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Bike & Pedestrian Path Coming this Summer


A 2.0 mile long 10 foot wide non-motorized path will be built in Freeland this year.  The pathway will stretch from the existing path in front of Burt Watson Chevy, travel south on the east side of M-47 to the backyard of the Freeland SportsZone.  The path will terminate at the new Strike Zone Pavilion located next to the ball diamonds.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be building the path via use of sub-contractors.   MDOT bid the project out late last year and Crawford Contracting of Mt. Pleasant won the bid. Construction will start February 27th with a planned completion date of September 19th.  It is expected that the path will be open for use prior to final completion on or about August 1st.

Funding for the path was made possible through Federal Grant funds of $1,125,800, State Grant funds of $342,200 and a local share from Tittabawassee Township of $237,800.  Thus the township will be responsible for 13.9% of the $1,705,800 project.

Northbound lane closures can be expected on M-47 throughout the summer.  Lane closures will for the most part take place M – F between the hours of 6:00AM and 9:00PM.  It’s possible but not likely there would be lane closures on S or S.  During the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holiday weekends all lanes will be open Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon.  Any such lane closures will be in the right lane of the  northbound traffic for only that portion of the trail being worked upon.

Ravine crossings.  There are four major natural water courses “ravines” that the trail must cross or navigate around.  Only one of the four ravines will be crossed via a bridge.  The trail will skirt the remaining three ravines by way of hugging the guardrails at these ravines.  It is the Township’s desire to within the next few years complete bridges over these three remaining ravines.

The pathway will when complete provide a non-motorized connection of the urban Freeland area with the SportsZone complex.  A complex that contains the SportsZone, ball diamonds, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, Mid-Michigan Gymnastics and the new Playground.   


Strike Zone Pavilion


A new pavilion will open this spring behind the SportsZone and adjacent to the ball diamonds and tennis courts.  This pavilion will contain several amenities including;  Handicap rated men’s and women’s restrooms, drinking fountain, concession stand, and an overhead covered picnic area.

The facility replaces the porta johns which used to service folks at the ballfields and tennis courts.  With the new SportsZone Playground and pathway also being adjacent to the pavilion we can expect much use. 


SportsZone Complex Playground

The Township will be erecting a new playground on the SportsZone complex grounds this spring.  The playground will be located to the right of Mid-Michigan Gymnastics and in front of the Tennis courts.  The playground will be open all year for anyone’s use.  The playground is expected to see much use from young spectators of the ball diamond games.

The playground will be erected via a community build project on either the 1st or 2nd Saturday in May.  Any persons are welcome to participate in this event.  Should you desire to participate please contact Talia Brown at the Freeland SportsZone at 695-2000.  Your assistance would be most appreciated.




Leaking toilets result in a tremendous amount of water loss. Every day that a silent leak goes undetected can amount to as much as 300 gallons of water.  That is three times the amount of water the average American uses in an entire day.  If your toilet leaks consistently over a three month billing period it could result in 27,000 gals of water and more than $110.00 on your water bill.

Water actuated sump pumps are becoming more common and can bring a sense of comfort during power outages.  When in operation the pump needs to be checked often and serviced on a regular basis.  If your water actuated pump has a valve stick in the open position and continues to run after power is restored you could use 1000 gallons a day or more.  This would result in an additional $750.00 on your next bill. 


A continuous leak from a hole this size (dot shown below) at an average household water pressure of 60 psi would, over a three month period, result in the waste listed.





Tittabawassee Township owns, operates and maintains two cemeteries, West Side Cemetery and Pine Grove Cemetery. In an effort to ensure that the cemeteries are pleasant, orderly and respectful final resting places, the Township has enacted rules and regulations in their regard.  A complete version of the Township’s Cemetery Ordinance is available on line at, at the Township Office or at the Department of Public Works. 
Maintenance of the two cemeteries shall be provided at no additional charge to decedents or their families.  This Maintenance shall consist of the mowing of all lots and graves at reasonable intervals and  semi-seasonal cleaning and inspection.

This care  does  not  include  anything  but  the essential features of lot maintenance. This care will not include the repair, maintenance or replacement of any monument, marker or other lot adornment nor will it include the watering of plants, urns, beds or baskets or the annual placing of blankets.

The Township will provide all the essential requirements of a well kept cemetery in which all lots will be under it’s care forever without further expense to the lot owner.
Some restrictions on the activities and care of lots by the friends and family of decedents are outlined below.  Once again a complete version of the Township’s Cemetery Ordinance is available online at:, at the Township Office or at the Department of Public Works. 

Tittabawassee Township Cemetery Rules


1. Planting of a permanent nature such as shrubs, hedges, trees, or bushes are not permitted.

2.  Artificial flowers are permitted if in a pot or acceptable container. Any old, discolored    artificial flowers, toys or unsightly objects will be removed without notice.

3.  The use of glass jars/receptacles for cut flowers is prohibited.

4.  Annual flowers may be planted within 12 inches of marker or monument.

5.  Winter decorations may be maintained on graves from November 15, to April 1st. If such decorations are not removed by April 1st, they shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by cemetery officials without notice.

6.  No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no lot shall be filled above grade established by the Township.

7.  The Township reserves the right to remove all flowers, trees, hedges, shrubs and/or bushes which have become unsightly or dangerous or encroach upon an adjoining space, lot or path. 



*Footings are poured twice a year. 
Spring Footings Deadline for ordering is May 10 
Fall Footings Deadline for ordering is
Oct 10
For more information:
Contact the Township DPW Office at 989-695-6517.



The Winter 2016 tax bills are due by Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  Payments must be received in the Township Office or drop box by 4:30 p.m. on February 28, 2017.  Postmark dates will not be accepted.   
Please remember that any delinquent or deferred Summer 2016 tax bills are not included in your winter bill.
After February 28, 2017, any outstanding 2016 taxes will have to be paid at the Saginaw County Treasurers Office, 111 S. Michigan Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48602.  Penalties and interest will be applied.
Dog licenses may also be purchased at the Township Office until February 28, 2017.
The Township Office is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for collection of taxes.  We will be closed on February 20th for Presidents’ Day.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at (989)695-9512.




 Zoning and Building Permits:
The Township has recently revised its Building Permit process.  Now, when you apply for a building permit, you will be required to also fill out a Zoning Permit application.  Having this application up front will help ensure that the zoning review is performed at the start of the process, before any site work begins.  It is much easier, and less expensive, to correct any deficiencies before site work has begun.  
New Sign Ordinance:
The Township has recently rewritten its sign ordinance.  This was made necessary by a 2015 United States Supreme Court ruling which declared that certain portions of nearly every sign ordinance in the country were unconstitutional infringements on protected speech.  To resolve this issue, certain portions of the existing sign ordinance were changed to comply with the remedy prescribed in the court ruling.
The court ruling defined a test to determine if an ordinance was constitutional or not.  The test is simple.  If the sign must be read to determine if it is legal, the ordinance is unconstitutional.  Local ordinances can control signs by size, location, number of signs and duration in place, but not by content or by who places the signs.  To comply with this ruling, the sections of the township ordinance governing temporary signs needed to be revised.  The changes do not affect permanent signs, such as those at businesses, only temporary or portable.
The new ordinance wording allows one small sign, up to 6 square feet in size (2 ft. by 3 ft.) and up to 4 feet high, on any parcel without a permit.  In the 30 days leading up to an election and for 5 days following an election, the number of small signs allowed is increased to 10 per parcel.  The ordinance allows for larger signs on parcels that are listed for sale and at construction sites but in most cases, signs larger than 6 square feet will require a temporary sign permit.
The complete wording of the sign ordinance can be found included in the Zoning Ordinance (Article 8) which is available on the township website.  If you are interested in the Supreme Court ruling, check out “Reed et al. v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona, et al.” 



The dinner and awards night allows the fire fighters to be recognized for their efforts and commitment to the community. This year our firefighter of the year went to Cody Muscott. Cody has only been with the department for just over 2 years, but already has made a huge commitment to the department all the while he is working and going to school full time. Cody truly is a tremendous asset to our department. Other recognitions that night went out to Jeff Diechman for celebrating 15 years of service on the department, and Greg Reno celebrating 10 years on the department.

In December the Fire Department held its annual Christmas and awards dinner for the firefighters and their families. The fire department had another busy record breaking year with 754 requests for assistance. There were 27 fire calls, 550 EMS/Rescue calls, 51 service calls, 74 good intent calls, 31 false calls, and 21 hazardous response calls. Our average response time was 7 min and 56 sec (National Average is 12 min and 59 sec). Our busiest day of the week was Saturday, and our busiest time of the day was between 9 and 10 am.   






2016 was a low crime year for our Township, one of the lowest in my eight years as Chief.  With your help as stakeholders in our community, we will continue to strive to keep it that way. 


Remember to report any suspicious activity, no matter how minor it seems, to 911 so we can investigate and determine what is going on.  Some of the most minor reported calls have turned out to be major crimes that were solved because of a simple phone call.  Please do not call the Police Department Office number for in progress incidents, immediately call 911. 

A reminder when you are going on vacation, please feel free to sign up for a house watch via our website and click on the Police Department link or you can stop in person to fill out a house watch form at the Police Department office.  The Police Department office is open Monday Thru Friday 7am to 3:30pm.



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