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November 10, 2020
Noema 10, 2020
Week 5 Term 4, 2020
Issue Contents:
  • Featured Video
  • Wairakei Primary School Community Calendar
  • Principal's News
  • Latest News
    • POWER Award Recipients
    • P4L Award Recipients
    • Subway Orders
    • Missing Sports Uniforms
  • Upcoming Events
    • Steaming Into School
    • Full School Assembly
    • Year 4 Day Activities at Bluelight Lodge
    • Last Day for Subway Orders
    • Interschool Swimming for Year 4 to6
    • Board of Trustees Meeting
    • Life Education
    • Bike Taupo for Rooms 15/16
  • Room 10 Learning
  • Sponsors
Featured Video
Principal's News
Dear Parents and Caregivers

Pet Day is over. The weather supported us and stayed fine. There was a hint of rain that made all the stalls head undercover and then it disappeared. The raffles were a hit. The cakes sold out as did the iceblocks and the cold drinks. I know that because I went to get one and they had all been sold. The jolly jars flew out of the stand within 30 mins. What a great idea they were.
Pet Day is an annual event that the school hosts. It has been a school event since the school opened and staff and community members have been coming to and support Pet Day. While Pet Day has evolved it holds true to its original idea. A place to show off our beloved pets and to engage in a craft like the sand saucers. A place for the judges to hear about the life of our pets and how loved they are.
I feel happy when I move around the pet pens and into the classrooms. Over the years I have learned a lot about cats, dogs, and those noisy lambs. Each year I get to be a part of the story of Pet Day and to experience how much a part it is of our community and how much it means to our school.
There was a bit of anxiety about Pet Day this year. Would we be able to host the day? Would we be able to have enough parents to help out on the day? And then pet day arrives. I know I am not meant to worry about the parent support because you do come out on the day.  It is just stressful waiting for the names to be added to help out. Pet Day is a community event. It needs the community to support it.
Our small PTA group did a fantastic job alongside the staff to get ready for Pet Day. They have added new ideas to the traditional format like the guitarist playing and the pulled pork buns. Each idea was supported. Who would have thought that having a school mufti day would bring in enough grocery items for 8 prize baskets?
Jenna Foley assisted the PTA and made sure all the staff were on site and had a job to do. Every year our staff arrive and support this event. Together we make it happen.
My sincere thanks to all the helpers before and on Pet Day. Thank you for giving up your time to support our event. Thank you to the PTA who made Pet Day a success with their organization and commitment and pulled pork cooking. Thank you to our families who baked and sourced the items for the jolly jars.
Thank you to all the staff who arrived with smiles on Saturday and added to the community feel of our Pet Day. You all contributed to the success of the day. At this stage, it looks like we had our most successful day ever.

Last week we were notified that we had reached the target on our North Fuel sponsorship programme for this year. We were able to order sports equipment that has been delivered and is now heading for the sport shed. Our sponsors are:

Lakeland Excavators
Wairakei Haulage
Tukairangi Farm
Seahorse Sea Freight
Lauriston Enterprises  & Lakeman Brewing
Springsheep Dairy

You can join the North Fuel sponsorship scheme and help us receive more sports equipment in 2021.

I would like to congratulate Sarah Carter and her team that raised funds for Starship by running for Imogen Scurr in the Auckland Marathon last weekend. So far the team has raised over $43,000. If you would like to donate here is the following link

Our grass is slowly repairing itself. This does mean that we have some roped-off areas and some puddles. Some students like puddles. I am hoping for a dry spell in the weather so the grass will take and the puddles will dry up.

We have a full school assembly this Friday. I hope to catch up with you there.

Paula Farquhar
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Latest News
POWER Award Recipients
Congratulations to the following students who received a POWER Award.

Week 4
Room1 - Charlie - Self
Room 2 - Lilly - Self
Room 3 Arley - Others
Room 4 Laila - Self
Room 5 Fergus
Room 6 Zavier - Self
Room 7 Charlotte - Self
Room 8 Jasmine
Room 9 Riley - Self
Room 10 Tiani-Jade - Self, Environment, Others
Room 11 Frankie - Self, Environment, Others
Room 13 Katie - Self
Room 14 Reid - Self, Environment, Others
Room 15 Madeleine and Kaylah
Mrs Forrest Room 8 Sophie
Mrs O'Sullivan Room 13 Baylee

Week 5
Room 1 - Jessie - Others
Room 2 Paige - Others, Self
Room 3 Evangelene - Environment
Room 4 Hunter - POWER
Room 5 Manaia - Others
Room 6 Kora - POWER
Room 7 Natalie - Self, Others
Room 8 Zaara - POWER
Room 9 Clara - Self
Room 10 Max H - Self
Room 11 Sam - Self, Environment
Room 13 Isa - Self
Room 14 Louie - Others
Room 15 Brooklyn and Grayson - POWER
Mrs Forrest Room 6 Ashe - Self, Others
Mrs O'Sullivan - Room 11 Lennon - Self
P4L Assembly Recipients
Congratulations to the following students who received an award in our P4L Assembly.

Room 2 Zoe
Room 3 Erin
Room 8 Emily
Room 8 Madisyn
Room 11 Aria
Room 14 Riley
Subway Orders
The last day for Subway orders will be on Tuesday November 17, 2020. Remember to bring your orders to the school office before 9a.m. Thank you.
Missing Sports Uniforms
We are still missing four school sports jackets. These could have been used at the Cross Country or in the Maths Matters Teams. We are also missing a netball skirt. Please check at home and return to school.
Upcoming Events
Wednesday November 11, 2020
1.45p.m. to 3p.m. in Room 15
Steaming Into School
Friday November 13, 2020
Full School Assembly
Parents/Caregivers welcome.
Friday November 13, 2020 and Monday November 16, 2020
Year 4 Activity Days at Bluelight Lodge
Tuesday November 17, 2020
Last Day for Subway Orders
Remember to bring your orders to the school office before 9a.m.
Wednesday November 18, 2020
AC Baths
Interschool Swimming for Years 4 to 6
Wednesday November 18, 2020
1.45p.m. to 3p.m. in Room 15
Steaming Into School
Thursday November 19, 2020
5.30p.m. in Staffroom
Board of Trustees Meeting
All welcome.
Friday November 20, 2020
Life Education
Friday November 20, 2020
1.30p.m. to 3p.m.
Bike Taupo for Rooms 15/16
Remember to bring your bike and helmet.
View our upcoming calendar events
This issue Room 10 presents
Chatter Pix Kids App
Room 10 students have been learning about a new app called Chatter Pix Kids as part of the digital technology curriculum. Steven Ross, an expert on digital technology, came into Room 10 and taught students how to take a photo, add a speaking line so it moves, place stickers on their image and save their video to the iPad so they could retrieve it later. 

The learning that came from this activity allowed students to make decisions about creating, manipulating, storing and retrieving digital content for a specific purpose.  They were given particular parameters and ipads  to use to guide them in making their videos and it allows them to talk about their learning in a fun and interesting way.
Since learning about Chatter Pix Kids the students are using it to talk about characters they have been reading about, explain their learning about friendships. This is a photo of one of my students explaining what he has been learning about in maths, where he has created a Lego town and talked about being able to push his vehicle around the town using language such as near and far. 

Keywords: Digital technology, problem-solving, language acquisition, integration.
Attributed to: Room 10, Chatter Pix Kids App by Duck Duck Moose, Steven Ross Digital Technology Coordinator.
Curriculum links: Digital Technology, Literacy, Visual Arts.
Key competencies: Thinking, Using language, symbols and texts, Participating and contributing.
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