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September 1, 2020
Hepetema 1, 2020
Week 7 Term 3, 2020
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  • Principal's News
  • Latest News
    • P4L Assembly Recipients
    • Monday POWER Draw Recipients
  • Upcoming Events
    • Steaming Into School
    • PTA Team Discos
    • "A Tree for Every Child" Planting Day
    • Bike Taupo - Rms 15 and 16
    • PTA Meeting
    • Ski Trip
    • KidsCan Mufti Day
  • Room 1 Learning
  • Extra-Curricular/Sports Team Photo Day
  • Sponsors
Featured Video
Featured Video
Principal's News
Dear Parents and Caregivers

It was so great to be at our school cross country last week. So nice to be normal and to see our students running, laughing, puffing, and enjoying themselves. The day was not quite as we envisioned and yet it had a lot of our normal characteristics of a cross country.

We had plenty of parents to shout out for the runners as they crossed the finish line. Groups of girls who cheered and sung songs as their teammates went by. There were some weather worries as the rain clouds came over us and the wind changed direction prompting us to bring the younger students forward. Thank you to all the parents who made this transition work and came along to support their child running.

The photos taken on the day will be posted in a gallery on our website for you to view. The Interschool Cross Country event has been postponed. We now have the names of those students who placed in our event and will go to the interschool when and if it happens.

We have altered the way we are hosting the PTA Disco this term. Instead of having a night event, we are hosting three afternoon discos for the teams.

Each team will have their own disco from 1.45p.m. to 3p.m.

  • Wednesday - Aratiatia Team
  • Thursday - Poihipi/Ohaaki Team
  • Friday - Te Mihi Team

Theme: Favourite character. Students will be able to change to get ready for the disco. The price is $2 entry - this can be given to the classroom teacher in the morning.

Food (sausages and lollies) and items (glow sticks) are available to buy during the disco. Each child can bring money in a named bag. The teachers will look after the money and give it back in readiness for the start of the disco.

The PTA is also looking for helpers to help cook some sausages or sell some disco treats. Please get in touch with the PTA on the Wairakei Primary School PTA Facebook page.

If you have a friend or family member who would like to join our school, they need to contact the school office. We are also collecting names of in-zone students so that we have an accurate number of students starting.

I would like to ask the community to help me with collecting the Countdown Super Insects cards. I received some yesterday while shopping at Countdown. They are perfect for school. We need as many people as possible to collect them and send them to the school office. The cards have details and pictures of New Zealand insects on them. I would like to think that if we work together, I can get a few sets for the classrooms here at school.

I would like to remind new families that when the road patrollers are out on the crossing you are legally bound to use the crossing rather than skip across the road in front of the shop. This is a 15 minute a day experience. Skipping across the road encourages our students to do the same and will cause an accident. Please come down to the crossing or better yet get your child to come across the road to meet you.

I am also seeing several cars waiting on the yellow lines. You need to park off the road. There should be no car wheels in the gutter. Parking on the yellow lines decreases the visibility of the road patrollers making the length of time we must wait to open the crossing longer.

From the start of Term 4, every student must wear a school hat. Navy Blue bucket or brimmed hat is required. Students sit under the shaded areas if they do not have a hat. Hats can be purchased from Brandfuel in Orunaui Street or from other retail stores such as PostiPlus or The Warehouse. Please name your child’s hat. This does help us settle any hat issues that may arise.

It is great to see the sun out on the first day of spring.

Paula Farquhar

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Latest News
P4L Assembly Recipients
Congratulations to the following students who received a fortnightly P4L award for Week 6.

Manaia Room 5
Zahn Room 9
Luka Room 10
Monday POWER Draw Recipients
Congratulations to the following students who received a POWER Award for Week 7.

Room 1 Ricky - POWER
Room 2 Declan - Self
Room 3 Chloe - POWER
Room 4 Lucy - Self
Room 5 Madison - Self
Room 6 Sapphire - Others
Room 7 Tyrell - POWER
Room 8 Layne - POWER
Room 9 Clara - Environment
Room 10 Liam - Self
Room 11 Sam - Self, Others
Room 13 Aiden - Environment
Room 14 Dorian - Self, Others
Room 15/16 Brock and Jynesis
Mrs Forrest- Phoebe and Brooklyn - POWER
Mrs O'Sullivan - Jacob Room 14 - Environment, Others
Upcoming Events
Wednesday September 2, 2020
2p.m. to 3p.m.
Steaming Into School
Please meet outside Room 15. You are welcome to come at 1.45p.m. for your child to play in the playground.
Wednesday September 2, 2020
1.45p.m. to 3p.m. in Hall
Aratiatia Team Disco
Come dressed up as your favourite character. $2 entry. Lollies, chips, and water will be available.
Thursday September 3, 2020
"A Tree for Every Child" Planting Day
Thursday September 3, 2020
1.45p.m. to 3p.m. in Hall
Ohaaki and Poihipi Teams Disco
Come dressed up as your favourite character. $2 entry. Lollies, chips, and water will be available.
Friday September 4, 2020
1.45p.m. to 3p.m. in Hall
Te Mihi Team Disco
Come dressed up as your favourite character. $2 entry. Lollies, chips, and water will be available.
Friday September 4, 2020
1.30p.m. to 3p..m.
Bike Taupo - Rooms 15 and 16
Remember to bring your bikes and helmets if you have them.
Monday September 7, 2020
3.30p.m. in Staffroom
PTA Meeting
All welcome.
Wednesday September 9, 2020
Ski Trip
Thursday September 10, 2020
School and Individual Photo Day
Friday September 11, 2020
KidsCan Mufti Day
Gold coin donation.
Friday September 11, 2020
1.30p.m. to 3p..m.
Bike Taupo - Rooms 15 and 16
Remember to bring your bikes and helmets if you have them.
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Room 1 presents
Super Scientists
Room 1 has been putting on our science hats and working out how lots of things work.

We first got our engineering brains going, and made balloon rockets to test how things are pushed through the air.

We taped a straw to a balloon and threaded the straw onto a piece of string. This meant that we could investigate how air, moving quickly, can push the balloon through the air. The more air in the balloon, the faster and further it goes.
Charlie loved making his own balloon rockets; “I thought it was cool and fun - I got mine to shoot quite far down the string because I attached the balloon to the straw. This helped me find out how far the balloon will go.”
We then put our chemistry hats on and made our very own lava lamps! 
Arabella wrote instructions on how to make them, labelling the ingredients she would need and also the other equipment.



We learned how carbon dioxide comes out of the fizzy tablet and makes bubbles which then go through the oil in the bottle.
Curriculum Areas: Science - Investigating in science, Material World, Physical World
Key Competencies: Thinking, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing
Keywords: Propulsion, force, atoms, molecules, carbon dioxide, oxygen, chemistry

Extra-Curricular and Sports Team Photo Day
Wednesday September 16, 2020

All students must have appropriate attire on the day for their chosen sport i.e. black or dark navy shorts. All bare feet. No jewellery (watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc - please leave at home so they don’t get lost) and no T-shirts/tops to be worn under the school top.
The proposed timetable for photos is listed below and we would like as many Coaches and Managers to be here as possible. Photos will be taken on the field, or in the Hall if raining. We will be gathering team members 10 minutes before the times listed.
Time Teams/Coaches
11a.m. Wairakei Unicorns Y3/4 Netball - Coach Natasha Forrest, Manager Sonya Warne

Wairakei Wildcats Y3/4 Netball - Coach/Managers Rachel Shepherd/Rachael Fletcher

Wairakei Y5 Netball - Coach/Manager Tania Mortimer

Wairakei Y6 Netball - Coach Kylie Hutton,
Manager Jo Jones
11.15a.m. Hockey Wairakei Wasps - Coach Marissa Davidson, Manager Suzanne Smith

Hockey Wairakei Warriors Y3/4 Grade - Coach/Manager Patrick Hart, Assistant Cody

Hockey Wairakei Powersticks Y3/4 Team - Manager/Coach Hilary Samuel, 
Support Manager Glenn Robinson

Hockey Wairakei Power - Managers Kate Fowler,
Patrick Hart
11.30a.m. Miniball – Wairakei Y3/4 Team - Coach/Manager

Miniball - Wairakei Y5/6 Team - Coach/Manager                
11.40a.m. Y6 Students (No orders taken for this photo)
11.55a.m. Interschool Athletics Team - Paul Morehu,
Natasha Forrest
12p.m. Interschool Cross Country Team – Paul Morehu,
Natasha Forrest 

POWER 4 Learning Group
12.05p.m. Maths Matters Team x 7 teams – Jeannie Young
12.15p.m. Road Wardens - Co-ordinator Angel Chauval
12.20p.m. Librarians - Penny Fischbach
12.25p.m. Enviro Group - Diana Fitzsimmons
12.30p.m. Pre-Arranged Family Photos – be here by 12:10p.m. please

The order envelopes will be sent out this week or available from the school office. All orders must be returned, and payment made prior to photo day. Please pay online as per instructions on the envelope or at the school office and fill in the correct details for each team your child is in. 
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