Wairakei Primary School Announcement
Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whanau

You are receiving this notification as we have identified that you have not completed your user preferences for Wairakei Primary School digital communication package. We regularly require users to update their preferences, particularly their names.

Having users of our communication system manage their own preferences is key to us managing deliverability and to building a transparent, respectful relationship with you, our users.

Digital security is important to us. To reduce the likelihood of SPAM, and to ensure the ongoing protection for all subscribers, we are now asking users to fully complete their subscription by adding their name before Monday, August 31.

To update your subscription preferences or to unsubscribe please use your links provided below.

Failure to update could result in your subscription being suspended. I hope you understand that we would be sad to lose you. However, we have to take our responsibilities in digital security seriously.

Kind regards
Paula Farquhar

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