November 10, 2016
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Victory & Concession Speeches Take-aways: A Reflection for Your Business
So we’ve got a new President-elect. Regardless of your political views or who you voted for, there are a few take-aways that can be applied to your business from our soon-to-be president’s victory speech and his opponent’s concession speech.
As a business owner, here are some things to reflect on and evaluate for your business growth.
The American Dream
The American Dream is the premise that every citizen can achieve success and prosperity through hard work. Have you been working hard or hardly working? Has your work become stale or are you reaching your fullest potential? What do you need to reach your full potential?
Taking care of your veterans
Who are the folks who have stood by you while you grew your business? Think about your employees. They represent your business and they might even know it better than you do. Have you taken care of them or showed them your appreciation lately?
Growth & Renewal
How are you harnessing the creative talents from your supporters? Either within your company or outside of it, where is the fresh creativity and innovation going to come from?
Only Best
Have you been settling for anything less than the best? What is your dream? How will you get there? When will you get there?
Seeking Common Ground: Partnerships
Reaching your business’ full potential doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. How do you strengthen and continue to grow the partnerships you’ve built? Are there opportunities for new partnerships?
Thanking Your Support Systems
What family and friends helped you achieve your business ventures? Who was your cheerleader and provided you emotional support to keep on going?
Pride & Gratitude
Even in disappointing times, are you proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far? Are you doing your part to continue to build a ‘better, stronger, America’? Do you remain hopeful for the future?

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