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A world where human beings have access to sufficient clean water, nutritious food and personal peace


A warm welcome to our latest eBulletin, the first of a new year, 2021!

The future is unknown - who could have predicted the events of 2020? However, surely in this year to come, there will be opportunities for personal betterment and inner peace. After perusing our video and article about some highlights from the year just gone, have a look at our exciting plans for 2021, as well  as some of our other news and regular updates.

We wish all our supporters a prosperous and hope filled year,
The Peace Partners Team

In this eBulletin: 
We’re looking ahead to new ways to move forward with our exciting projects into 2021, consolidating and strengthening all areas of our work.  This will include forging a partnership with one UK humanitarian organisation as part of our ongoing COVID 19 response, throughout 2021 (and possibly beyond), in order to build a constructive relationship

We are incredibly proud of the projects we have delivered and working with diverse partners across the UK and our Charity Partner, The Prem Rawat Foundation. Please see below a snapshot of our upcoming plans.

OneFocus on existing network of partners, supporters and associates. To ensure we maintain and develop the potential benefits of these relationships.

TwoInspire and create change through all our projects, including The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Programme, expanding the reach of the course in the UK, offering support, networking, and raising awareness of the benefits and attributes of this unique course.

ThreeExpand our humanitarian aid projects, reaching out and providing help and assistance when it is needed most.

Events and fundraisers:

  • Fundraisers, a new fun virtual quiz!
  • Thank You Acknowledgement Event
  • Charity of the Year Campaigns 
  • Humanitarian Appeal with matched donation from Peace Partners Virtual Forum for Partners and Associates of Peace Partners, discussing practical solutions and raising awareness of different projects that are making a positive contribution

Ongoing activities:

  • International Day of Peace Activities
  • Providing ongoing support for The Prem Rawat Foundation
  • Hosting Virtual Peace Education Programme Courses
  • Fundraising Appeals

Hope to see you - take part and get involved!

Juli Hammersley, Chair, says “Even though Lockdown 3 is underway, we are continuing to move forward with our projects and the aims of the charity, taking on board new and innovative ways of running projects online and working in different ways. As a charity that focusses on personal peace and humanitarian work, we are passionate about making a difference to people who need support at this time. I am hugely grateful to our trusted volunteers, team, supporters, donors, partners and associates, who have all stepped up to make a difference. If you would like to know more about any aspects of our work, please do get in touch.”


“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”  - T.S. Eliot

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More information coming soon

Watch our video highlights and read our article for more about our achievements in 2020. A year which was unprecedented from a public health perspective, was also for Peace Partners a year of some very exciting and successful virtual activities, along with a continuation of our fundraising for the important causes we are supporting. Our thanks and gratitude to each of our volunteers, donors, and supporters, for your inspiring generosity during 2020!

It has been a year of difficulties, but it was - in spite of the hardships for many - also a year of real hope and promise.

Early plans Early January saw the Peace Partners team preparing a number of initiatives, which would hopefully be brought to fruition later in the year, and our e-Bulletin announced some exciting plans. These included a local introduction event in Newcastle; a Fundraiser with a difference, a go-karting day with recent collaborators, Bedrock Books; the hosting of two of our Waves of Change forum events, one in London, and one outside; expanding our support for Food for People, Peace Education, and our work with our partners; and we were keen to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of The Pledge to Peace at the Houses of Parliament. The beginning of the year had also seen the completion of our peace education strategy in collaboration with Dr. Mitesh Desai, which had begun at the end of 2019.

Reappraisal The developing Covid-19 health crisis saw the postponement, and then cancellation, of the Newcastle event and our fundraiser with Bedrock Books. As what initially seemed might be a temporary period of restrictions became a longer-term health security issue, Peace Partners - along with so many charities in the UK - needed to review our ongoing plans with some immediacy. And as it became clear that physical meeting events would no longer be possible, attention focussed on the possibilities of continuing our initiatives through ‘virtual’ means. This was not entirely new for a relatively small team used to remote working practices, but the level of engagement certainly was, and would require some new learnings ....
Read the full review here

You can view this post on our website here

Our Reaching Out Appeal in support of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) launched on Thursday 17th December, ended on Thursday 31st December 2020. It was promoted on our website and eBulletin, with regular posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Appeal generated £684 from donations. This was matched by Peace Partners, allowing us to donate £1,368 to The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). 

You can still watch the Appeal videos here.


We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated through Peace Partners.
We have received this thank you card message from TPRF:


                       PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAMME - NEWS

“The Peace Education Program is an innovative series of video-based workshops that help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace.”

This is a quote from The Prem Rawat Foundation's (TPRF) website page about the Programme. To read more please go to Peace Education Program - Offer the Workshops - TPRF.org.  You may email pep@tprf.org to communicate with a support representative.

Peace Partners is partnered with TPRF, so we are pleased to promote their programme and from time to time we also host the course.  You may have read in our November bulletin about the Virtual Facilitated Peace Education Programme course that we successfully hosted for members of the UK public.

One participant said “It’s been an odd year, and what do we value? Just be contented with who’s around me and what I do have - so many blessings …. We need to be reminded we have that choice. Sometimes the outside gets overpowering and we forget - we can’t make things disappear but I can choose how I react, I can choose to appreciate.”

After a brief break for the winter holiday, the same team immediately started preparing for the next course. This is now well underway with a full quota of participants! 

While we’re still restricted by Covid regulations, virtual courses will continue - usually on Zoom.  An important member of each team is the Zoom host, who sets up the meeting and plays the videos. Here is a personal account by a Zoom host about the virtual Peace Education Programme:

Hello, my name is Peter Cook Jones, and I would like to share with you my experience of being a team member and host.

I was privileged to be asked to help form a team that would run a virtual PEP programme; I had heard that it had been done before by others, this was my first time, although I had some experience of delivering the PEP in prisons.

By calling on previous PEP colleagues a team was put together, roles were discussed, then finalised by utilising the various skills that we each have. Although my IT skills were quite proficient I still had to adapt to working with others, for example, synchronising the videos and the commentary with the various presenters.

My role as the main host was to open the session 10 minutes early, check the connection, admit the other team members and then to run the video by sharing my screen.

This took a few practice sessions to ensure that all the right functions were activated but we worked well together and succeeded in completing the 10 sessions with very minor glitches ...


We found that when the participants first came on 5 minutes before the start there was an uncomfortable silence, so I produced a slide with music saying, “Welcome, the programme will start at 7.00 pm”, this worked well as an introduction.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to host and work with our team and the feedback from the participants was encouraging, thanks to everyone.

You can view this post on our website here

Contributed by: Sean Morrissey

So much has been said for 2020, and though we’re very much living in its wake I propose a step forward. January is a time for renewal and resolution, for looking ahead at the great potential of the unknown. In that spirit, and in memory of these past many months, an inspired poem from the late Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska:

Nothing Twice

Nothing can ever happen twice.
In consequence, the sorry fact is
that we arrive here improvised
and leave without the chance to practice.
Even if there is no one dumber,
if you’re the planet’s biggest dunce,
you can’t repeat the class in summer:
this course is only offered once.
No day copies yesterday,
no two nights will teach what bliss is
in precisely the same way,
with precisely the same kisses.
One day, perhaps some idle tongue
mentions your name by accident:
I feel as if a rose were flung
into the room, all hue and scent.
The next day, though you’re here with me,
I can’t help looking at the clock:
A rose? A rose? What could that be?
Is it a flower or a rock?
Why do we treat the fleeting day
with so much needless fear and sorrow?
It’s in its nature not to stay:
Today is always gone tomorrow.
With smiles and kisses, we prefer
to seek accord beneath our star,
although we’re different (we concur)
just as two drops of water are.

Of course, nothing turns on a dime and the events of December will inevitably roll over into this new year. There is only so much we can do sometimes to stem the flow of geopolitical change, and here Szymborska offers a necessary reminder that every day breeds new opportunity. It is arguably the great gift of life, to begin anew each day with smiles and kisses while putting yesterday’s trouble to bed.

Consider the long lifetime of this celebrated Polish poet, who lived through the worst years of World War II with its immeasurable suffering and through decades of communist oppression. Szymborska was witness to incredible tragedy and still she endured day-on-day into old age, writing some of the most enduring poetry of this past century. Her example (and indeed this poem) are reminders of our inherent resilience in this unwavering pursuit of a better world.


                                                                        You can view this post on our website here   


Lumka Ngxoli on Peace Education & Prem Rawat


In a new interview published on Prem Rawat’s website, Media Spokeswoman Lumka Ngxoli shares perspective on what it’s like to work with him and how she personally benefited from the Peace Education Programme.

Read the full interview here and listen to an episode of the Life’s Essential’s podcast that features Lumka and Prem in discussion here.

An excerpt:

PremRawat.com: I know that the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated so many lives in Cape Town. How are you holding up? What are you doing these days to feed your heart?

Lumka: It’s been a bit rough here especially back in the beginning in April. There’s been a rise with break-ins (lack of safety) and gender-based violence. I had a lot of fear that I needed to put under the carpet. I had to tap into my inner peace. I really had to make use of the lessons learned from the Peace Education Program. I’ll be honest; I had my doubts about the Program. But when I started to re-visit the DVD’s on Hope and Appreciation, it helped me to exhale. I do have these resources internally and the Program Workbook helped remind me. I was able to breathe again and sit in the space without fear.

PremRawat.com: This reminds me of your conversation with Prem in 2017 for Cape Town TV (CTTV). He totally surprised you by saying that he wanted to interview you first. And he did. At one point, Prem asked “Do you ever see yourself getting to a point in your life where you really are who you are?” Lumka, do you feel that you have gotten to that point in your life?

Lumka: When I first met Prem, I was this young 24-year-old kid. I had crafted this perfect little world. And the more questions that I asked Prem, it left more cracks in my Pandora’s Box. It eventually exploded and I had to sit with me. If I’m fully honest with myself, yes, I’ve come full circle during this lockdown. I was willing to be open to it. I’ve begun to understand the 10 values of the Peace Education Program. And I’ve had enough courage to face all this shadowy fear.

Read this article and watch one of Lumka Ngxoli’s interviews with Prem Rawat for Cape Town TV on the TPRF website here.



Join us, help make a difference!


New Team Members 

We are pleased to announce that two new volunteers have joined Peace Partners, adding more valuable skills to the team:

Hooria Adnan (Content Manager)
Patricia Rocha (Graphic Designer)

We would like to wish all of our new volunteers good luck and success in their new roles, which will be vital to the realisation of our ongoing plans.

Current Opportunities

We are currently looking for a volunteer for the following new opportunities:

Marketing Consultant
Web Developer
Fundraising Assistant
Tech Support for online working

Join the Board of Trustees
Trustee - Fundraising Experience

​If you are interested in applying for, or learning more about, any of these volunteering opportunities, please contact us by email at info@peacepartners.co.uk. For more info visit our website Volunteering page. 


Donations to Peace Partners, and the causes it supports, can be made through our website by clicking the Donate button above. 

There are several donation options:

  • One off donations for selected causes and appeals
  • Regular periodic donations for selected causes, with Gift Aid claims for eligible donors
  • Personal Fundraiser pages for your event, cause or appeal, which you can share with others
Donors have the opportunity to create their own account, making repeat donations straightforward.

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As a UK Charity Peace Partners is able to raise funds through popular online shopping channels.

With the increased use of online shopping for daily essentials, it is a way we can continue to make a difference. There is no additional cost to yourself, just the selection of a giving platform before your regular online shop or special purchases. 

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Thank you for your continuing support, which is so much appreciated by recipients, to whom it makes a tangible difference.

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