Therefore, our responsibility today is to ensure that our families know their children are safe in the Lorain City Schools.

There are two aspects of school safety:

REACTIVE | These are our strategies, resources, policies and procedures that we put in place to react to any threat to our children and our staff. As I’m sure you can imagine, we can’t share the details of these plans, because that would put valuable information into the hands of the “bad guys” who could use this information against us.

PROACTIVE | These are our most valuable tools in our arsenal of school defense, all of which focus on building relationships with and providing supports for our students, staff and families. These include:

  • Wraparound Services to develop and deliver individualized care plans that may include:

    • Mental Health promotion, interventions, consultations, screenings, access to therapists and counseling, and intensive in-home mental health treatment.

    • Health Care through MercyHealth Clinic at Washington Elementary, School Nurses and, coming soon, Mobile Health Response Centers

    • Crisis Response services

    • Trauma-Specific Treatments with a Counselor or Licensed Social Worker

    • Legal Services for families

    • Behavior Management skills training

    • Substance Abuse screenings and treatment

    • Parenting Groups and Family Navigation

    • Home Visiting

    • Social and Child Welfare Services

    • Youth and Family Education

  • Bolstered access to school counselors by doubling their presence in our district to ensure every school has full-time social-emotional supports and counseling services for all students

  • ALICE Active Shooter Response Training which prepares our staff and students to respond with confidence during an active shooter situation

  • Pressure checks performed routinely to ensure equipment is functioning properly year-round

  • Centralized command to coordinate communications and building supports during emergency operations

  • Community partnerships that wrap our students in support, including the addition of a second officer on loan from the Lorain Police Department to support our school district

  • Community meetings to increase communication and collaboration around:

    • Transforming our schools into collaborative community centers with highly accessible services to students and families (Health care, Basic needs, Economics, Recreation and Education)

    • Responding to negative behavior in our schools with a mindset of de-escalation (Debriefing incidents and determining logical consequences)

    • Providing coordinated supports/services for successful re-entry to school when appropriate

  • Hiring wellness coaches to stay connected with students who have been expelled or assigned to online learning, coordinate wraparound services for the student and family, and ensure a warm welcome back to school

  • Keeping our focus on relationship-building to create a network of safety and support district-wide

All of the above wouldn’t be possible without the strong leadership of our Safety & Security team:

  • Just this week, Director of Safety Reuben Figueroa was sworn in as a part-time Lorain Police Department officer — and you can find his signature huge heart and resounding experience all throughout our schools. Read about it here

  • His second-in-command positions are held by two Army veterans — Carmen Ransom and Rosalio Sanchez — individuals whose strong presence in our schools is eclipsed only by their strong hearts and care for our students. Learn about them here

  • Rounding out this leadership team is School Resource Officer Miguel Baez, a 23-year veteran of the Lorain Police Department, who everyone in the city knows in one capacity or another. Meet him here

Combined, their talents of connecting with our kids and building safe and healthy communities are what give us confidence in our ability to keep safety a top priority in Lorain City Schools. In addition, as a result of the strong partnership with the Lorain Police Department, two more School Resource Officers will be joining our team in the fall.

After the awful tragedy earlier this week, it is my deep hope that this information provides some solace to you as you entrust your children to our care. My promise to you as superintendent, and as a father, is that we will continue to do all we can to grow and support these efforts.

Please, if you or someone you know is in need of help or support, please take advantage of the following resources and access to care:

  • Get help in an emergency: Dial 911

  • Report safety concerns in our schools: Lorain City Schools Safety & Security (440) 830-4004

  • Report safety concerns in our community: Lorain Police Department Dispatch (440) 204-2100

  • Access wraparound supports: (440) 830-HELP




A journey that started four years ago ended in the most beautiful way possible on Tuesday, May 24, when 374 graduates from Lorain High, Success Academy & Early College walked across the stage at George Daniel Stadium under a blue sky with hundreds cheering in the stands.

After a send-off week that included a Senior Awards Ceremony, Senior Slideshow, Senior Picnic, Senior Clap-outs, and Senior Parade, the night’s graduation ceremony was the culminating event that so many seniors worked hard for since first walking the halls of Lorain High School. They didn’t reach this milestone in their lives alone, and that sentiment was carried throughout the night as Lorain High staff and student speakers spoke about the kinship that makes Lorain High — full of grit and pride — a family of Titans.

Among their many accomplishments — including persevering in the face of a pandemic:

  • 49 Early College students graduated with an associate degree, and 110 earned at least some college credit, valued at more than $1,146,600 off their college tuition

  • Students participating in our 14 on-campus Career and Technical Education programs earned valuable credentials as they pursue their chosen pathways or continue on to apprenticeships and college

  • Several of our graduates earned their degree through Success Academy, which provided personalized pathways for those students needing transitional support and/or accelerated instruction to cross the finish line

  • JROTC Cadets learned invaluable life skills and even received help paying for college, with some going on to join the military (though there is no obligation to do so)


Lorain City Schools is again offering FREE, unique camp experiences this summer. Student grade level is based on the grade they will be entering in the 2022-2023 school year. Families can register their children until May 27th.

Preschool registration

The 2022/2023 school year may feel far, far away, but we are already preparing for our newest batch of Tiny Titans to enter our Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms as they begin their learning journey in our schools.

  • Registering early ensures our teachers know your child’s needs so that they can begin preparing appropriate programming and supports;

  • Registration lines in the fall tend to be quite long — coming in earlier helps to you skip the lines and ensure your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible; and

  • New student registrations will receive a FREE WELCOME GIFT, including a new backpack, books, and Titan gear — on a first come, first served basis.



  • THURSDAY, MAY 26 | End of 4th Grading Period

  • FRIDAY, MAY 27 | Last Day for Students

  • MONDAY, JUNE 6-9 | Lorain City Schools Sports Camp | Register

  • MONDAY, JUNE 13 | Lorain City Schools Summer Camps Begin | Register