Poihipi letter from the friendly team at Wairakei Primary School.
Dear <<First Name>>,
All the students in Poihipi have been exploring how things move. They focused on pushing, pulling, water, air-pressure, gravity, friction and magnetic forces.

Students have made balloon poppers, catapults, marble race tracks, foil boats and bottle rockets to experiment with how things move. Failures were seen as successful because they showed students what not to do next time. Through each scientific experiment students predicted, questioned, observed, recorded and shared their learning. Students used scientific language to explain how things move. Launching ping pong balls with the catapults, racing the magnetic cars and exploding the bottle rockets into the sky were definite highlights for Team Poihipi this term.

Everyone in the team has practised saying morning greetings, counting to ten, and following a few basic instructions in Te Reo Maori. They also began learning the days of the week. During Matariki they practised and presented their Pepeha, made a Korowai with paper feathers, paper lanterns, moons and stars and listened to stories about the Maori New Year. 

The  Poihipi Team Bear Hunt celebrated and showcased weeks of daily jogging fitness practise. Parents, families, local Early Child Centres and Kindergartens were invited to join us for a fun obstacle style course and an exciting teddy bear hunt. 

The term concluded with swimming lessons at the AC Baths. The students learnt valuable water safety and swimming skills, ready for Summer and the term break.

Watch our Team Poihipi 2020 Term 3 Inquiry Celebration Video here 

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