August 30, 2016
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This week, Escandar Group hosts guest blogger, Karina Metts, of Metts Photos, shares some helpful tips on how to boost your phone photography skills!
5 [Phone] Photography Tips
Written by Karina Metts
Find good light
Now you’ve probably heard it many times before, and if not, I’m going to tell you now, that light is the most important thing in the way your photo comes out. If you’re in a dark place, your photo will most likely be a little grainy. If you’re outside or inside with a lot of light available, the quality of your picture will be much better.
Don’t cut out limbs
When you’re taking pictures of your friends, you might naturally hold up your phone, put their face in the middle of the frame and click. BUT if you look at the bottom of the frame you want to make sure you didn’t cut off their feet at the ankles. Make sure that if you’re taking a full body shot, to not cut body parts out. ;-)
Keep it straight
If you’re taking a picture at the beach with the lake in the background, or there’s a building in the background make sure the lines in the background of your photo are straight. When the background lines are crooked…even slightly, it distracts from what’s in the foreground of your photo.
Try new compositions
Don’t be afraid to take different angles of your subject. Sometimes you can make a much more interesting photograph by getting in real close, or stepping back farther to include more in your shot. Trying different angles will also help you see the world a little differently…a little more artistically.
Print your photos
I know there’s so much storage online now, and you can save all the photos ever on your computer or the cloud, but there’s no point in taking great photos and saving memories for them to just stay on your phone. Having a tangible print photograph hanging on your wall is going to keep the memory alive even longer as you talk about it with whoever sees it.
Great! Now you’ll be able to take even better photos of more than just a picture of your dog or a selfie on your way to work. For more weekly tips on how to improve your phone photography directly from Metts Photo sign up at here.

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Karina Metts is a wedding photographer in Chicago, but also teaches phone photography workshops throughout the year. If you have a camera on your phone, she’s pretty sure you’re snapping away and posting on social media. The thing is that a camera on a phone is less forgiving than a regular camera.
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