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A world where all human beings have access to sufficient clean water, nutritious food and personal peace


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“Offer each other kindness and understanding. This is the time for empathy, clear thinking, and courage.”

Author and Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

The UK government's advice is that the social distancing and other provisions which form part of the Covid-19 Pandemic emergency measures may now last for an extended period. 

In these circumstances Peace Partners has made the decision to postpone all planned events with immediate effect. Whilst this is a big disappointment, the team at Peace Partners wish to support the efforts taking place to protect everyone, and most especially vulnerable groups. We feel it is the wisest, kindest and most conscientious thing to do.

A huge amount of planning, hard work, time, hope and excitement goes into each Peace Partners event and programme - invested by the team, volunteers, our supporters and interested parties.  Like many others the team are shocked that so much has had to change so quickly to respond to the wider wellbeing need, but we are not disheartened.

Much of our planning and work is done remotely, and as such we will still support the wonderful and amazing projects that we invest in as far as is possible, and we will use the forthcoming period to reflect and bring about positive impacts in more immediate ways; we will work on new projects to help make a difference to vulnerable groups in the UK during the pandemic. 

We will also work on different event themes and make more use of online platforms, including virtual events, webinars, and conference calls, and to continue to tell the story and keep the momentum going. 

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Juli Hammersley, on behalf of the Trustees, says “Please stay safe and take care of each other. It is very sad that we are not able to continue with our planned activities but the health, safety and well being of our supporters, community, team and interested people are our priority. Our thoughts go out to all of those who have been affected by this unprecedented situation. The Peace Partners team are looking at ways to offer support and assistance to those in need during this time. We will send you regular updates about these initiatives. Stay positive, stay focused, stay strong. With appreciation and thanks”.

The Peace Partners Team


Peace Partners is investigating ways we can help support vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope to be able to focus on those with immediate food shortages and the homeless. Please look out for a further announcement in the next few days about ways we can help people in need in the UK at this difficult time.

In this eBulletin: 

CATCH US if you can!  Go-kart for charity fun racing day on Saturday May 10th 2020 at Buckmore Park, Chatham Kent

Due to the emergency pandemic measures advised by the government, this event has been postponed and will no longer take place as advertised.
Peace Education Programme 10 week course which started on Tuesday 3rd March at the Falmouth University Penryn Campus

This course was featured as a news item on Peace Partners website. We have been advised by the organising team that the remaining course sessions are now cancelled for similar reasons.


Leicester Forest East (LFE) is a settlement in Leicestershire, England, west of Leicester, straddling the M1 motorway. Leicester Forest East Community Library is community managed, and last year the
 LFE Library hosted a 10 week Prem Rawat Foundation Peace Education Programme (PEP) course. It was well received by the participants, teachers and therapists, who all said they enjoyed it. 

In the early stages Peace Partners provided advice and support to the volunteer team organising the course, and following its success plans are being made to hold another course in Leicester.

Here are some participants’ comments:

'I understand that moment when the penny drops. Something comes along and makes you smile inwardly'

'There’s a lot of truth in what Prem said about not knowing when you’re in a dark place. And then the light comes on'

'Everything Prem said resonates with me on a personal and professional level'


You can read the full article on our website here

Peace Partners is a small UK charity with a big vision: global access to clean water, nutritious food and personal peace. Since our formation as a non-profit organisation in 2015 our donors, volunteers and partners have collaborated to resource model humanitarian initiatives, and to promote an innovative approach to peace education.

​We have 
vacancies for volunteering roles essential to the successful completion of our exciting plans for 2020.

The impact of our efforts - the difference we make - is a tangible improvement in the quality of many peoples lives, here in the UK and throughout the world. Volunteering with Peace Partners can be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience, as well as very effective.

​For more information about the initiatives we support please visit the 'Humanitarian' and 'Peace' pages on our 

Current Vacancies

Partnership Development
​This is the perfect opportunity for a volunteer who is enthusiastic and enjoys creating new connections and developing partnerships, expanding our current partnership base through creating invitations and communications.

Creative Writer
Peace Partners is seeking an enthusiastic Creative Writer to actively assist our developing charity with its external communications. To tell the story about the amazing projects we support and run. We are making a difference!

Volunteer Coordinator
Empathy, interpersonal skills and the ability to seize opportunities and think creatively are important, the key to this volunteer coordinator role is working and interacting with volunteers.

Community Fundraisers
​Work within local communities to raise the profile of The Peace Education Programme and the work of Peace Partners in this field along with our fundraising effort for humanitarian relief and the Food for People initiatives.

Trustee with Fundraising Experience
Champion the Peace Education Programme and the work of Peace Partners in this field along with our fundraising effort for humanitarian relief and the Food for People initiatives.  Join the Board of Trustees and make a difference!

​If you are interested in applying for or learning more about any of these volunteering opportunities please contact us by email at
What current volunteers say about volunteering with Peace Partners:

‘Volunteering with Peace Partners is very important to me. It is a way I get to connect with something so important to me ... peace ... in everyone's lives and mine. I truly love the variety, meeting people from all walks of life, and seeing a plan come to fruition’. 

‘Talking and thinking about things are all very well but actions do really speak louder than words, and seeing people come together to share their work and interact with different generations is wonderful’. 

‘The team is SO supportive, people are kind and live their values in the work we all do to bring peace about locally, for ourselves as well as others’.

‘Volunteering for Peace Partners has been one of the best decisions I have made. I've met a group of hard working, inspiring and lovely people, and I am able to use my skills to help a great cause. On top of this the team is patient and understanding about getting work done, deadlines and ideas’. 

‘What Peace Partners do is really change the lives of vulnerable people in our community and even educate me to learn understanding and empathy about people and today's problems. I feel real purpose being part of the team’. 

‘Personally I find the challenge of new projects, working in an effective team, and continuing to learn for as long as I can is a very satisfying and fulfilling way to use my time’. 

‘Peace Partners is a growing and evolving charity with an exciting purpose and a big heart’.

‘I like working for Peace Partners as it is constantly evolving ….. I like the way you have little idea what is coming next; it is both intriguing and fulfilling’.
We are delighted to include this short report from Lesley Cooper about Bedrock Books. Peace Partners were able to support them last year with a grant to purchase copies of the book ‘Peace is Possible’ for distribution in UK prisons.

Bedrock Books has 500 books to give away! 
Bedrock Books is a fledgling Community Interest Company which supports social and humanitarian projects where certain types of books can benefit people in need of emotional support, inspiration and encouragement.
Bedrock Books has a simple aim: to provide support to people by giving away books which focus on positive messages. Right now, we have 500 pristine copies of Peace is Possible by Prem Rawat, an ideal book for these difficult times. Peace is Possible, is a collection of short stories and insights, designed to trigger reflection and personal growth. Drawn from the author’s travels around the world speaking to audiences on the subject of peace, the stories transcend culture and address the simple reality of being alive. So, if you know of an organisation who could make good use of these books, and would like to work in partnership with us, please do let us know.

We have also focused on providing reading groups, working partnership with other organisations such as Kent Wellbeing Hub, and Reading Groups for Wellbeing. These organisations work with vulnerable groups.
Hopefully, working in partnership with groups like these, we aim to continue our reading groups online - watch this space for more information about Bedrock Books Virtual Reading Groups!
To find out more go to or write to us - or join our Facebook Group


Founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation, peace ambassador Prem Rawat, is the author of a new book whose Spanish edition was published last month. Already in the best seller lists in Spain, the book distills a lifetime of learning and wisdom.

The Spanish title 'Escuchate' translates as 'Learning to Hear Yourself'. Since our inception the Peace Partners team has been inspired by the flagship initiatives of Prem's eponymous Foundation, and take a keen interest in his work as an author. You can find out more about the book on the Timeless Today website here.

Parts of many of Peace Partners' Waves of Change forum events have been recorded and edited by our wonderful volunteer team of videographers. The videos are a great way to find out more about our work, or to simply to remind yourself of something you were a part of! Take a look on YouTube here:
Peace Partners YT channel

As a UK charity Peace Partners is able to RAISE FUNDS ONLINE using popular platforms.

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