Vol. 1 No.8 February 2016
Upcoming Events

February 9, 2016 Laura Beane Freeman, National Cancer Institute 
"Pesticides and Cancer: New Findings on an Old Question".  
4:00 pm Toxicology Building Auditorium

February 26, 2016 Special CHHE Seminar - Rescheduled
NIEHS Branch Chiefs visit NCSU

The Center for Human Health and the Environment presents Cindy Lawler and Claudia Thompson: "Program Priorities and Grant Opportunities in the Genes, Environment, and Health Branch and the Population Branch of NIEHS"
9:30 am Toxicology Building Auditorium 

March 10, 2016 Pilot Project Proposals Due

Details located here
April 8, 2016 CHHE Retreat: Save the Date
12:00-6:30 JC Raulston Arboretum
More details to come

Feb  9, 4:00 pm Toxicology Building Auditorium: Laura Beane Freeman, National Cancer Institute
Seminar: "Pesticides and Cancer: New Findings on an Old Question".

The focus of Dr. Beane Freeman’s work includes a number of occupational and environmental exposures. Specifically, she conducts research related to agriculture, including pesticides and animal exposures; drinking water contaminants, such as disinfection by-products; and industrial chemical exposures such as formaldehyde. Dr. Beane Freeman is the NCI Principal Investigator of the Agricultural Health Study, the largest U.S.-based cohort of farm exposures and health effects.

Feb 26, 9:30 am Toxicology Auditorium: Special Seminar about NIEHS Research Programs  
We're lucky to have the opportunity to host two NIEHS extramural branch chiefs to talk about two major research areas at NIEHS:  1) Genes, Environment, and Health AND 2) Population Health.  Cindy Lawler, the Branch Chief of the Genes, Environment, and Health Branch will talk about her branch's research funding strategy and Claudia Thompson, the Branch Chief of the Population Health Branch and the CHHE's program officer, will talk about her program's funding opportunities.  They will speak for about 30 minutes each with time for questions afterward.  Please join us for this interesting and informative seminar.


Want to find out what other people are doing in the Center? Want to find a piece of equipment or software?  Well, look no further, the CHHE Knowledge Database (CHHEK) is up and running. You can use CHHEK to find out other members research interests, equipment availability, and much much more. Go check out your profile to make sure your information is complete.  If not, you can input any missing data by filling out that portion of the survey. Thanks to Carolyn Mattingly and Galen Collier for making this happen!

Event of Interest: NIH Transgenerational Workshop - April 21-22, 2016

Volunteers Needed: CHHE is looking for volunteers for our newly formed Events committee.  This committee will help organize a cross-cutting workshop or symposium annually.  We would like to have members from each of the research teams.  Contact your team leader if you are interested in this exciting opportunity.

Kudos & News!
Jamie Bonner attended the kick-off meeting for the International Collaborative on Nanotube Safety (ICONS) held January 18th- 19th at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium. ICONS is a 3 year U.S. - European collaborative between Dr. Bonner's laboratory at NC State University and scientists in Belgium, Germany and Romania that focuses on the safer design of engineered nanomaterials to prevent future pulmonary disease.  The ICONS grant in Dr. Bonner's laboratory began January 1st, 2016 and is jointly funded by NSF and NIEHS through the Sustainable Initiative for Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (SIINN) program.
Jane Hoppin's R21 Environmental Pesticide Exposure and Respiratory Outcomes in Women and Children just got funded by NIEHS!

Congratulations to Trudy Mackay for being selected as the 2016 recipient of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture!

COEC Update

Community Outreach and Engagement Core

This month the COEC began collaborations with the North Carolina Farmworker Health Program and AnnMarie Walton, a post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing, to improve educational materials and ultimately handwashing practices by farmworkers across the state. Catherine LePrevost and Katy May, along with Walton, conducted focus groups with farmworker community health workers in Benson and Burgaw, NC.  Focus group findings will be used to create an online survey for community health workers statewide to refine educational deliverable ideas.  Through this participatory development process, we will create educational materials to improve handwashing among farmworkers that will be effective, engaging, and practical for implementation in the field. 

Funding Opportunities 
2016 Pilot Project Call  
CHHE released its next call for Pilot Projects.  All CHHE members as well as NC State, East Carolina University, and NCCU faculty are eligible for these one year up to $25,000 direct research grants.  Due March 10, 2016.  Please visit the 
website for more details and to obtain 2016 CHHE Pilot Project instructions. Remember you can consult with the CHHE bioinformatician Dereje Jima for help with study design and you can also use your CHHE seed money to help get the proposal started

Metabolomics RFA from RTI: Due March 15 - up to $50,000 for metabolomic services at RTI

NC State Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development has announced a new program GRIP (Game-Changing Research Incentive Program) to  fund exceptional research teams and projects that span NC State colleges.  The pre-announcement is here:  
We should start thinking about a CHHE project for this funding.  We'll share more details as they become available.

Duke and NC State Collaborate on Translational Research Grant
Applications are now being accepted for projects that involve a lead investigator from Duke and a lead investigator from NC State. Proposals are encouraged from new teams of investigators representing two or more distinct disciplines. Up to two awards may be funded this cycle.  The 2016-2017 grant will fund up to $25,000 per institution for a total of $50,000 per funded project.  The deadline for application submission is April 1, 2016.
 For more information, read the RFA


PINS: Remember when submitting your grants, be sure to select CHHE as a center in PINS.

Research Teams are meeting to discuss topics to work on together and what types of events/enrichment activities they would like CHHE to offer.

Acknowledgements: Please remember to cite our CHHE grant P30ES025128 in publications if CHHE has provided you services, facility core use, seed/pilot project funds etc. NIH tracks this as an important CHHE metric.

CHHE Logo: Please use the CHHE logo in your presentations. You can find it on the

CHHE Resources and Facilities Page for NIH Grants is now available on the CHHE


Upcoming CHHE Seminars:
Toxicology Building Auditorium:

Claudia Thompson and Cindy Lawler, NIEHS Branch Chiefs - "Program Priorities and Grant Opportunities in the Genes, Environment, and Health Branch and the Population Health Branch of the NIEHS". Feb. 26, 2016 - 9:30 am

Dana Dolinoy - University of Michigan - "Perinatal Environmental Exposures: Effects on Metabolic Homeostasis and the Epigenome". April 19, 2016  4:00 pm
Seminars: Send Jackie seminar announcements/events etc. for the CHHE calendar.

CHHE Member Resources 
The CHHE has cores for members to use to enhance their research. Seed money is available to members to spend in the cores.  These cores are:

The Comparative Pathology Core  provides pathology training, laser capture microdissection and pathology assessment of a diverse range of model organisms as well consultation
and opportunities for collaboration.

The Integrative Health Science Facility Core can help you translate your findings from animal/cell models to humans or vice versa.  This core can help you obtain human tissues/specimens, help with conduct of human studies (questionnaire development, IRB assistance), use of the comparative toxicogenomic database (CTD, either with specialized training or data curation, access to clinical populations at ECU, and much more.

The Systems Technologies Core provides genomic, metabolomics and proteomic analysis as well as consultation and opportunities for collaboration.

Dedicated Bioinformatic support is available for CHHE members.

Career Development Core provides grant writing help to early stage investigators and those new to environmental health sciences research. This core also provides funding for early stage investigators to attend a scientific meeting/workshop. 

Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) extends the reach of our research to communities in NC and beyond. The COEC can help you translate your research findings for the general public.

Research Money for CHHE members: CHHE Seed Funds
CHE is providing up to $3000/year to each CHHE member to defray the cost associated with using the Comparative Pathology Core (immunohistochemical staining , tissue embedding and processing, etc.) or the Systems Technologies Core, including the Genomics (RNAseq etc), Proteomics (targeted and discovery proteomics), and Metabolomics sections (analysis of endorgenous and exogenous compounds; metals, xenobiotics etc) for environmental health science related projects. CHHE will also consider providing funds to support EHS research associated with the Integrative Health Sciences Facility and Community Outreach and Engagement Cores. For more details, click on 

CHHE 2016 Travel/Workshop Award Announcement - - Rolling deadline
One of CHHE's missions is to support career development of new and early stage investigators. As part of the effort, CHHE will provide awards (up to $1,000) to help defray the cost of travel to scientific meetings or small symposia relevant to environmental health science or a workshop that will provide new skills. Travel/Workshop awards will be reviewed and prioritized by members of the 
Career Development Core. Your request should be succinct (less than 250 words) and document the importance of attending the requested meeting/workshop. Please aldo include the entire budget for travel/registration, etc. Please send your proposals to Jackie Broughton.

**See the for more information**

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