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Spring 2015
This newsletter is produced by volunteers. 4 Paws is a non-profit organisation providing refuge for homeless dogs and cats on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
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In this edition of 4 Paws Tales:

From the Editor's desk

Hello friend,
In this spring issue, 4 Paws Tales features adorable rescue dog Robbie who now has a loving home of his own on the Sunshine Coast with Annette Walsh. After a very tough start, little Robbie has finally won doggy Lotto. Annette thinks she has scooped the Pools, too, with Robbie. Enjoy the love!

We also turn the spotlight on a Sunshine Coast couple, Linda and Des Percival, who adopted 4 Paws rescue dog Sophie this year. Read our interview with them to see what it is like to adopt a 4 Paws pet. 

Finally, I want to thank the subscribers who sent helpful feedback about our new-look newsletter. We are aways on the look out for article ideas for the newsletter, so if there is something in particular you'd like to read about in the newsletter, you can send me a message by clicking 

Thanks again for your support. I hope you enjoy this issue.
Helen Lester


Robbie's Amazing Grace

I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now, I see ...
Annette with Robbie (right), Peggy-Sue (centre) and a friendly photo bomber (left).
THERE are some people whose natural enthusiasm and happy personality light up any room. Robbie is one of those people … in doggy form.
Life hasn’t been easy for Robbie, but you would never know it to look at him.
Robbie was found wandering the streets in a wretched condition in December. The people who found him bathed him and clipped off his badly matted coat.
When 4 Paws President Julie Penlington went to the Pound to pick him up, she was surprised to discover he was blind. “He just didn’t present like a blind dog,” she said.
Robbie also had various infections, but after three weeks on antibiotics, his natural happy nature returned to full vigour and he was racing around playing with a ball and other dogs, despite having no vision.
Robbie’s loving nature quickly won the hearts of his foster carers, but he still had no home of his own.
Meanwhile, at another home on the Sunshine Coast, Annette Walsh was grieving badly for her dog Rosie who suffered a heart attack while Annette was returning home from an overseas trip. The vets were able to keep her alive until a devastated Annette returned home.

“I got off the plane and had to go straight to have Rosie put to sleep.”

Her nine-year-old Papillon-Cross Peggy-Sue soon became depressed. Rosie and Peggy-Sue had been inseparable. Peggy lost her appetite and no longer wanted to go for walks or interact like she used to. Life was bleak without Rosie for many months.

While Annette did not know if she was ready to commit to another dog after Rosie, her friend Amanda Austin from Sunshine Coast Pet Resort suggested that she consider getting a rescue dog.

Annette wasn’t convinced it was the right thing for her, but she started looking on the 4 Paws website and other animal rescue websites.

“I saw Robbie come up on the website, but I was unsure whether I was ready to take on that responsibility.”

Knowing that Annette was thinking of adopting a 4 Paws dog, a foster carer from 4 Paws came to check Annette’s yard to make sure it was suitable and secure.

“Marilyn was looking after Robbie at that time. I mentioned I was interested in him and we got talking about what kind of dog I wanted. I said I didn’t want an active dog as I thought it would be too much for Peggy and me.”

Annette said Marilyn gently explained that Robbie might not be the right dog for her because he was a pretty active little fellow.

“I put it out of my mind for a couple of weeks, but he kept coming into my thoughts.”

Annette then went to look at a Pomeranian that was being fostered by 4 Paws carers Barbara and Hiroshi.

“I didn’t know that Barbara now had Robbie there. It did not click at first that it was Robbie. He was running around and showing off."

Annette didn’t feel a strong connection to the little dog she had come to see. “I was focussing on Robbie.”

Annette asked if she could come back another day to see Robbie with her daughter. “But I already knew when I left there on the Friday that I really did want him."

Robbie has been with Annette since July.

“He’s just been a godsend. He’s just such a happy little dog. He follows me around and cuddles into me at night."

“He is active, but I don’t mind it at all,” Annette says.

Annette is thrilled that Robbie and Peggy-Sue get on so well together. “I know when Peggy is happy – her eyes smile. She does that all the time now.”

“I’ve got an ottoman by the windows at the front and they both sit there together and watch everyone go by.”
“Robbie bumps into things occasionally and sometimes has to search for a ball if I throw it," Annette explains.
“I have to give him eye drops twice a day. It’s easy; he just sits there as I do it. He’s such a good boy. I think he was sent to me.
“I was very lucky I got him. He has given Peggy Sue her life back. She’s a happy little dog again.
“I’m thrilled to bits how it’s turned out. He’s so entertaining. My dogs are my world."

Robbie’s health challenges

Robbie’s ailments when he came into the care of 4 Paws included:
. cataracts in both eyes making him blind
. prostrate infection
. muscle wastage
. upper respiratory tract issues
. urinary tract infection
. skin infection
. badly infested by fleas
Robbie had to wait until his prostate infection cleared up before he could be desexed. He then underwent cataract surgery on one eye in February. This surgery was only partially successful, so he underwent cataract surgery in May on the other eye. This surgery was successful and he now gets about well, although his vision is still slightly impaired. Otherwise, he is a happy and healthy little fellow.
Robbie requires six-monthly visits to the ophthalmologist and will need Predneferin eye drops twice a day for the rest of his life.
Before: a lost wretch
After: living the dream ...

Adopt me!

Daisy Pie: 9 years, female, Maltese X Silky
Daisy's loving owner passed away.

Daisy is gentle and social with other dogs. She is a quiet, indoor dog that likes to follow you around the house. She is happy to sleep in her own bed or in bed with you, if you prefer.
Daisy needs a committed owner on the Sunshine Coast who is at home much of the time. On arrival at 4 Paws, Daisy was diagnosed with a Low Grade Mast Cell Tumour that required surgery. She has recovered well and has received a good prognosis from the vet. She is ready now for life with a new loving family.  

Adoption fee: $425
Adoption Tally 2015
Dogs adopted: 54
Cats adopted: 27
Number of pets currently in the care of 4 Paws
Dogs: 56
Cats: 34

President's note

This month, we are looking forward to the combined SCARS & 4 Paws Walk For Awareness on Sunday October 25th. By combining forces with SCARS, we hope to inform more people about animal welfare issues on the Sunshine Coast. It is always uplifting to see so many dogs and their owners coming out in support of our very important work. Please join us there!
This spring is a very busy time for Sunshine Coast animal rescue groups. 4 Paws has been receiving calls and emails from at least 15 people a week wanting to surrender their pets. We do the best we can to re-home these animals, working closely in conjunction with our sister shelters.
There is a Latin saying “Caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware. Recently, we have come across several instances where people have bought an expensive “top-breed” dog, only to find out it actually came from a horrific puppy mill.
When buying puppies, people need to go to the breeding facilities in person and make a thorough inspection of the grounds to ensure it is a reputable place - where the dogs are well cared for and receive good nutrition and socialisation - before they even consider buying a puppy.
Often people are given excuses when they ask to visit an advertised pet at the facilities, and instead are persuaded to pick the pet up from a meeting place on the highway or in a park or supermarket carpark.
Some puppy farms have very professional-looking websites. If you start getting excuses when you make straight forward requests or inquiries about a dog, then maybe all is not as rosy as it seems in the advertisement or website.
4 Paws currently has many beautiful cats desperate for a loving, forever home. Last week, a sister rescue group took 16 cats and kittens from the Pound. If anyone wants a plan for an economical, easy to build pet enclosure that can be put together in a weekend, email me at and I will send you the plan.
Finally, on a very personal note, I wish to warmly thank those who sent their condolences and were such a wonderful support on the recent passing of my husband Paul. Your kindness has meant so much to me and to my family.

 - Julie Penlington

Meet a 4 Paws adoption family

Each issue, 4 Paws Tales shines a spotlight on some of the wonderful people who enable 4 Paws to do its important work.
This issue, we interview Sunshine Coast couple Linda and Des Percival, who this year adopted Sophie, a six-year-old Maltese Cross. She has been with them now for eight months.

A loving, forever home: Linda and Des Percival with Sophie.
Adoption family: Linda and Des Percival
Adopted pet: Sophie - Maltese Cross, six years.

Background: Sophie came to 4 Paws very underweight, riddled with fleas and with mouth ulcers. She had been used for breeding and was extremely weak. She had rotten teeth, an infected ear and was anaemic. 4 Paws Foster Carers Barbara and Hiroshi and Nicklin Way Vet Stacey spent months getting Sohpie back to a healthy weight and controlling her mouth ulcers before she was able to be put up for adoption.
4PT (4 Paws Tales): Why did you decide to adopt a rescue dog?
Linda & Des: We believe in helping animals in need.
4PT: How did you find out about Sophie and why did you choose her? 
Linda & Des: We were checking the 4 Paws website and fell in love with her.  It was a mutual decision.
4PT: How is Sophie settling in at home?
Linda & Des: Extremely well. She is the boss.
4PT: What are her favourite things?
Linda & Des: Cuddles, walks and, at the moment, food.
4PT: What is it like having a pet with some health issues?
Linda & Des: It has its expensive moments, but that is part of the commitment.
4PT: What does Sophie bring to your lives?  
Linda & Des: She fills our hearts with love ... and mystery as to what is coming next!
4PT: What was your experience of the 4 Paws adoption process?
Linda & Des: We love the thorough process to match animals and people.
4PT: Do you have any advice for someone considering adopting a rescue pet?
Linda & Des: Be patient; time irons out a dog's past experiences. Enjoy the pleasure and rewards.
To support the work of 4 Paws, click on the red Donate link below to take you to our 4 Paws donation page. 

Sponsor me!

Zeus: 5-year-old male.

He is a very homey cat that loves attention and to be surrounded by the family. Having said that, he is not a lap cat. He does like to be picked up and will almost always give you a cuddle.

When Zeus was living with our other cats he would get unsettled when new cats arrived and the routine changed. He is very sensitive and doesn't like change. The stress caused him to become prone to having crystals in his urine and he suffered with urinary tract infections. 

We matched Zeus to the perfect Foster home where he has settled in beautifully.

He now requires a prescription diet to keep him healthy and we have decided that more change in his life would not be good for Zeus. He will remain with his carer as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can keep an eye on him and ensure that he continues to feel settled and loved.

Zeus's required monthly sponsorship is $40 - Contact us if you'd like to sponsor him.

Pets available for adoption

Click on the photo of the pet to go to the 4 Paws website adoption page.
Biscuit: 10 years, Sheltie, 8kg, female
Biscuit is a petite, pure-bred Sheltie who will make a loving and loyal companion. She is gentle and enjoys attention and cuddles. She is good with other dogs and walks nicely on lead. Biscuit has good basic obedience and travels well in the car.  She is easy to love and care for and is looking for a loving home where she can live out her life in peace.
Adoption fee: $425

Macie: 7 years, Pomeranian, 6kg, female
Macie is in urgent need of a loving  home. Alert, affectionate and eager to please, Macie would benefit from being re-homed with someone who has experience of the breed. Macie loves to cuddle up with her family at the end of the day. She would be best suited to a loving home with no children and no cats.
Adoption fee: $425

Cinnamon: 2 years, Russian Blue cross, female
Cinnamon is a very pretty, sweet, affectionate and desperately needs a home of her own. Cinnamon is a quiet girl and would love a lap to curl up on. Her previous owners had to move and were unable to take her with them.
Adoption fee: $140 

Sasha: 4 years, Siamese cross, female
Sasha is a petite, quiet girl who loves to be with you. Sasha would best suit a home with no children. She has had the company of a small dog from time to time. Sasha will make a wonderful companion.
Adoption fee: $195


Save that date!

SCARS & 4 Paws Walk for Awareness
Sunday October 25th
Lake Kawana East Bank Foreshore
8am to 1pm
Registration 7.30am

4 Paws Stall, Kawana Shopping World, Nicklin Way, Kawana
November 11,12,13

This year's Christmas stall at Buderim coincides with the 70th anniversary of the BMWCA. 4 Paws will have two stalls on Saturday November 28 and one stall on Sunday November 29.
Extra helpers are needed for the stalls, please contact Bev Fleming.

4 Paws Sausage Sizzle, Bunnings, Caloundra
November 1
8am to 3.30pm
Can you help? Generally there are three volunteers working on the sizzles, and we would love others to join us. Email us at


Special Offer

Danette from FotoFlair Photography has put together a great spring offer and we are pleased to share it with you. Some of you would have met Danette last Christmas when she was at Best Friends, Kawana, doing the Santa Paws photos. For more information about the special, give Danette a call or click here to go to her website.
Have you recently moved or changed your contact details? If so, please let Dan our Secretary know by emailing him at

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