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This month we feature stories about our current activities which we hope you enjoy and find illuminating, along with some exciting news updates.  

We include a report on the very recent screening of the documentary film Peace is Inevitable, which - along with our other recent events in Croydon - has seen enthusiastic interest in the PEPs being organised in the area. We'll have more about this in our next eBulletin.

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In this eBulletin: 

The Prem Rawat Foundation Appeal - Opening Possibilities 


As part of the June 'Opening Possibilities' Appeal, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) are releasing four new videos that show how our support impacts people worldwide, featuring people in entirely different situations and conditions, but all sharing the human condition, challenges, and the joy of discovering new possibilities:
Now is the perfect time to donateas your contribution will be doubled by matching funds up to (UK) £45,000!  Each and every donation is very much appreciated.

If you are a UK taxpayer you can donate to the Appeal through Peace Partners and increase the amount of your donation by including the Gift Aid contribution, which will in turn increase the total matching contribution!  All donations made through our online donation option
'The Prem Rawat Foundation - Where The Need Is Greatest' during June will be allocated to the Appeal.
Help TPRF reach the goal to raise over (UK) £115,000 by June 30th!

Donate through 'TPRF - Where The Need Is Greatest' [option 6]

Peace Partners 'The Moment of Change' event rescheduled

Many of you have shown interest in the event on July 1st in Croydon Town Hall. We are very sorry to announce that this event has been rescheduled for Saturday 21st September, due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Your interest is greatly appreciated and more information will follow in due course. 
Waves of Change - Waves of Peace ‘The Moment of Change’

MONDAY 1st JULY 2019


Peace Partners taster video for Peace Education Programme 

Peace Partners have prepared a short video to be used at our events and forums where there is a focus on peace education, and where participants may be interested in finding out more about the TPRF Peace Education Programme (PEP).

The video uses interview material with PEP participants and attendees at screenings of 'Inside Peace', the documentary film about the impact of the programme on inmates in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

View the 3 minute video here: 

High Tea Party Fundraiser 13th -October - Save the Date!

Peace Partners celebration cream tea Fundraiser
for The Prem Rawat Foundation 

Sunday 13th October

1.00 to 6.00pm
Kewstoke Village Hall, Weston Super Mare

There will be musicians, magicians and much cake. 

Plus prizes, surprises and much more.

More details to follow

Donations of auction and raffle prizes to: didgehatcher@peacepartners.co.uk
Thanks very much

Peace is Inevitable screening event report


An account of the screening event at the David Lean Cinema in Croydon on the 29th May. Many thanks to Maneesh Bharadia and Alan Plummer. 

A very special screening of the film, Peace is Inevitable, took place in Croydon at the end of May, attended by forty six interested people from the local community.

Barbara Andre welcomed the audience and outlined the agenda for the evening, which began with an introduction to the Ubuntu Round table by Kheron Kenardo, a motivational speaker who works to facilitate dialogue between the Police and young people at risk in pupil referral units, young offender units and prisons across the country.

Kheron very movingly recounted his personal experiences of struggling with dyslexia, challenges at school and the violent death of a relative in Jamaica which had a profound effect on him. Kheron's life appeared to be spiralling inevitably into gang membership and crime. However, after the violent deaths of numerous friends in his community he had an epiphany to break the cycle of violence, and became inspired by motivational videos he encountered online. His new understanding, that we all have an innate desire for peace, led to a dramatic change of direction in his life. He is now dedicated to spreading this message and he has subsequently become a championship boxer.

Kheron's personal story led seamlessly into the showing of Peace is Inevitable, which documents the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation in Ecuador. Focusing primarily on former child members of the Bloods gang, the film explores their personal experiences of gang membership and the culture of gang rivalry and violence, against a backdrop of a poverty stricken neighbourhood. The young people being filmed described the transformative effect that The Peace Education Programme has had on their lives; numerous success stories were shared and the view was expressed that this programme would be of immense benefit to other communities facing similar problems. The film also included inspirational footage of Prem Rawat during his visit to Ecuador, with excerpts from his addresses and interviews with local media.

The film was followed by a powerful message of support from members of the Bloods gang, who described the beneficial effects of the Peace Education Programme, and felt strongly that it should be made available in all educational settings worldwide.
Read the article in full, including a personal account of the evening by Kathy Miller, a further education teacher and Peace Partners volunteer who helped organise the event here
More news ...

Prem Rawat to speak in Manchester in July


Founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation, author and international speaker Prem Rawat will be speaking in Manchester UK, at Manchester Central, on Sunday 7th July. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information about the event visit: 
Words of Peace Global event information

Bedrock Books initiative supporting the publication of Peace is Possible in the UK

Bedrock Books recently announced initiatives in support of the publication of the book 'Peace is Possible', here in the UK on June 6th. They include:

Sharing the message of Peace is Possible:
  • Pre-order the book for ourselves, our families and friends, in kindle or paperback versions here. "Generating high levels of pre-orders is the simplest way to get a book into the best seller charts. Pre-order today and help ‘Peace is Possible’ get to the number 1 spot."
  • Share the above link via email and on social media pages
  • Follow the author on Amazon here 

Kifubon book giving project:

Subscribers to Peace Partners' eBulletin may recall an interview with Max Whittle about the Kifubon project earlier this year. Kifubon’s mission is to provide free of charge certain types of books to different humanitarian and educational organisations, from prisons to nursing homes, from educational institutions to women’s refuges. "Kifubon focuses on books which help improve our existence; books which help us discover what is important about our lives and enhance our innate resources". 

Bedrock Books is the UK Kifubon project, and its goal is to donate 500 copies of 'Peace is Possible' in 2019. Kifubon in the UK can be supported by donating one or more copies of the book though this Bedrock Books project:

Donate through GoFundMe here
Peace Partners is delighted to be able to promote both these initiatives.

Find out more about Bedrock Books here

Research opportunity for PEP participants 

Can you help with this valuable project? If so, you will receive a £25 Amazon voucher. 

  Researcher Cathy Watts is a mature student at King’s College, London on the MSc in War & Psychiatry. As a BACP accredited counsellor currently employed by an Employee Assistance Provider, she also provides counselling for private clients.

​She has been a student of Prem Rawat for many years, and has completed his learning programmes: The Peace Education Programme (PEP) and Peace Education And Knowledge (PEAK). For her research dissertation Cathy has gained ethical approval from King’s College to explore the Peace Education Programme’s effect on resilience and trauma, as ‘being aware of one’s inner strength is one of the principal objectives of the program’ (Damooei Global Research, 2014). ​She will address this subject by exploring the question:

★ Does participation in the Peace Education Programme (of The Prem Rawat Foundation) have any impact on resilience in individuals who have been exposed to conflict-related trauma?

To be eligible for participation in this research project you will need to have ...
Read the remainder of the article on our website here

Reiwa - a new era begins in Japan 

crowds in Tokyo listen to the Reiwa public announcement
Following his interview with Max Whittle about the Kifubon project, Nick Crabb in Japan reports about the new era which was recently the subject of a public announcement there.

On May 1, 2019, Emperor Akihito ascended the throne and Japan christened its new era as "Reiwa". Compared with the royal surnames associated with eras of British history, such as "Victorian" or "Edwardian", a specific name is chosen for each era ushered in by a new Emperor of Japan. The kanji characters chosen for each name are intended to portray Japan's hopes for the coming years, with Reiwa (令和) translating to "beautiful harmony" or "peace". Of course this name only serves as an aspiration, as it would be unrealistic for a few words to predict a nation's history from a certain point in time (though "war" and "conflict" could probably do so for most of the UK’s and many other countries’). Nevertheless, looking back on previous eras' names and their eventual outcomes may help forecast the likelihood of Reiwa's aspirations for peace ...

                                                plum blossom in Wakayama
Read the full article on our website here


We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us move forward with our projects making a difference to the lives of many. We work hard to make sure volunteers learn new skills and receive the support they need. You are a vital part of the team. Current ongoing opportunities include:
Are you creative and imaginative, with experience in web design? This could be the perfect opportunity for you to take on a leading role in ensuring the Peace Partners website is fully functional and providing an insight into the work of the charity.

Partnership Assistant
​This is the perfect opportunity for a volunteer who is enthusiastic and enjoys creating new connections and developing partnerships, expanding our current partnership base through creating invitations and communications.

​Community Fundraisers
​Work within local communities to raise the profile of The Peace Education Programme and the work of Peace Partners in this field, along with our fundraising effort for humanitarian relief and TPRF Food for People initiatives.

Find out more about our current vacancies here
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