"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!"  Imagine being able to use as much water as you need, without paying for irrigation water ever again!  Imagine being able to drastically, or completely, reduce sewer fees for potable water!  This completely out of the box solution is here, and A.R.K. Management is  working with Eric Jenks of Viridian.  Read on to learn more about this completely "out of the box" solution!  


In the legislatures continued efforts to promote and encourage energy saving measures, effective January 1, 2016, California officially becomes a "Right to Dry" State.
This means that a Board may no longer prohibit or reasonably restrict a members' right to dry clothing on a clothesline and/or drying rack within a separate interest or exclusive use rear yard.

As a Board of Directors, governing reasonable restrictions is much easier if tackled in a proactive rather than reactive manner.  If this law will impact your community, you should already be in the process of adopting rules and regulations.  Keep in mind that the adoption of these rules will need to meet the requirements of Civil Code §4360.

Please enjoy, "Questions Left Hanging After New Right to Dry Law" by Laurie F. Masotto Esq. of Peters & Freedman L.L.P for more information and a few ideas on what to consider when drafting your rules.

Get Organized in 2016!

Has your Board adopted an Annual Calendar?

While there are many resources available to Board members, the annual calendar is one of the most useful tools available in keeping the Board organized and aware of what issues will be  appearing on the agenda in the coming months.
  • Set up by color coded categories - Legal / Admin / Maintenance / Other
  • Annual Legal Requirements - Budget & Reserve / Audit & Taxes / Elections & Annual Meeting / Disclosures 
  • Insurance policies renewal dates
  • Contract renewal dates - back date 60 - 90 days to allow for board performance discussions
  • Annual Orientation
  • Board meeting dates
  • Committee meeting dates
  • Social Events            
If you are going to set your calendar up in Outlook, make sure you are not one of those people who hit “dismiss” when your daily reminders pop up, or it will be of little value.  While it is more work initially, or when making changes, many prefer a manual calendar that can be set up in Word.  See sample here.

   A.R.K. Management will be providing calendars to our clients in January for review and acceptance. 


Vicki MacHale of A.R.K. Management and Dawn Braddy of First Service were honored to receive the Community Association Institute's, San Diego Chapter, Award for Best Education Program of the Year, for their class on Board Governance.

A.R.K. Management clients receive an annual Board Governance Orientation as a part of their All Inclusive Agreement.


Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus!
Eric Jenks

Like many water savings articles recently published, this article could be filled doom and gloom, the fear of the unknown, and the ubiquitous dire warnings from the so-called experts.  I can go on about planting low water landscape and switching to low water irrigation systems (not bad ideas!).  Instead, I’m going to request that you push aside those common themes of today, and allow me to introduce you to a wonderful world of opportunity.  A world where you take back control over your living expenses, your guilt of consumption of precious resources, and your desire to thrive financially.  I know it may seem un-grounded in optimism, but I challenge you to conclude at the end of this article that what you are about to read is a story that not only can be easily duplicated, but readily achieved by anyone looking to reach the same goals.
Located in the suburban foothills of San Diego lies a twenty-something year old, 500 unit HOA community that is predominately owned by fixed income retirees, and low to middle income citizens.  Facing budget overruns and inefficient infrastructure, and a stretched to the max constituency, the Board desperately searched for answers to avoid inevitable assessment increases.
What began as a meeting to investigate “smart controllers” for their seven outdated, and non-operable irrigation controllers, turned out to be a fortuitous introduction to a completely different approach towards landscape management.  I say fortuitous in that although the seven irrigation controllers were definitively well beyond their useful life cycle, and were justifiably ready for replacement, expending those dollars on that particular element of their infrastructure was not the best use of precious, limited reserve capital.  I can hear that voice in the back of your mind saying now, “but who’s to say, and how would you know?”  Allow me to explain.
This particular community, like almost all others located throughout our state, utilizes water for both interior and exterior use.  The two systems supplying this water are not connected, and consume our precious blue resource based on their individual needs.  But what if these two systems were connected, and you captured the wastewater leaving your building headed for the local municipal wastewater treatment plant, and redirected it to your own, onsite wastewater treatment system?  That reclaimed water would then be processed in accordance with our water resource regulations, and available for re-use throughout the landscape.  The net affect of this would be to purchase water once, but use it twice.  Very exciting!  But wait, it even gets better.
Most municipalities assess sewer fees based upon your water meter consumption, realizing there is a close relationship between what you buy, and what you return down the drain.  However, since we are no longer sending portions of our wastewater back to the municipal wastewater treatment facility, that means our actual sewer costs will be less than the water we purchase, and therefore cannot be tied to the water meter.  Instead, our sewer fees will be reduced by the amount of wastewater we redirect to our onsite wastewater treatment system, thus reducing our sewer fees and creating additional savings.
In addition to the reduction in cost of purchased irrigation water and sewer fees, another benefit realized is the leveling out of annual rate increases.  Anyone close to the books knows how radical our water and sewer fees have increased over the last (10) years, and there appears to be no end in sight.  Since you have reduced your water and sewer costs by investing in your own wastewater treatment facility, (yes, your very own wastewater treatment facility)  your ability to shield your community from these annual increases is greatly increased, thereby lowering your operating costs in comparison with your neighbor.
The scenario above has been in practice outside of our country for many years, but is now gaining attention due to the recent drought restrictions, and incredibly high cost of water and sewer services.  Although blessed with abundant resources that have previously been adequate to serve our communities, a growing population and aging infrastructure is placing pressures on supply and cost.  By connecting these two systems and re-purposing water that has previously been distributed f long distances, you are expanding the water supply, decreasing your costs, and creating more resiliencies, both environmentally, and economically.
Similar to solar, these privately owned waste-water treatment facilities are still connected to your current utility grid, but offer you a fixed operating cost while harvesting a resource previously intended for the waste stream.   The savings realized from no longer purchasing irrigation water, and reduced sewer fees, repays the initial capital outlay required to invest in these systems. 
As long as you purchase water for interior use, and have a landscape requiring irrigation, you too can realize this same benefit as the community in San Diego; having access to free and unlimited irrigation water, (never paying another irrigation water bill again), realizing reduced sewer fees, securing fixed future water and sewer costs, and having a landscape not impacted by any further drought restrictions.  All easily accomplished, and available for your pursuit today.  Prosper, enjoy and replenish. 
A seminar will be held in first quarter 2016.  If you are interested in attending, please let us know by clicking here.

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