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September 15, 2020
Hepetema 15, 2020
Week 9 Term 3, 2020
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  • Principal's News
  • Latest News
    • Monday POWER Draw Recipients
    • A Tree for Every Child Planting Day
    • Sports Photo Day
    • Term Dates
    • Hockey Sports Uniform
  • Upcoming Events
    • Sports Photo Day
    • Swimming at AC Baths
    • Math Matters at Taupo Intermediate
    • Board of Trustees Meeting
    • Bike Taupo - Rooms 15 and 16
    • Term Dates
    • P4L End of Term Celebration
    • Opening of New Classrooms
  • Room 11 Learning
  • Sponsors
Featured Video
Featured Video
Principal's News
Dear Parents and Caregivers

Its only two weeks until the end of Term 3. It has been nice to have some normality in our school year with only a few students staying home due to Covid-19 Level 2. The teachers and I have been able to get some routines and inventions going. It has been so nice to see our plans being followed out.

There are some new ideas being tried while we are in Level 2. Having the discos at the end of the school day. This meant that we could offer the disco to more students and still provide a fundraiser for the PTA. Our next goal is to cover the skylight in the hall so that the hall will be darker and the glow lights will work better.

The teachers are currently planning for Term 4. Our concept is called Art In the Park. We are looking at creating installations to share around the school and community. The majority of the work will be completed in the first six weeks of the term. Then it is time for the end of year reports and Education Outside the Classroom experiences. To help us with planning for the end of year activities could you come and update your car details in our system. Val and Rhonda can help you out with this. Just make a phone call to the office.

Planning for Pet Day is in full swing. We need all your ideas and support to make this day extraordinary. I feel that we need a day that celebrates us as a community. Its been a strange and interesting year so we need our community to come on board. Donations of non-perishable food items for the raffles can be sent to the office from now on.

Our next PTA meeting is Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 7p.m. in the Staffroom. The focus of this meeting will be continuing the planning for Pet Day. We need everyone to get in behind and support our planning for this day to continue to be a success.  The PTA have some great ideas for Pet Day and we need to hear new ideas that we can add to the day. Come along, show your support, and share your ideas. There will even be spot prizes at the meeting - you have to be there to win!
We are opening our new classrooms in the first week of next term. On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 12p.m. there will be a blessing of the building and then it will be open for everyone to go inside. Our school will be learning two songs for the blessing.

A message from Whaea Margo. We need some help to make Kapa Haka skirts for our girls. We are putting out an urgent call for a parent who can sew 4 black long skirts for our Powhiri girls. The students have grown out of the skirts we have, so we need 4 new ones made for our Powhiri at the start of next term. They only need to be a basic design and have an elastic waistline. Please contact the school office or Whaea Margo for the pattern and material.
Our Touch Rugby teams for Term 4 have been finalised. A team contact list will be sent home to team managers this week. Managers will contact all parents of players closer to the start of the competition. Parents of children who did not make it into a team have already been contacted by Mr Morehu. If there is any change to the competition details, we will be in touch via the team managers.
A postponement date for Interschool Cross Country will not be finalised until there is a change in the Covid-19 alert levels, allowing the event to go ahead. If we move to Level 1 next week the interschool could be as early as Wednesday, September 23, 2020.  We will keep everyone posted on what is happening as the level change is announced.
Keep an eye out at the start of Term 4 for our community calendar. This will include all dates for school events like final assembly, POWER assemblies, and any trips that will be occurring.

Remember to check our Community Calendar for upcoming events.

Ngā mihi

Paula Farquhar
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Latest News
Monday POWER Draw Recipients
Congratulations to the following students who received a POWER Award for Weeks 8 and 9.

Week 8
Room 1 Te Pou - Environment
Room 2 Adam - Others, Environment
Room 3 Trend - Self
Room 4 Violet
Room 5 Donald
Room 6 Max
Room 7 Ciana - Self
Room 8 Lenox K - Self, Others
Room 9 Hunter
Room 10 Luka - Self
Room 11 Frankie - Self, Others
Room 13 Carter
Room 14 Mason
Rooms 15/16 - Emma - Self and Kaylah
Mrs Forrest - Victoria Room 4 - Self
Mrs O'Sullivan - Charlie Room 1 - Self, Others

Week 9
Room 1 Oscar
Room 2 Carys - Others, Self
Room 3 Alex - Self
Room 4 Danika - Self
Room 5 Olivia
Room 6 Kora - POWER, Self
Room 7 Ciana
Room 8 Blake - Self
Room 9 Haylen - Self
Room 10 Casey - Self
Room 11 Aria
Room 13 Alysha
Room 14 Indigo
Room 15/16 Preston and Anna
Mrs Forrest - Ryleigh Room 9
Mrs O'Sullivan - Mila Room 14
Term 4, 2020
Monday, October 12 to Friday December 11, 2020

A Tree for Every Child Planting Day
Thank you to Naturally Native, Tauranga for supplying quality plants at a good price. We acknowledge Blair and Tina for their support and help with the purchase and supply of the trees. Thank you to those parents who helped us plant the trees.
Sports Photo Day
A list of the photographs that will be taken on Wednesday September 16, 2020 was sent home last week with the order envelopes. This list is also in our previous newsletter dated Tuesday September 1, 2020. All students must have appropriate attire on the day for their chosen sport i.e. black or dark navy shorts. All bare feet. No jewellery (watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc - please leave at home so they don’t get lost) and no t-shirts/tops to be worn under the school top. All order envelopes must be returned, and payment made prior to photo day to the school office. Please pay either online as per instructions on the envelope to Masterpiece Photography or place cash inside the envelope. Thank you.
Hockey Sports Uniforms
Our hockey uniforms need to be returned in full sets and handed to Paul Morehu after the last game of hockey this term as they are needed for Touch Rugby Week 1 Term 4, 2020.
Upcoming Events
Wednesday September 16, 2020
Sports Photo Day
Wednesday September 16 to Friday September 25, 2020
Swimming at AC Baths for Rooms 10, 13 and 15
Remember to bring your swimming togs and towels every day.
Wednesday September 16, 2020
Math Matters at Taupo Intermediate
Thursday September 17, 2020
5.30p.m. in Staffroom
Board of Trustees Meeting
All welcome.
Friday September 18, 2020
1.30p.m. to 3p.m.
Bike Taupo - Rooms 15 and 16
Remember to bring your bikes and helmets if you have them.
Friday September 25, 2020
9a.m to 3p.m.
Last Day of Term 3
Have a good holiday break.
Friday September 25, 2020
P4L End of Term Celebration
Parents/Caregivers welcome.
Monday October 12, 2020
9a.m. to 3p.m.
First Day of Term 4
Welcome back.
Tuesday October 13, 2020
 Opening of New Classrooms
View our upcoming calendar events
This issue Room 11 presents
An Eggy Experience
“ I won’t always be
 in this shell, you know,
 I’ve hatched a brilliant plan.
I’ll push my way out
When the time is right
And see what sort of creature I am …”
Room 11 students enthusiastically joined in with the reading of this poem during their shared reading sessions. This interactive approach gave them all lots of opportunities to develop reading skills and strategies as we read the text multiple times over several days. These included reading with fluency and expression, responding to the storyline, and developing vocabulary by identifying verbs and adjectives. 
The students had fun exploring the storyline. Initially, they pretended they were the creature inside the egg thinking about how they would hatch out. Of course, just thinking about hatching was not successful. They needed to apply a force and push their way out of the shell as we had been learning in our Inquiry topic “Phunky Physics”.

“ You need force from your body to move an object". Jake
“It’s like a bow and arrow. You can’t just say “Go arrow,” and it will go". Kian
“He has got to use force and push with his arms and legs". Leela
The students responded to the humour of the poem where the simple illustration of an egg shape with two chicken legs poking out of the bottom was in direct contrast to the scary creature the egg was anticipating it would be. 

The next step was for the students to write their own ‘Egg’ story. The class had the following ‘Learning Intentions’
  • plan the story with a beginning, middle and end
  • write the story in sequence
  • use simple describing words
This process took several days as the students drew a picture plan, then added the details for each part of the story. They were able to use words from a word wall that we had brainstormed earlier.

Finally, the students are in the process of publishing their work by writing their stories using their best handwriting. They will be displayed in our ‘Writers Corner’ inside our class where they can be read and enjoyed by everyone who comes into Room 11.

“I am in an egg. I am going to have sharp claws, pointy teeth, and big scary red eyes. I think I am going to be a shark monster but I am actually a chicken". Leela

“When I was in the egg I was struggling to get out. Then I pushed out my legs and arms. Then I finally got out of the egg. I’m huge and hairy. I’ve got sharp claws too". Jake

"I am waiting to get out of my egg. Punch, punch, kick, kick! There, my arms and legs are out. Punch, punch, kick, kick! Yay, I’m finally out of my egg". Kian

Keywords: Shared Reading, 
Attributed to: ‘Egg’ from Mooseclumps, a book/blog of poetry for kids Leanne Jackson Room 11
Curriculum Links: English - Listening, Reading, and Viewing, English - Speaking, Writing, and Presenting, Science - Physical World 
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