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Recymet Systems was founded by Joaquim Sindreu 25 years ago. He was first employed as a debt collector in a Swedish international company and then as a salesman in a furniture shop. The big opportunity arrived while he was working at his girlfriend’s father’s metal and super alloy recycling business.
After years of learning the chance to create an independent company finally arrived. The company began in a room of his parents’ house. With a patient mother acting as a secretary, qualified because of her knowledge of the English language and travelling many miles a month visiting the market and its contractors. Tough times. Twenty-five years later, after a nervous start, errors, poor decisions and a fire that destroyed the facilities in 2009, Recymet has become a strong and solid partner in the metal recuperation and recycling business.
It is now a company with a young team of more than 40 professionals, three work centers in Spain and three International agents in Italy, the U.K. and China, which together cover over 20,000 m2 of space and annually moving more than 20.000 metric tonnes of metals, alloys and special steel.
Recymet is now particularly prepared to face the international markets because of its experience and thorough knowledge of the products; specifically metals, stainless steels, high speed steel, die tools and special alloys of base nickel, cobalt, titanium, tungsten, aircraft aluminum, tin and zinc among others, while at the same time taking special care of environmental as well as international standards of quality and safety at work.
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