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A world where all human beings have access to sufficient clean water, nutritious food and personal peace.

Welcome to our first eBulletin of 2019! 

In the course of the holiday period we have been preparing our plans and goals - our actions for peace! - for the upcoming year; these are summarised briefly in the first item.  We also have some exciting news items about the imminent Workshops event we announced in December and how to sponsor it. Other items are: a Peace Partners introduction event in Reigate, and a screening of the acclaimed documentary 'Inside Peace' in Falmouth. To conclude we highlight our illuminating interview with Max Whittle about the Kifubon project, the second part of which will follow next month.  

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Take Action for Peace in 2019!

Strategy and plans 2019


Looking forward this year, our strategy for 2019 is underpinned by our vision, which drives all that we do. As one team member said after a recent event attended by Peace Partners: "The message of peace and positivity proved to be a natural outcome of a show built around collaboration, understanding and a celebration of culture".

Key projects for 2019 include 'Waves of Change' workshops; an online themed event and online fundraising campaigns; the International Day of Peace, and hosting an Annual Gala Benefit to raise funds for The Prem Rawat Foundation. In addition we want to sponsor a Peace Education Programme (PEP) for the homeless.

We also have a number of internal initiatives aimed at improving our own effectiveness. These include growing our donor and partner bases, continuing to promote the fundraising channels we use, developing our website and social media presence, improving our communications with supporters through outreach events and our regular eBulletin. We will develop our volunteer care process and follow through on the initiatives arising from our Croydon Waves of Change Forum - ‘Peace, Gangs and Conflict Resolution’.

The latest news and updates on our activities can be found on our website or in our eBulletin and through our social media postings.


News ...  

Workshops Event
Waves of Change - Waves of Peace
Finding Peace through Conflict Resolution

Workshops Event


Project B 3-7 Middle Street, Croydon CR0 1RE

Registration for individuals and organisations working in the field is now open on the Peace Partners website

Bringing together organisations and the community to collaborate and discover unique and practical solutions; to pool resources and expertise, to promote social change for youths in conflict situations, the vulnerable and those desiring a change towards peace, to lead them towards their best hopes.
More details of the event workshops and presenters, and a brief synopsis of some of the themes that will be explored, can now be viewed on Peace Partners' website here:
Workshops Event

Become a Sponsor 

Be the change - sponsorship package  £100.00
Make a difference - sponsorship package  £25.00 (Remote)
Details about these opportunities to sponsor the event are also now
on Peace Partners' website here


Introduction to Peace Partners in Reigate, Surrey
In our recent newsflash we were pleased to announce our upcoming Introduction to Peace Partners event in Reigate, Surrey. Entry is free, please come along if you can to what promises to be an enjoyable and inspiring gathering. 
Sunday 3rd February

Friends Meeting House

47 Reigate Road

4.30 - 7.00pm

Doors open 4.00pm

You are warmly invited to attend a presentation by Peace Partners in support of The Prem Rawat Foundation's global humanitarian efforts

For more information visit www.peacepartners.co.uk/events
Download an invitation here

Inside Peace in Falmouth, Cornwall

Peace Partners has been supporting screenings of the Peace Education Programme (PEP) documentary ‘Inside Peace’, both through our own forum in central London and more recently through a series of university presentations. We are excited to let you know about an upcoming screening in Falmouth, Cornwall.

There will be a public viewing of the award winning film Inside Peace in February in Falmouth, Cornwall. The film documents the lives of inmates at a high security prison in Texas as they make profound life changes following attendance at a PEP in the prison. 

The film will be shown at The Poly arts centre at 7.30 on Thursday February 7th. There will be a panel of speakers to respond to questions from the audience and an exhibition showing work undertaken with PEP in a variety of settings.

Tickets cost £5.00 and can be obtained through the Poly box office at:  www.thepoly.org/whats-on

Festive Fundraiser
We would like to say a big thank you to all of our supporters who got involved with our Festive Fundraiser and contributed to the cause.
Recent article
This new article has recently been posted on our website. 

Interview with Max Whittle about the Kifubon project

Nick Crabb, a Peace Partners volunteer living in Japan, recently interviewed Max Whittle, an integral member of the Kifubon project since its inception. We are very pleased to present the the first part of Nick’s interview. The second and concluding part will be featured in next month’s eBulletin. You can also read the interview on our website here.

To help create a culture of empathy and compassion, the Kifubon Project has now donated over 15,000 books to a variety of settings in Japan and the rest of the world. I spoke to Max Whittle about the Kifubon Project, how it is run and the challenges it has faced.

Hi Max, what does "kifubon" mean? And what does it mean to you?
Well, "kifubon" can be translated into the sharing of books in a society, and I suppose the theme of the Kifubon Project is the sharing of knowledge that's of value to humanity as a whole. Bunya publishing, who run the project, have the motto of "books for 100 years". The project therefore focuses on books with long-lasting messages of peace that people will still want to read even as times and technologies change. The project takes books that have value and creates a system for sharing them. People who enjoy one of the project's books can pay for one or several books to be donated to schools, hospitals, prisons etc., and help spread the book's message of peace. One book can stay where it's donated for decades and have a huge reach. For example, over 15,000 books have been donated in total, with about 30 to 40 people reading them, so hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from these books.
Could you tell us about the author of these books?
Prem Rawat, who is a peace activist that has addressed international audiences of over 15 million people and who's talks have been translated into over 75 languages. Prem's message has touched me personally and had a positive effect on my life. He has been travelling for more than 50 years, and I have travelled with him and seen how busy his schedule is. It has been Prem's quest to educate people about peace and how it's a daily choice we each have to make so we can all live in a kinder world. The Kifubon Project is another avenue for Prem to spread his message.
What are these books about?
Splitting the Arrow, which is titled "Pease is Possible" in the UK, was the first book Bunya publishing produced with Prem. This book contains short quotes and stories, and teachings from Prem's addresses through the years. The opening short story is called the Pot with the Hole, which was so popular it became a stand alone book and animation.

Of course everyone has their own interpretation, but for me, the core message of these books is that peace is not about countries coming together and signing a treaty etc. Instead, peace is something that manifests within a person. When this happens, the person needs an understanding and awareness that they are experiencing a feeling of well-being, of harmony and of things being right. However, this only sets them up, and they still have to choose to be more kind to others. Making this choice allows them to share their peace, not by them preaching, but by their mood and their positive effect on other people. If you scale this up, then hopefully you achieve more harmonious schools, workplaces, societies, countries and even planet. You cannot start from the planet and scale down with treaties. In the times we are living in, achieving peace of any kind can seem impossible, so we need to concentrate on ourselves and what we can do to bring ourselves to a peaceful and harmonious state. This is not an easy task, but it's not an impossible one.

find out about the UK Kifubon project here

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