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The Foodies and Farmers market gets bigger and bigger and the Queanbeyan Market has a wonderful country atmosphere, both have an amazing array of goodies for you to purchase and we'll be there looking forward to meeting our wonderful customers. That's Foodies and Farmers - Kingston, Friday 3 - 7 and Queanbeyan Market - Queanbeyan Park, every 3rd Sunday, 9 - 1.
Stay tuned next time, we might have another venue for you to meet us at!!! 

This week on the farm....
The second market garden patch is still a work in progress, things have been a little slower while Taylor is in Sweden doing her Permaculture Design Course. 

The recent rain has been heavenly, with a slight green tinge coming up in the paddocks and the vegetable patch really seems to enjoy the all-over soak that the dripper lines never seem to be able to replicate. It was wonderful to be weeding and to see the worms coming to the surface in the wet soil.

The rain also helps the compost piles we have 'cooking' at the moment. One of the challenges of composting in a dry climate is keeping enough moisture in the compost so that living organisms have enough to thrive and break down raw materials. The recent drench they received has got them back 'on the boil' and we are getting temperatures well above 40 degrees.

Where you will find us this week...

We will be at the Farmers and Foodies market this coming Friday.  The market is at the Old Bus Depot on Wentworth Avenue, open between 3pm and 7pm.    Canberra and Queanbeyan people love fresh, delicious food and it's even better when its either local or regional. Here's some of the delicious foods we'll have available for you at the Farmers and Foodies market this week:

Free range eggs
Warm Apple and Cinnamon Kombucha
Cucumber Pickles
Peach chutney
Raw honey

Bees in the cold...
The bees are now our thermometers when we are in the vegetable patch. The bees don't go out until the temperature gets up to 8 degrees, so it's a wonderful sight when we find them among the borage flowers in the morning, it lets us know that the temperature is slowly creeping upwards. We certainly aren't looking forward to the days when it doesn't get to 8 degrees and we don't see them at all for the day.
The reason that bees don't venture out in temperatures below 8 degrees is because these low temperatures interfere with their ability to fly.
By flexing their flight muscles bees are able to keep the inside of the hive warm so that they can survive even the coldest of winters. On the farm that Taylor is at in Sweden they have photos of their hives covered in snow!

Pickled Nasturtium Seeds - You've had the petals in your salad, now try the seeds as a replacement for capers
Bee Fact:  The Queen bee is sometimes marked with paint to make her easier to find - different colours are used to show the age of the queen.
The Queen bee is long and slender.  She has a short tongue, and relies on her attendants to feed her.  She has well developed mandibular glands to secret Queen pheromone.
HARVEST BAGS:  The Harvest bags are full of delicious vegetables.  Why not jump onto facebook and let us know what you've created with the yummy ingredients.  You can collect your bag from the Farmers and Foodies market.
To order this weeks Harvest Bag, send an email to or order online directly by clicking here by 11am Thursday, 19 May 2016.
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