Helping people care for their emotional, mental and spiritual wellness since 1996.
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Good emotional health is one of our greatest assets.

It helps us focus at work, overcome obstacles, maintain positive relationships with the people around us as well as promoting our overall health.  People suffering emotionally and spiritually are less likely to exercise or eat healthy.  This can create an onset of all types of physical problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

6 things you can do for your emotional health. 

1. Value yourself!  We are often quick to think less of ourselves.  STOP!  Respect yourself and avoid the negative self talk.  Do something everyday that is important to you, something that makes you smile from the inside out!

2. Give yourself quiet time!  Relaxation and prayer can help to improve your outlook on life.

3. Set Goals!  Decide what you want to achieve and write it down.  Be realistic  and get going.  Fulfilling these goals will give you a great sense of accomplishment.

4. Surround yourself with positive people!  People radiate emotion, good and bad.  Spending time with those who are negative can easily turn your good mood upside down.

5. Take care of your body! Eat healthy, keep hydrated, exercise and get enough sleep.  Studies show that  a healthy body  promotes a healthy mind and vice versa.

6. Get professional help!  Seeking help for yourself takes courage.  It takes strength to address and conquer those unsettling feelings.  Pastoral Counselors are present to help you work on regaining your emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

From the desk of the Executive Director, Rebecca Wells
2015 is proving to be a very successful year for the Partnership.  Jim Wallis, Board President and I have spent countless hours meeting with community leaders, organizations and other care providers to help increase the awareness of our services.  This awareness has led to many referrals from organizations such as MAHEC, Potter’s Touch, ABCCM and the YWCA. Our referrals are on a steady increase, warranting an amplified need in financial gifts.  On average we serve 85-90 clients a year, however with these new referring agencies, I project we will end the year with a 30-40% increase.  We have a great story to tell with proven results for 20 years.  Our structure is invaluable, offering multiple sites for people to access services which our counselors are committed to providing.  Our challenge is raising more awareness of our presence so that people can experience the benefits we provide in WNC.  We will continue our work focusing on businesses and individuals that are generous in nature and have a passion for those that are suffering emotionally and spiritually.  We have a long road ahead of us as we keep our prayers plentiful and our mission ever before us.

In March we received a generous grant from CarePartners Foundation to help us expand awareness of our services.  The grant was instrumental in launching a Mental Health Awareness Campaign in May and completely overhauling our website to offer more interactive services to our clients and supporters.  
Great things are happening as we move from a “behind the scenes ministry”  to a leader in offering affordable counseling services to WNC communities. 

As our country continues to see more and more violence and hurt about diversity, it is  imperative  for us to be a vital resource in our communities.  People are directly or indirectly affected by such complex changes which in turn can foster feelings of triumph or tragedy.  When they experience these changes which affect their emotional, spiritual or mental wellness, we want to be sure that we have the resources available to help them work through such difficult times in their lives and relationships. 


Services available in Madison County!

As of July 1, 2015 we have services available on Mondays in Madison County.  Charles Davidson , DMin.  will travel to  Mars Hill, NC to serve clients in donated office space at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.   We do not have a local office in Madison County but it is the second highest county population served. Church of the Holy Spirit is providing confidential office space at CHS for Charles to meet regularly with clients on Mondays. To book an appointment, call him at (828) 357-5405 or fill out an application at

Early warning signs that you or someone you know is suffering emotionally.

>Problems with concentration, memory or the ability to think clearly.Noticeable changes in eating habits, such as overeating or loss of appetite.

>Not be able to complete tasks.

>Feeling overly worried.

>Feeling sad, empty or hopeless.

>Sensitivity to sounds, touch, sight and smells.

>Unexplained irritability or restlessness

>Loss of interest in activities that you normally find enjoyable.

>Changes in your energy levels and sleep patterns.
 Mental Health America News
NC rejected participating in the Medicaid expansion plan, leaving 189,000 adults with a mental or substance abuse condition with no insurance.

NC adults living with any mental illness: 16.84% of the population.National Average:  18.19%

NC adults having a Substance Abuse Condition 7.37% of the population.  National Average: 8.46%
A note of Thanks...

Dear Rebecca,
I just got your letter in the mail today, approving me for 16 sessions with one of your counselors for only $20 per session.  I can’t believe I am finally going to be able to address my emotional problems.  I have been suffering with feelings of insecurity and inadequacies for over a year.  I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel all because of the generosity of others. Thank you and please tell those that help offer this service a BIG THANK YOU.
- Client approved June 2015 
Make a Donation

We are supported solely by the generosity of others.  We need your  support so that we can continue to offer life changing services to our communities. 
Another way to help! Please help us increase awareness of the Partnership by sharing this newsletter and/or information about our services via your own social and professional networks. 
Thank you - together we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

Our mailing address is:
Partnership for Pastoral Counseling
PO Box 19796
Asheville, NC 28815
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