EAP Fall Dispatch
Dear EAP Alumni, Students and Friends, 

Happy Fall! 

We are in the midst of a typically busy Fall Semester. We are sending this Dispatch to highlight a few items to date. 
First and foremost, in mid-September, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of energy “Thought Leaders” to discuss ways to grow and enhance the EAP program. We appreciate the several visitors who dedicated an entire day to going deep on all things EAP. Special thanks to Jeff Ruud for coaching us pre-meeting to make sure we made the best use of everyone’s time together. Also, we are very appreciative of Ron Meissen’s financial support of the meeting, which allowed us to continue conversations over dinner downtown. We will be working to implement ideas introduced in the meeting in the coming months. A general consensus emerged that using the 40th Anniversary of EAP in 2020 would provide a strong focal point for our advancement efforts. More to come!
We have really enjoyed the first six weeks of our weekly EAP seminar on “Professional Skills in Energy Analysis and Policy.” Thanks to EAP alums Erica Bickford and Corey Singletary for sharing their experiences with us. We have had some stimulating discussions about how best to approach professional conferences, communicating our work, and networking. The next weeks take an international turn as we host visiting speakers from Jordan and Germany. 

In addition, be sure to watch our new promotional video highlighted below and share the link with anyone you know that may be interested in studying energy analysis and policy at UW-Madison. Our communications coordinator, Rhianna Miles has done an excellent job at producing an engaging short video, which will be helpful for spreading the word about EAP, particularly for recruiting new students.

Finally a big shout out to Professor Tracey Holloway who has just been awarded the Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professorship for 2017-2020. If you run into Tracey, be sure to congratulate her on this accomplishment. No one deserves this recognition more than her!

As always, if you have any suggestions for how we could improve the EAP program or would like to connect with our community, please don't hesitate to contact me. And please do send in your short updates for inclusion in the next EAP Dispatch.

Professor Gregory Nemet
Energy Analysis and Policy Program Chair
EAP Promo Video
Check out our new promotional video, intended to attract new graduate students to the Energy Analysis and Policy program. 
Updates from the EAP Community

Ana Dyreson (PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering):
"In October, I visited Chile for the SolarPACES global conference on solar thermal power and thermal energy storage. The conference was all abuzz with a few recent projects that bring concentrating solar power, a fully dispatchable thermal power technology, significantly closer to cost-competitiveness. For example, in Dubai a project was contracted for $0.073 / kWh."

David Abel (PhD Student, Environment and Resources):
"I have had a busy several months. I published a paper in Environmental Science and Technology in April on the sensitivity of power plant emissions to ambient temperature, which gathered some interesting press from the likes of Popular Science, Scientific American, and Science Daily. I also coauthored a paper published in June on the impact of warmer weather on buildings and emissions from power plants.

In late June, I attended the American Meteorological Society's Policy Colloquium, an intense 10-day immersion in science policy, held in Washington, DC. More recently, I passed my PhD qualifying exam in Environment and Resources in late August, then got married on October 14th, and will head to MIT's Graduate Climate Conference in early November."

Tracey Holloway (Professor):
“Over the past few months, I’ve been moving ahead with two major lines of research: applying satellite data to air quality and health, and integrating energy and air quality modeling. The former is supported by NASA, where I am the director of the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST, For the latter, we are looking for partners and funding to assess the air quality benefits of energy system changes, like more energy efficiency or increased solar. To build these connections more effectively, my research group has a new website at

This past summer, I also designed and led “Science-A-Thon,” an international event where scientists of all stripes brought the public along for a "day at work" through social media and photos ( We even raised $33,000 for the Earth Science Women’s Network! You can see what a day in my life looks like (at least over the summer!) here.

Greg Nemet (Professor/Chair):
“I published a paper in Nature Energy with some German colleagues I began working with during my sabbatical 2 years ago. We looked at forecasts of solar PV deployment over the past two decades and found that even the most optimistic forecasts were consistently under-predicting PV adoption. We looked under the hood of forecasting models to understand why. The short answer is that models have missed learning, effects of policies, and high willingness to pay among solar adopters. Listen to the WPR interview here."

9/15 EAP Thought Leaders Meeting

On September 15th, we hosted a group of energy “Thought Leaders” to discuss ways to grow and enhance the EAP program. It was a productive day, filled with quality discussion and brainstorming. We will be working to implement ideas introduced in the meeting in the coming months.


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