December 2, 2016
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Holiday Cards: To Send Or Not To Send?

Still on the fence about whether or not to send out holidays cards this year? Technology has streamlined our communication but has lost some of the personal touches along the way. Here’s a few reasons to keep the snail mail alive.

It's Fun
By this point, most of us have Amazon prime or something along the lines of Birch Box. It’s exciting to receive a package in the mail. How much more exciting would it be to receive something in the mail that is from someone else and not a bill or junk? As the sender, you can give the gift of joy and excitement. It’s also a great way to personalize it and share something you are thankful for.

In The Loop
Holiday cards a great way to keep your friends and family in the loop. “How much taller did little Billy really get?” “Oh look, they got a dog!” Holidays cards are one of the times of the year where we forced to look for photos to print. They are also a great way to reconnect with friends, family or clients if too much time has passed.

Handwritten cards aren’t only a gift those you are sending them to. It’s also a gift for you. It’s a time to unplug and put pen to paper. Instead of posting to someone’s wall, you can post something for someone’s wall at home.

Collector's Items
Holiday cards bring joy and are hard to get rid of. Like any collector’s item, they are great for displaying. Holiday cards even become part of the holiday decor in homes. And, like any unique collector’s item, holiday cards are becoming easier and easier to personalize.

Grandma & Grandpa
Know someone who isn’t tech or social media savvy? Well, this is definitely your best option to reaching them.

Holiday Card Tips
Tips to getting successfully getting your holiday card game on? Click here!

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Thanksgiving Meals to the Homeless
As part of our #GiveOneMore Meal Initiative, on Thanksgiving Day, Escandar Group personally prepared and hand delivered fresh Thanksgiving meals to homeless folks around Chicago. 

Share what gift you gave over Thanksgiving here!
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