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It was a moment of pride for us to watch the PPI and PPII students showcase their Dance and Taekwondo skills during the Activity Presentation. We appreciate all the support extended by the parents.
Life Support- Water (Nursery & PPI)
Students spent some time studying the sources of water, uses of water, how to conserve water, and why water is important. They participated in different activities to gain real life experiences with how water is used in different ways, such watering plants and in conservation. The students also discussed how water is important not just for humans, but also for other living beings such as birds, animals and plants.
Water Bodies (PPII)
In their study of the Planet of Life, the students learned that water is very important for all living beings. Students discussed different water bodies, such as seas, rivers, lakes and ponds. They learned the names of the five oceans, and some amazing facts about water bodies.
Magic of a Seed
Students are learning about the Plant kingdom through nature walks, books, discussions, videos, toys, poems and songs. They discussed the characteristics of various seeds, germination of seeds, types of seeds, and the factors that help seeds grow: Sun, Water, Air and Soil. The students participated in an activity to sow some seeds in small pots, and were amazed to observe the process of seed germination.
Topic Presentation
The students of PPI B discussed ‘Life support- Water’ by presenting a few methods to conserve water. The students talked about the sources and uses of water, and showed the different properties, sources, states and uses of water.
Story Presentation
The students of Nursery A- Winnies presented a story to help students understand that they must not hurt anyone. In the story, there lived two birds, a parrot and a sparrow. A snake would often eat away the birds’ eggs, and despite the birds pleading with him to stop, he doesn’t listen. In the end, the snake learns its lesson, and promises not to hurt anyone.
Topic Presentation
The students of Nursery A Winnies presented the story ‘A Lovely Seed’. It was the story of how a baby seed grows, and becomes a beautiful plant with the help of water, soil, sun and air.
Colouring Competition
Position Name of the Student Class Name of the Student Class
I Vainavi Lankireddy  C NUR A Theia Gupta  NUR A
II Aashna Motwani Cheshta Gupta
III Sri Saanvi Vallabhaneni Gutti Himesh &
Siddhant Deora
Recitation Competition
Position Name of the Student Class Name of the Student Class
I Nandini Mathur PP1A Kaia Roy CPP2A
II Vivan Pallempati CPP1A Riya Reddy Bhimavarapu CPP2A
III Anika Varma PP1B Shaurya Shah CPP2B
 Congratulations to all!
Upcoming Topics
February 13 to 17, 2017
Plants - the Green Gold

February 20 to 24, 2017
Spring in Blossom
Upcoming Events
February 16, 2017
Preliminary Round of English Story Narration Competition PPI and PPII.
The Criteria for judgement : Choice of Story, Clarity of Speech, Confidence, Voice Modulation and Body Language.
February 23: Collage Competition for Nursery. (Material will be provided by the school).
February  24: Holiday on account of Mahashivrathri (subject to State Govt. declaration).
Parent Activity
  • Mrs. Vibhasoni, Mother of Abhya Soni of CPP2A, conducted a craft activity on Continents.
  • Mrs. Hima Bindu, Mother of Nishanth Garikapati of CPP2B, arranged a craft activity in making Bookmark.
  • Mrs. Jayasree, Mother of Pulivendula Anjali of PP1A, conducted a collage activity on Indian Flag.
  • Ms.Roshni Agarwal, Mother of Nishka Agarwal of Nursery A, narrated a story ‘The Sheep and the Wolf.
  • Mrs.Rashmika, Mother of Vinamra Kesaraju of PP2A, Kangas class arranged for a ‘Musical Chairs’ game’ for the students.
  • Mrs.E.V.Subhashini, Mother of EVV Aarav of CPP1A, Chimps class arranged for a colouring activity of ‘T letter words’ and ‘matching the animals to their young ones’, for the students.
  • Mr.Bharani Kumar and Mrs.D.Srujana, Parents of Davuluri Sai Vakula Aaliyah of CPP2A, Ticos class arranged for ‘Passing the Ball’ and ‘Action’ games for the students.
  • Mrs.Shanu Deora, Mother of Siddhant Deora of NurA, Winnies class, arranged for an Animal House Activity for the students.
  • Ms.Ishita Shah, Mother of Shaurya Shah of CPP2B, Boots class organized Stop and Freeze game for the students.
  • Ms.Nishita Manne and Mr.Prashanth Manne, Parents of Abhigna Manne of CPP2A, Ticos class arranged for a Door Display craft activity for the students.
  • Ms.Neha Gupta, Mother of Theia Gupta of Nur A, Winnies class arranged for Musical Chairs with cartoon characters, for the students.
Points to remember:
  • Students are not allowed to apply the nail polish, as per the school norms.
  • Please ensure that students have an extra set of clothes in their bags.
  • If you would like to conduct any activities in your child's class, please indicate this through a note in the diary.
  • In case students are unwell, please let them recuperate at home instead of sending them to school.
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