Stanford CEPA Spring 2016
Stanford CEPA - Spring 2016   

Congratulations to our new PhDs: Christopher Candelaria, Tassia Cruz, Lindsay Fox, Brian Holzman, Ken Shores, Camille Whitney.

New Working Papers

Connections Matter! How Interactive Peers Affect Students in Online College Courses. Eric Bettinger, Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb. 2016

The Geography of Racial/Ethnic Test Score Gaps. Sean F. Reardon, Demetra Kalogrides, Ken Shores. 2016

The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations. Thomas Dee, Will Dobbie, Brian A. Jacob, Jonah Rockoff. 2016


Education and Inequality in 21st Century America

At this conference, leading scholars (Sean Reardon, Thomas Dee, Eric Bettinger, Christopher Edley, Rucker Johnson, Michal Kurlaender, Raj Chetty/John Friedman, Jennifer Jennings, Isaac Mcfarlin, Daphna Bassok, Pamela Morris, Emma Adam, Jelena Obradović, Geoff Cohen, Jason Okonofua, David Yeager, and others) of education policy and educational inequality presented new research on the causes, patterns, trends, and consequences of academic achievement gaps and educational disparities, and on the effectiveness of various strategies to eliminate them. Click here to view and download their presentations.

In addition, the conference introduced the Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA), a dataset of measures of academic achievement and achievement gaps in every public school and school district in the U.S. SEDA is based on student performance on over 200 million tests administered in grades 3-8 from 2009 through 2013. The SEDA data are now publicly available.

Our Research in the News

Stanford Graduate School of Education. Children in preschools receive higher-quality care than those in home-based care, study finds. Susanna Loeb

The New York Times. Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares. sean reardon

The Wall Street Journal. Do Cheaters Ever Prosper? A Lesson From N.Y. Student Tests. Thomas Dee

CAL Matters. A Stanford professor’s high-stakes plan to save California schools. Michael Kirst



Award: Congratulations to Nadia Ahmed for receiving @StanfordEd Staff Recognition Award 2016. Well deserved!

Job Market: Congratulations to our job market candidates, who have accepeted positions at Vanderbilt University, Rice University, University of Pennsylvania, Mathematica Policy Research