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February 24, 2017

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Run Effective Meetings

When time is of the essence for everyone nowadays, hosting a meeting that seems like a waste of time is just about the most opposite thing you can do to try to keep people engaged in the task at hand. So, instead, run an effective meeting that leave people feeling energized.
Clear Objective
Ensure that your meeting has a defined purpose and make sure that purpose is communicated. What needs to be accomplished?
Who really needs to be at the meeting? Attendees need to feel that the topic(s) of discussion is relevant to them and that their areas of expertise can be applied. If you are inviting them in an FYI function, perhaps considered sharing the updates in a different manner.
Agendas not only serve as a checklist to make sure you cover everything you wanted to talk about, but it also communicates clearly to everyone else what will be covered. Print an agenda for everyone or go green and show it on the conference room screen. Either way, share it. This is also a great way to keep the group on point.
You have to give respect to get respect. Start and end your meetings on time. People will appreciate that you’ve made the most of their time. Also, plan meetings to be 60 minutes or less, otherwise you risk losing the participant’s attention and engagement.
Technology can be a great resource and can also be a distracting detriment. Allow it where it’s appropriate and gently exclude it where it’s not needed.
24 Hours
Do your best to send out a memo or the meeting minutes within 24 hours. This will help keep everyone on the same page about what was discussed, responsibilities moving forward or until the next meeting, and deadlines.
Meetings can be valuable and productive, so do make the most of them!

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