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You may already be aware of the work of FareShare in alleviating hunger through their partnerships with well-known supermarkets, including the 'Give a Little Love' campaign with Waitrose, and through the work of Marcus Rashford MBE.

During the COVID-19 crisis we stand by FareShare and will support their cause through our Winter Appeal fundraiser. Look out for our next Newsflash with more details. With your help, we can support FareShare in building food security in the UK, and make a real difference to families in need.

Give a Latte month - support Food for People 

Campaign review by Tracee Cossey, Partnership Manager


From 20th August to 20th September 2020 Peace Partners ran a challenging campaign to #givealatte with #nonandprofittv – to upload selfies of people in interesting places doing interesting things with a latte or a similar hot drink, and donating the price of that latte to Peace Partners to forward on to the Food for People programme.

As part of the #givealatte month Non and For Profit TV created a great cartoon video and streamed those hashtagging #givealatte on their web pages, and the Peace Partners’ team spoke with Jake Frankel, Communications Director at The Prem Rawat Foundation about what happens to the money in the Food for People programme across the globe. You can view more details of the campaign
hereWe’d like to extend a special thanks to all who donated – from many parts of the world too. Our total raised was the highest of any of our previous #givealatte campaigns we have run in the past.

Lessons learned from the campaign are that we managed to set up a new ‘Text-to-donate’ platform on DONR, involved group team engagement and our new Peace Partners branding and website was launched and synchronised at the same time. The campaign was during a period where we saw our highest reach on social media ever with a 67 per cent increase in Facebook page views.


In September we held a Peace Partners webinar to introduce the Peace Education Programme  – the ground-breaking course initiated by The Prem Rawat FoundationThe webinar was held with the intention of inviting members of the public to the 10-week course hosted virtually by Peace Partners. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you especially to anyone who invited friends, family or colleagues. You can watch the short introduction to TPRF’s programme here: Helping People Discover Personal Peace.

The weeks zoom by and we are delighted to let you know that the course has been successfully hosted by Peace Partners via Zoom, and is due to finish soon. We’d like to thank the team responsible for their time and passion in setting up, practicing and running the course. We understand that team members are enjoying it as much as the participants! “It’s really powerful”, “We need reminding” are two of the reactions that have come from the course. The simplicity and humour in the content has also been remarked on! Thank you to everyone who applied to attend the course. Please keep in touch to find out when more are being planned.

If you’re interested in hosting a course yourself go to: Peace Education Programme - Offer the Workshops. TPRF is available to provide any support needed to make the course a success for host organisations and participants alike.

Here is a personal reflection from Peta Stampfer, who is helping host the current course:

"What a truly inspiring and heart-warming experience it was to be part of a recent virtual PEP. I acted as Facilitator for the 10 week programme and was surprised and delighted by the warmth and intimate feeling that it was possible to create in an online environment. Watching the video clips of Prem Rawat’s talks and the clever, humorous, animated stories focusing on a different theme each week, all added to make inspiring and engaging workshops. It was nice to get to know the participants over the weeks, and having the opportunity for all of us to share our thoughts and observations made the whole experience one of sharing understanding and inspiration."

Dr Mitesh Desai has partnered with Peace Partners to support The Prem Rawat Foundation Peace Education Programme, which helps individuals discover inner hope. In an article on his LinkedIn page Dr. Desai shares his perspective on World Mental Health Day:

This year's theme for the World Health Organization's World Mental Health Day is: “Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access”, which has been set by the World Federation for Mental Health.

Throughout the world, there is inadequate timely access to quality mental health services. Despite attempts, even countries like the UK in which the healthcare systems are considered to be exemplary, the theme for World Mental Health Day 2020 is pertinent.

What's more is that as an Intensive Care Doctor, I am witnessing the unprecedented effects of Covid-19. Be it healthcare professionals who have spent hours dripping in sweat and suffocated by PPE, working in an environment that no longer feels familiar; be it friends and relatives who have been denied being at the bedside and too often, their final goodbyes; be it patients left with the ongoing effects of long Covid; be it anyone of us where measures to contain and minimise the spread of the disease have completely changed our lives with tremendous impact on our livelihoods and wellbeing: just when we all needed better access, many of our mental health services have been shut down and the disparity that existed got greater, creating the perfect storm to potentially destroy the very fabric of our society.

Does wellbeing begin with me?

While this year's World Mental Health Day theme is tackling the issue of greater investment and greater access at the level of governments, organisations, societies and communities, I wonder if there is more we can also do for ourselves, at the personal level?  ......

Read the rest of the article on Dr. Mitesh Desai's Linkedin page here
And the People stayed Home

Contributed by: Sean Morrissey

With the holiday season and new year fast-approaching, these latter days of Autumn provide a brief window for reflection; on week’s past and how our lives have changed, and how we might realise a brighter future. As the world continues to grapple with a global pandemic, disrupting communities across the globe, it bears remembering again that we are all in this together. The challenge and tragedy of 2020 should never take precedence over those moments of kindness and compassion that will see us through to the other side.

There is undeniable fatigue, as Europe and the United States are gripped with a second, growing wave of infection. Renewed lockdown restrictions are, once again, putting us all back in a state of relative isolation - now as the days grow shorter and the nights longer still. Refusing despair is writer and chaplain Kitty O’ Meara, whose call for patience and gratitude are fully apparent through her sensational prose poem, “And the People Stayed Home”:


And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mind less, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal. 

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again,they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.


Though it was first published during the early weeks of the pandemic, “And the People Stayed Home” provides an enduring shot of resilience now when we need it most. O’Meara takes a mile-high view of our shared struggle, emphasising commonality over division and with all the reverence of an astronaut orbiting the earth.

The poem’s prosaic approach and simple paragraph structure seem entirely by design, promoting a flow that fits like warm comfort around the reader. We can all do well to heed O’Meara’s word; to take rest or find joy in simple pleasures, creating “new ways to live and heal the earth”.

View this post on our website 'Writings for Peace' blog.


The Prem Rawat Foundation Highlighted in Documentary Celebrating 75th Anniversary of UN 

The Prem Rawat Foundation’s humanitarian work for peace was highlighted as part of a documentary broadcast celebrating the 75th anniversary of the UN on October 24.

Called “The UN at 75 and Beyond” the programme “turns a spotlight on the United Nations’ tireless advocacy for children, women, refugees, human rights, the environment, disarmament, indigenous peoples, and other issues of importance to the world community,” according to producers at Peace Channel and the Unity Foundation.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has long supported the United Nations’ efforts around the
International Day of Peace and the World Food Program, which was awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for addressing poverty.

The “UN at 75 and Beyond” programme featured
TPRF video messages that celebrate the International Day of Peace and highlight how inner peace is the strongest foundation for world peace.

The TPRF messages played alongside a wide range of segments about the work of the UN and perspectives from top leaders and artists.

“UN at 75 and Beyond” premiered on October 24, which marks 75 years since the Charter of the United Nations was ratified. It will be available to watch on demand starting that day on

View a trailer for the documentary

View this article on the TPRF website



Peace Partners official Annual Report for 2018-2019 has been submitted to the Charity Commissioners and is now available on our website. It includes details about how your donations have been used, along with a summary of the activities undertaken by the charity, during this period.

You can view it or download a copy here.


Website donation page

Peace Partners are pleased to announce we are now using a new donations processing platform. Now Donate (Total Giving) offers similar features to our previous platform, but at a reduced cost. In fact for charities it is free of charge, and is a unique offering in this respect - you can learn more about this here.

Donations to Peace Partners, and the causes it supports, can be made using Donate Now through our website Donate page  or through Peace Partners Total Giving page. The platform offers several donation options:

  • One off donations for selected causes and appeals
  • Regular periodic donations for selected causes
  • Gift Aid claims for eligible donors
  • Personal Fundraiser pages for your event, cause or appeal, which you can share with others
All donors have the opportunity to create their own account, making repeat donations straightforward.

Secure payment is offered for Cards, PayPal and Direct-Debits.

NowDonate/TotalGiving page

All donations made through our new website are processed through NowDonate. Donors who arranged a longer term donation schedule through our old system (Charity Checkout - now Enthuse) are being asked to consider changing to the new website system. However the old system is still working and donations through Enthuse are still being safely received.

Thank you for your continuing support, which is so much appreciated by the recipients, to whom it makes such a tangible difference, and by the Peace Partners team.


As a UK Charity Peace Partners is able to raise funds online using popular platforms.

During the holiday season in these difficult times, and with the increased use of online shopping for daily essentials, it is a way we can continue to make a difference. There is no additional cost to yourself, just the selection of a giving platform before your regular online shop or special purchases. 

Click on
 Give As You Live or Amazon Smile above to find out more, sign up, and select Peace Partners to contribute for free through your online transactions! 


Join us, help make a difference!



New Team Members 

We are pleased to announce that four new volunteers have joined Peace Partners, adding more valuable skills to the team:

Mita Morris - Marketing Consultant
Shannon Snell - Graphic Designer
Melanie Davey - Social Media Support
Peter Braganza - Web Developer

We would like to wish all of our new volunteers good luck and success in their new roles, which will be vital to the realisation of our ongoing plans.

Current Opportunities

We are currently looking for a volunteer for the following new opportunities:
Public Relations Co-ordinator
Visual Creative Designer

​If you are interested in applying for, or learning more about, any of these volunteering opportunities, please contact us by email at  info@peacepartners.co.ukFor more info visit our website Volunteering page


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