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Clonard eMagazine

Issue 1 - 2015

We are very pleased to present the inaugural issue of the Clonard eMagazine.  This has been put together to celebrate the achievements of Clonard students, showcase their creativity, provide a glimpse into some homeschool "classrooms" and generally show off the wonderful children, parents and tutors that are part of our Clonard family.

This past year has seen some changes for Clonard.  We opened new offices in Springfield Park, said goodbye to some wonderful teachers and welcomed others.  We updated our website and introduced online ordering and we have just launched a tutors tab that will list all the tutors that we know of throughout the country to assist parents with both full tuition and subject assistance.  If you are, or know of, a talented and caring tutor then please contact us so that we can include you/them on our list.  We attended various homeschooling expos around the country where we had the opportunity to interact with some of you face-to-face, which was a welcome change to the telephonic and email communication that we are used to.  We travelled to Pretoria where we were part of meetings with the Department of Basic Education surrounding their policy making for home education.  Recently, we appeared in a front page article in The Times about homeschooling and were interviewed thereafter by various radio stations throughout South Africa.  We have had an eventful year, but continue to maintain our usual high standard of service and education.  

We trust that you have had a good year and hope that it will finish on a high note.  Most families are currently writing the year-end exams, or preparing for them, and we wish you all the best of luck!  Without further ado, let's get to showing off the Clonard students.

Shaelee Machayla Lamprecht (grade 3) achieved a Junior Diploma in the National Eisteddfod for her solo piano piece. 
Balfour Homeschooling learners enjoying a field trip.
Chloe Naicker (grade 4)
Emma van der Westhuizen (grade 6) played the white cat in a local production of "Cats" and appeared in a production called "Page 2 Stage" where she performed a full solo and was mentioned in the local newspaper.  She competed in a talent competition where she made it to the top 20 for her singing.  Emma also participated in the Sundaysriver Annual Eisteddfod where she she was awarded a medal (the highest award in the category) for her solo song, another medal for her solo contemporary dance piece and a gold certificate for a duet contemporary dance piece.
Natalie Basson (grade R)
Ashlee Basson (grade 2)
An extract from "Out Hunting" by Aidan Orffer-Brown (grade 7)

I come upon a clearing in the forest and notice a soft brown shape silhouetted against the tree line on the far side. The unmistakable form of a deer shifts into focus. My hunter’s instinct kicks in and in a swift movement I shoulder my rifle. I notice that the deer is the same one I had spotted earlier. Perhaps this is my lucky day after all! As I am about to take aim a sudden movement near the deer draws my attention. A tiny fawn nuzzles its nose against its mother’s flank and she licks it lovingly in return. I lower my rifle, realizing I cannot take this life. The beauty of this moment between a doe mother and her fawn has touched my heart in a special way. As I walk back to my camp, my grumbling stomach somehow does not feel quite so bad.
Luqmaan Haffejee (grade 5) with some of his many awards, cars that he has made as projects and Clonard books.
"My classroom under the staircase"
This is the classroom of Nuwailah Maiter (grade 1).
Jesse Stapleton (grade 4)
Matthew Birkett (grade 4) planting a tree for Arbour Day and participating in the South African JKA Karate Championships.
4 seasons
summer's knees are scraped
and her arm in a sling
the sea calls to her
her days are spent on the beach
her mother is forever scolding
she never comes when she's called
her little sister is all golden curls
and bubbles in the garden
spring is everyone's golden girl,
the apple of the world's eye
her dresses are always clean
daisy chains draped around her forehead
autumn is untouchable
her hair is fire and her eyes are smoke
her dreams are brighter, alive
two days are never the same
she's living life on a different plane
a jack of all trades master of none
everyone can't help loving her
the eldest one is winter
at school she stomps and snaps
her black hair is limp over her shoulders
her hands are cold and her voice is low
she has no talents, no hobbies, no quirks
so she lets her siblings outshine her
and tries to live with being invisible

Anandhi Mira Pillay (grade 6) 
Reyvan Samuel (grade R) enjoys regular field trips, Hip Hop dance classes (where he achieved a 94% in his recent exam), playing his guitar and helping out in the kitchen.
Tyrin Gultig (grade 6) competes in Disco Dance Solo and Duo sections. He achieved first place at the Classique Championships and second at the Cheetah Challenge.  Tyrin is currently of amateur status and is collecting points to move into WTC (World Trail Circuit) where he can again earn points to be eligible to represent SA internationally at the World Disco Dance Championships.
Kaylain Esterhuysen (grade 3)
Extract from "My Homeschooling Experience" by Elizabeth Jane de Waal (grade 9)

To succeed in the homeschooling system you need to be diligent, determined and driven to work. A lot of people who are in the homeschooling system are said to have an inferior education, however I disagree with this. With homeschooling you can get a real handle on your work, and you know the quality of schooling you’re getting, because you have full control of it.  Lots of people have heard how successful my family is with homeschooling and have asked my parents many times for help with structuring their school schedules.  I am very grateful to my parents, who have created such a nice environment to learn.  Homeschooling has brought my family closer as a unit, and everything we have been through has made us more determined to succeed and prove that homeschooling is just as good as mainstream public schooling. 
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