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This week we've watched the rain fall, smiled as the newly installed swales did their job magnificently, slowing the water flow and helping to keep all the soil nutrients on farm, and been in awe of how soon our dams have gone from VERY low to overflowing. The vegetable patch has had a marvellous drenching and all the vegetables look fresh and vibrant.

It's makes us ecstatic to see the water retention in the market garden patch too.  We have been working hard to increase the fertility and water retention of the soil.  Our first soil test showed our organic matter and carbon was low, and our PH was acidic.  To improve the amount of carbon and organic matter in our soil we have been composting demons.  To increase the PH we have been using wood ash.  It looks like we won't need to water until next week. This time two years ago the rain would have just run across the surface of our clay and taken what little nutrients there was and dumped it in Googong reservoir.

It's at times like this we are glad we only have a small patch to improve, the thought of trying to improve thousands of hectares (broad acre farmers) is more than we can imagine. Our thoughts go out to the farmers who have been flooded in the recent storm.  We marvel at how innovative all farmers (large and small) are when coming up with strategies to manage our ever increasing temperature and rain fluctuations.

Part of our strategy for combatting the fluctuations is our Bio Intensive growing method. We compost, compost, compost. We 'double dig' our soil to help improve and increase the top soil layer, and to assist the vegetables to grow and send their roots deep into the earth to access more nutrients for growing. We sell varieties of vegetables that are adapted to our climate, and select seeds that will keep for following seasons.

Another important issue for us is you.  Our Customers, by coming along to the local markets to buy fresh food, you are supporting local - locally grown, locally sold, and local living. Thank you for helping us to reduce food miles, feed our community and provide food security for the region.

Harvest Bags
Our seasonal vegetables are doing well, and growing fast.  The food in this weeks Harvest Bags provide a great base for winter recipes. To order your Harvest Bags email or why not use our convenient on-line shop.  Collection at either Farmers and Foodies market on Friday or Canberra City Walk Market on Saturday.

Local Markets

Did you know that we can get most, if not all, of our weekly food shop at our local farmers markets? 

This week we'll be at the following markets:

Farmers and Foodies Market - Kingston, 3pm till 7pm
Canberra City Walk Market - Petrie Plaza, Civic, 10am till 4pm

Gardening Tip
I'm always needing funnels in the garden, sometimes for putting fuel into machinery,other tmes for putting compost tea into small spray containers but I never seem to have enough of them. A cheap funnel (with a handy to use handle) can be made by cutting the bottom off a plastic 3 litre milk bottle and you can use the same technique to make scoops (keep the bottle top screwed on) for things like lime, bird seed, lawn seed etc.  We love recycling!

Workshop - Ferment your drinks

After many requests and a long break we are hold a 'Ferment your drinks' workshop. Bookings are closing soon so that we can finalise numbers and prepare for the workshop. 

The hands-on fermentation workshop will start at 10am with an introduction to Kombucha, Water Kefir and other fermented drinks.

You'll receive step by step demonstrations for making delicious soft effervescent Kombucha, Water Kefir and home made non-alcoholic ale.  You'll go home with the techniques for making your very own delicious fermented drinks at home.  You’ll receive a booklet with recipes, your own SCOBYs and starters so that you can start brewing as soon as you get home.

At the end of the workshop we'll share a delicious meal before bidding everyone goodbye.

Note:  To ensure a successful workshop, we need a minimum of 10 bookings.  If these dates don't suit, let us know and we'll place you on our list for the next workshop.

When:  Sunday, 26 June 2016
Time:  10am - 2pm
Cost: $80

Kulture Klub

Many of you have tried our delicious and heathy probiotic Kombucha, Jun and Water Kefir. 
If you're a regular consumer of our Kombucha or other fermented drinks then you may be interested in signing up to our weekly Kulture Klub. It's a convenient way of receiving a fresh batch of Kombucha and other fermented drinks to keep you Kultured for six days (everybody needs one day off).  There will be a variety of flavours for you to enjoy (plain, Chai, Jun, cranberry, water Kefir, etc).

When does it start:  Friday, 17 June 2016
Cost:  $160 for four weeks.  Each week we will supply enough Kulture Klub for six days - incl delivery if required to Canberra & Queanbeyan metro areas
How does it work: You sign up for our Kulture Klub each month, and you'll receive two 750ml bottles of either Kombucha, June or Kefir each week (delivered if required). At the end of the month we'll refund to you $3 for each BurraBee Farm Kulture Club bottle you return to us. We'd love you to sign up for another month.  
To order:
Promo:  If you share this with you friends and they sign up to our Kulture Klub you receive a 750ml bottle of Kombucha free of charge.

BurraBee Farm will be at the following markets this week:
  • Farmers and Foodies - Friday 11 June  - 3pm to 7pm
  • Canberra City Walk Market - Saturday 11 June - 10am to 4pm
  • Queanbeyan Market - Sunday 19 June - 10am to 2pm
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