Issue: September 2015
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Welcome to the first issue of Picket-Up: Downtown News

Thank you for signing up to receive the new Main Street Hanover e-newsletter!  We are happy you did.  Each month, we will be sending you all the info you'll need to know about upcoming downtown events, the latest downtown news, volunteer spotlights, and a special business spotlight.  

Upcoming Downtown Events

September 3 - October 6: Clark's Outlet Warehouse Sale
September 6: Hanover Chili Cook-off
September 122nd Saturday - #ShareWellnessSaturday
September 13:  TrueNorth Wellness Downtown Clean Up event
October 4: Hanover YMCA Half Marathon
October 102nd Saturday - Harvest Saturday
October 10:  Hanover Area Historical Society Rock the Mansion Concert
October 17:  Main Street Hanover Oktoberfest
October 29:  Hanover Halloween Parade

For details about each of these events, and so many others, visit our online Event Calendar!

Main Street Hanover Volunteer Spotlight

Christopher Arter
Christopher Arter updating the State Theater Artwork mural created by Friends of Hanover State Theatre.

Hanover holds a special place in Christopher Arter's heart. Not just because he was born and raised in Hanover, but also because of the exciting past that Hanover has. 
Chris (or Cringle) has been a part of Main Street Hanover since nearly the launch. He is an active member and adviser to the Friends of the Hanover State Theatre. Chris helped choose the logo and assisted in the creation of other branding ideas as a member of the Main Street Hanover Promotions Committee. In addition, he is a committee member of Saturdays on Main Street, assisting in planning and organizing events such as Second Saturdays and Chalk It Up. 
Chris is the owner of Christopher Cringle's and currently has a stand at the Hanover Market House in Downtown Hanover, as well as an online eCommerce store. He is a self proclaimed 'Christmas Specialist', with over eight years of experience in the industry. Chris hopes to open a store in the downtown business district and further contribute to the revitalization. 
With respect to the past and visions for the future, Chris loves to help out wherever and however to make Downtown Hanover a bustling, thriving district. His challenge to you is to "visit downtown and show your support by shopping at the businesses already there. Read a book, buy some coffee, shop for shoes, or just enjoy the historic architecture. Whatever it is, go exploring in your downtown and Discover YOUR Hanover."

Iron Mike of the Month

Business Spotlight
What is the Iron Mike of the Month?

Each issue of Picket-Up will highlight a business who has long been an indispensable part of the business community downtown.  The Iron Mike name came about from correlations that can be made between steadfast businesses and the endearing statue of 'man's best friend' with a long history in Hanover, Iron Mike.  

The statue, now referred to as Iron Mike, came into being when George Washington Welsh commissioned the casting and set it in his front yard sometime in the 1800's. In 1879, the dog was moved to Hanover’s Mt. Olivet Cemetery to stand guard over Welsh’s grave, but the dog spooked horses pulling mourners through the cemetery, and as a result he was moved beside The Picket – as the cavalry statue is called — in 1905.  The Picket stands tall, representing all of the 4,000-plus Civil War troops clashing in the Battle of Hanover, the day before fighting at Gettysburg.

Mike remained there in the middle of the square until the oval was demolished in 1967, and the pair found a new home in one of the quadrants of the square. As for the pairing of the two landmarks, Civil War horsemen and infantrymen sometimes brought their dogs with them on the march; so fitting that Iron Mike joined The Picket in memory of the many soldiers who marched towards the Battle of Gettysburg.
Much as Iron Mike remains loyal to his soldier, this business we spotlight has been loyal to Downtown Hanover for many years.  Iron Mike Businesses anchor the downtown, provide it constancy, and are proud to be members of the downtown community.  

Artwork by Judy Lewis

This month we celebrate the Hanover Market House as a long-standing business in our community!

History of the Hanover Market House
by Chris Arter

The Hanover Market House began as an open air building on center square in downtown. Built in 1815, this early market building featured the town's only jail cell, which was an area dug into the ground beneath the market. You can only imagine how a stay in that cell would have been. This covered building was thought to be a covered bridge by Civil War soldiers, and they rode through it, instead of around it. By 1872, the building was considered an eyesore, and one night a group of citizens hitched some horses to it, and pulled it down.
For a time, the Hanover Opera House, on West Chestnut Street, doubled as a market house. In 1933 the current brick building was erected to replace a dance hall that was attracting an unsavory crowd. 
For over 80 years the current East Chestnut Street building has been greeting local and non local customers looking to do their weekend shopping.

Hanover Market House
Hours: Saturday from 6:00 am-Noon

With a wide array of produce, gifts, crafts, meats, and other market fare, you're sure to discover something new!
Visit the new Hanover Market House website!
Coming Up Next Month:
Learn all about Oktoberfest and the upcoming Downtown Christmas Events!
Meet Main Street Hanover's new Promotions Committee Chair
Get to know the October Iron Mike of the Month business
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