by Milestone Brandcom, May ’16
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NO WASTAGE with Airtel - Campaign by Milestone brandcom

The largest and the most active telecom brand on OOH space, Airtel, has launched a new campaign on Post Paid Plans for its High Net worth Customers. Airtel is the only telecom service provider which allows you to customise your phone usage plans. The telecom giant realises that it is very important to avoid wastage and hence, it introduces a 'NO WASTAGE PLAN'. This gives the customers the flexibility to make an optimal plan depending upon their usage.

The objective of the outdoor campaign was to create noise about the product and make impact. Milestone Brandcom, the AOR agency for the brand, identified the largest Sites at High Footfall Areas in Delhi and Mumbai and adopted the IMPACT Route to reach to the relevant target group.

The strategy was to focus on quality sites and create Impact and hence, the site selection.

The average size of a site taken for this campaign was 70x20, which is very huge than any normal media and the dimensions of the biggest sites were 150 x 10 and 120 x 80.

The campaign succeeded in creating buzz and increased awareness in a very short duration.


Cyber Cafe Pack by Airtel - OOH Campaign by Milestone Brandcom

Airtel launched a PAN India OOH Campaign for small town people who still rely on the Local Cyber Café for internet access. The 'Cyber Café Pack' Product Campaign was to promote Airtel’s Unlimited Internet Data Offering, for an hour, in just Rs.9.

The campaign was executed my Milestone Brandcom, the AOR agency for the brand. The markets covered included 200+ small towns across 14 circles of Airtel. The major concentration of the campaign was in small towns of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar Jharkhand. In a metro city like Delhi NCR, the target areas were the outskirts of Delhi which include Dadri, Tikri Border, Kasna Road, Sohna amongst others. The campaign started in May for a month.

The large scale campaign reached more than 760 touch points across 14 circles.



.India Today Promises Principled News on State Elections - Campaign By Milestone Brandcom

With most of the news reports being partial to one party and showing half facts, India Today promises a more principled and candid approach towards journalism with their new OOH Campaign ‘NO TILTS AND ONLY FACTS’. The matter of choosing a leader is a sensitive and serious one and hence, it is important for the common man to know all facts and right information about all the political parties. India Today, the leading news channel promises true facts to people.

Milestone Brandcom planned and executed the OOH Campaign in Chennai for the channel, before the state elections. Arterial Roads, Bus stand and Malls were targeted for the campaign. Billboards and Bus shelters were put up with tilted cut outs over them, reinforcing the campaign communication. The High Decibel campaign was done to emphasize on the need for the watchdog of the society and to make people aware that India Today serves to be the most righteous channel which aims to inform people about the true realities of the political world.



.Appy Fizz in a Refreshing New Avatar 

Parle Agro’s fruit based carbonated drink, Appy Fizz has launched a new campaign to refurbish its new brand positioning of being a very bold, cult and sexy and intriguing brand.  Priyanka Chopra has been signed as the new brand ambassador who is an apt fit as far as the brand values are concerned. Adjectives like Confidence, boldness and ambitious define Priyanka Chopra as well.

The brand was launched in 2005 and was believed to be a brand for a very niche market. But over the years, the brand has grown and shown acceptance by a larger set of people and hence, was the need to re look at the advertising and re positioning of the brand.

An Out of Home Campaign was launched by the brand in Delhi NCR in the month of May. A High Decibel campaign with bold colors and image of Priyanka Copra was put up across Delhi NCR. Metro train was also wrapped apart from the Billboards and Bus shelter branding.  


Mumbai AutoDrivers take the Online Mode with ongo - Milestone Brandcom Campaign

As more and more commuters are getting comfortable with the hassle free online mode of payment, with the increasing customer base of Uber and Ola, Mumbai Autowallas have also decided to go all digital.

The Smart and Advanced Mumbai Autodrivers Union has collaborated with app developers to create an app for Mumbai autos which allows the commuters to transfer money to auto driver’s phone without any hassles. So, no more ‘kichkich’ with the autodrivers over loose change and easy transfer of money once you download and register on the app.



Milestone Brandcom was chosen to do an OOH Campaign for ongo.

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness and buzz among the people that now they can pay their auto fare through ongo app and if they pay using the app they will get cashback on their phones. The campaign started Mid May in Mumbai. Transit Media, Bus shelters and Billboards were put up at all strategic touch points in order to maximise campaign reach.

VOOT Grabs Eye Balls with Disruptive Outdoor Creative - A Campaign by Milestone Brandcom

Viacom18’s newly launched OTT Platform – Voot, is gaining popularity with its extensive marketing campaign. The VOD Service is becoming the talk of the town with its quirky communication and disruptive images. The communication is based on the insight that when one is addicted to something, they need to get their fix as soon as possible and as often as they can. Any interruptions tend to make them restless.

The content on Voot includes all Viacom 18 network channels as well as several other 3rd party channels in the Hindi Movies, English Movies, News, Kids, Infotainment, Lifestyle and Music channels across languages. The content is for people of all age groups.

Milestone Brandcom executed the OOH Campaign in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The strategic approach used was to cover High Footfall areas in the 3 metro cities. Media mix included Billboards, Bus shelters, Mall Facades, Metro station media as well as Bus Panels. 120+ touch points were used in the campaign starting Mid May.


All Out - Shake for Magic Campaign by Milestone Brandcom

All Out has executed an OOH Campaign to remind people that the brand is a champion when it comes to mosquito repellents. The current campaign is for the mosquito spray which is positioned to be most effective with no harsh smell.
Milestone Brandcom planned and executed the OOH Campaign for Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore with the objective of spreading awareness about the product features. The primary TG for the campaign was housewives and corporate employees of the age of 25-40. More than 150 touch points were covered on arterial roads, residential areas and metro stations.
The 2 weeks campaign successfully added in to awareness levels of the brand.


L'oreal Infallible Cannes Collection Campaign - Milestone Brandcom Campaign

The famous beauty brand L’oreal has launched an OOH Campaign for the launch of new Infallible Collection in sync with the Cannes Film Festival, Paris. The campaign targets women of all ages. The 2 weeks campaign covered all High footfall locations with heavy presence on Malls in 12 markets.

Milestone Brandcom planned and executed the campaign in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Cochin, Ranchi, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, and Guwahati.

Various cosmetic products by the brand were used in the outdoor creative in vibrant shades of color.

With its vibrant creative and broad reach of more than 350 touch points, this was a huge campaign across markets.




Spectacular OOH Execution by Colors Infinity for 'The Royals'  - Milestone Brandcom Campaign

Colors Infinity has brought the interesting comedy-drama show on the scandalous lives of British Royals – to the Indian platform. The objective of the OOH Campaign communicated to Milestone team was to bring alive the scale and grandeur of the show. The challenge was to create buzz and awareness among the people. Hence, to create buzz, an eye catchy innovation was put up at 2 selected locations, a week before the premier of the show in Mumbai.

Both the locations chosen for the innovation in Mumbai, are highly populated at all times of the day. Flashing lights depicting and bringing alive the “SHINING STARS EFFECT” were put up on the billboard, giving it a disruptive view for the passerby. People could be seen halting by, in order to capture complete view.


Sales Driven OOH Campaign by Titan - Milestone Brandcom Campaign

Titan Eye Plus has launched an out of home campaign recently in order to promote product discount being offered by the brand on its exclusive collection. The sales driven campaign has been rolled out in 34 cities by Milestone Brandcom. The campaign is for the mass audiences. Cities covered include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Patna amongst others.

Media was put up at arterial routes, shopping areas and roads leading to retail outlets. The wide spread campaign covered more than 200 touch points across cities. 


Tata Motor's Tiago Launch in OOH Space

Tata Motors has launched a new car and made an addition in to its hatchback segment – Tata Tiago. Tata Tiago is a car with next generation “Impact Design” and a confident and agile stance. The car has been positioned as – ‘Fantastico’ with Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador. This is an attempt to establish a connect with the Young customers.

The brand has launched the car with a wide spread OOH Campaign in more than 70 cities across Metro cities, Tier I, and Tier II cities.

The overall concept of the campaign was to highlight various features of the car. The headlamps of the car were made blinking on the billboards, with emphasis on Messi and its ‘Fantastico’ positioning.



ITC's Aashirvaad Atta Engages People through OOH Ads

ITC’s Aashirvaad Atta, a premium and leading packaged atta brand, has launched an Out of Home Campaign to establish connect with the audiences. ITC has always tried to build brand equity through its supreme quality products. The trust of people on the superior quality of Aashirvaad atta has made it the No. 1 packaged atta brand.

The recent Out of Home campaign by the brand was executed in southern parts of India. The 3 weeks campaign in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu witnessed great visibility with 200+ touch points across the 2 states. The creative was put up mostly, on the bus shelters, in regional language to build connect.



Latest brand activation campaigns by Milestone Connect 


Bombardier is world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains and also a global leader in the rail industry. The President of Bombardier transportation was on a trip to India in the month of May to meet Hon. Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, and showcase Bombardier's "Make in India" activities. He also visited Bombardier’s manufacturing site in Gujarat.

Milestone Connect was responsible for organising the large scale event. A huge platform was created for the President of Bombardier Transportation to address the employees at Savli plant and share his vision for company transformation.


Installation of 100 X 60 Feet A/C hanger with Bombardier branding was done in a single day’s time at Bombardier’s manufacturing site in Savli. The setup had a stage with two projection screens. The light, sound and audio visual equipment for the event completely complemented the event. A seating arrangement for 1000+ people was done under one roof. Milestone Connect’s end-to-end strategic solution led to a seamless execution of this prestigious event.

Life OK Press Conference for Nagarjun - Ek Yodha

Life Ok is set to roll out its ambitious creation Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha – a plot strongly rooted in Indian mythology. Milestone Connect had conceptualized the entire press conference. The event was held at the sets in the Film City, Goregaon on 24th May, 2016.

The entire set was branded with Show Standees, Backdrops and various other branding elements. Also a thematic LED stage was created for the event.

The event started with the introduction by the eminent producer of the show, Mr. Yash Patnaik, explaining the concept behind the show. While introducing the cast and crew of the show, Mr. Patnaik introduced the main villain of the show, played by the prominent Bollywood actor Nikitin Dheer, through LED split mechanism. Eventually, Mr. Patnaik introduced the entire star cast, and the core team of Nagarjun.



Post the introduction of the cast and crew, a Q&A session was held with the Media followed by the high tea.The show starts on 30th May, every Monday to Friday 9 pm only on Life OK.   

Axis Bank Branch Heads Meet 2016 in Delhi 

Milestone Connect designed and executed the Axis Branch Heads Meet 2016 in Delhi on 30th April 2016. The whole conference revolved around the theme of “Lead the Change”. The Objective of this meet was to bring close the branch heads of Axis Bank from all over India and have important discussions over various segments of the bank.

The branch heads from all parts of India had assembled at The Ritz Golf Drive in Gurgaon.
As the guests arrived at the venue, they saw the key achievements of Axis Bank with directional signage guiding them through the 2 km private route.
They witnessed the “‪#proudtobeataxis” 3D installation, right on the face of the entrance where they clicked pictures and selfies.



The main set up consisted of eye-catchy 40 feet Curved LED backdrop with huge lit letters, showing the theme “Lead The Change” on a 72 feet long stage. 4 LED screens were placed at various directions for better view of the content, to one and all. On the other side of the main venue was an exhibit of the achievements of each region. The exhibit was designed to showcase the strength of Axis Bank across India.
The exhibition area was highlighted with ‪#IMakeADifference 3D installation right in the centre which directly connected with the achievements and the appreciation Axis Bank wanted its leaders to feel.

A special surprising factor for the audience was a special motivational session by none other than Mr. Sourav Ganguly, who clearly fit the central theme of the day. Mr. Ganguly spoke about his experiences and how he was able to ‪#LeadTheChange. He also played some trivia questions with the audience and distributed few autographed bats.


Post the conference, everyone walked out to the parking lot where a special shoot with drones was done with over 4000 people. As all the guests entered the main ballroom in the evening, they witnessed the whole ballroom was dim lit and 2 singers sang through the songs in all regional languages. After about an hour, all guests cheered for the arrival of “Mika Singh”. The whole environment of conference turned into a mega concert where everyone started dancing on the most popular numbers.



Axis Bank Sponsors Masters Course - Convocation at Amity University

Axis Bank sponsored the Finance and Banking Masters course for selected few students and provided placements to them. To encourage and motivate these students, Axis Bank organized a convocation at Amity University.

Milestone connect was given the task to manage and execute the Convocation. This convocation was attended by founder members of Amity University and members of the faculty. 

Milestone Connect fabricated and executed the event at Amity University, Noida. The creative for the convocation was fun, encouraging and gave a very inspiring and motivating look and feel.


The setup also had a creative photo wall where students, families and their professors came together and captured their special moments.


DigiBank's Large Scale Activation to Educate Customers

Milestone Connect planned and executed a large scale activation for DIGIBANK launch by DBS Bank.
The objective of the activity was to promote Digibank as a hassle-free online banking service which will eventually make the customers’ life easier. It is India’s first ever bank that lets you open an account without any paperwork or signatures. It requires only the Aadhaar no. and biometric authentication.

The large scale activation, at various congregation points, has been conducted to inform and educate the consumers on DigiBank. The touch points explored for the activity include Malls, RWA Societies, Colleges, Gyms and CCD outlets.



In Phase 1 of the activity, more than 50 societies have been targeted across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. Static branding has been done in these societies which shall be on display, for over a year. The numbers are only going to increase in the next phase of the campaign.

In the Malls of Delhi and Mumbai, people were persuaded to download the DigiBank app and make an account on the spot. People who created an account, on the spot, were rewarded with free merchandise. People were engaged into simple and fun activities which were in sync with DigiBank’s USPs, e,g. people were invited to make 7 attempts to flip a coin into a cup and win goodies. This was an attempt to make the 7% interest rate get registered in the minds of people. Same kind of activity is being carried out in different colleges of Delhi NCR and also, in the CCD outlets of top 6 metro cities.



PUMA Promotions at the Prestigious WINGS FOR LIFE RUN In India

Milestone Connect executed activities for PUMA at the prestigious Wings for Life World Run in Ahmedabad this May. 

The bib distribution to all registered runners, was held at PUMA, CG Road store on 6th and 7th of May 2016. Race kit discounts were given to all participants. All runners were encouraged to download the PUMA TRAC, a unique running mobile application, at the store. 

Wings for life- world run, is a unique race focused on getting runners across the globe to run for those who cannot. Because, every single extra person who runs for those who cannot, brings the cure for spinal cord injury one step closer. PUMA has been associated as a running partner of WFL across all countries. 


Runners from 33 different countries ran at the same time. The India chapter of WFL was held at Gujrat technical university Ahmedabad. Flag off was at 4:30 IST. Runners across the globe, covered a distance of 12,55,000 Kms to raise a fund of 6,600,000 EUROS. 


Milestone Connect executed the PUMA experience zone at the event. The runners experienced the PUMA running training with PUMA fitness range of merchandise. PUMA Speed test was also conducted for participants to check their running speeds.


MAC's Modern Twist 

MAC, one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands, dearly sought after for their quality products has launched a brand new Kajal Liner ‘Modern Twist’ across India.

At MAC stores across India, MAC conducted Demo’s showcasing unique Kajal make up styles live, being crafted by MAC trained makeup artists. Bloggers and customers were also styled by the artists, often interacting and giving valuable make up tips.

Milestone Connect executed the event covering 3 zones North (Delhi & NCR), West (Mumbai & Pune) & South (Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai). The activity has gone viral with people sharing their make over pictures over social media.





Rishtey Cineplex


All Out




Titan Eye Plus
Upto 40% Off

India Today




Giant Stroller by KolCraft for Test Drive before buying 

Kolcraft, a US baby products company, is bringing smile to the parent’s faces by making them take a Stroller Ride. The company has designed a huge oversized version of its Contours Bliss Stroller to give parents a feel of what their children experience. Because the babies cannot tell whether they like their stroller; hence, they thought of giving the parents one of its kinds experience and feel it for yourself.

The brand wanted to build trust for the brand by making parents experience the comfort and joy of roaming in its carefully designed stroller.
This was, indeed, a fantastic idea of building brand equity.


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