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Summer 2018
This newsletter is produced by volunteers. 4 Paws is a non-profit organisation providing refuge for homeless dogs and cats on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
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Season's greetings friend!
Nellie the Chihuahua with Nicklin Way Vet Hospital Manager Keira Potter, Santa, and Keira's partner Sam. No human was harmed in the taking of this photo. Good girl Nellie!!

Nellie and the Chihuahua Whisperer

Left: Before photo: Nellie's skin and coat were in poor condition and her teeth were horrendous.
Right: After photo: Santa's Little Helper
Fourteen-year-old Nellie’s skin was awful. She had a mouthful of rotten teeth and her canine teeth jutted out sideways. She also didn’t want a bar of humans. 
The tiny Chihuahua Cross was petrified. Her owners had surrendered her after getting a new puppy, and Nellie was cowering in a cage at Nicklin Way Vet Clinic. Now before you think the worst, we can assure you that this story has a happy ending… because Nellie had just been taken into the care of 4 Paws.
4 Paws President Julie Penlington has a special way with rescue Chihuahuas and is committed to finding them just the right home.
Nellie was going to need an exceptional person to teach her how to trust again. It just so happens that Nicklin Way Vet Clinic has a Chihuahua Whisperer on staff. 
Hospital Manager Keira Potter said she felt so sorry for Nellie when she saw her terrified and alone in her cage at the clinic and she wanted to help her. ‘I took her home for the night to give her a break from her cage.’
Julie knew Nellie was in excellent hands.
‘I’m the clinic’s Chihuahua Whisperer’, Keira explains. ‘Give me a small dog that’s frightened and bites and I’ll win them over.’
‘When rescue dogs come in, a lot of them want to connect with the nurses. But others, because of their past, are not so trusting of humans. I’m drawn to those animals; I want to win their trust and show them that all humans aren’t bad.’
Keira wasn’t looking for a new pet; she gets to enjoy so many wonderful cats and dogs at work each day. But I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Nellie has been living the life of a queen with Keira and her partner Sam for the past six months. Keira is now Nellie’s permanent foster mum and the elderly Chihuahua will live with her for the rest of her days in comfort.
4 Paws covered the cost of Nellie’s extensive dental work and de-sexing, and will cover her ongoing vet expenses. She only had three teeth that weren’t rotten, and many years of dental neglect had left her with a fractured jaw that needed wiring. Nicklin Way Vet Clinic generously provided subsidised vet care.
If you can picture a slow old dog lying in the sunshine, sleeping most of the day – then that’s not Nellie.
‘She’s a completely different dog now,’ Keira says.
Nellie is playful and full of energy. Keira says she drags her out the door to go for long walks and she loves digging in the sand at the beach. Like a toddler, she piles up her soft toys to play with. She also loves toys that squeak.
‘I didn’t think a dog of her age would be so energetic,’ Keira says. “She can jump up onto my bed and that’s quite a big jump.’
‘She’s a Labrador in a Chihuahua Cross’s body! She just loves her food.’
Nellie has learned to trust some humans again, although she’s still very wary of strangers. Keira often takes her to work so Nellie has company during the day. Keira has worked at Nicklin Way Vet Clinic since 2006. Her first job there was as a kennel hand after school.
‘Nellie fits right into my lifestyle, it’s like she’s always been here with me.’
‘I feel she’s the one giving me a good quality of life – I do get out much more now I have her. We go to Alexandra Headland each week to look out at the sea. We have picnics and go to the beach more often.’ 
Little Nellie hasn’t gotten around to sending a letter to Santa this year, because she already has everything she wants – good health, a wonderful life and a loving home.
But Keira has some treats for her for the big day, including some new soft toys, a bed, and a new collar, lead and harness set.
Nellie’s life has been transformed thanks to human kindness and she is now living the dream on the Sunshine Coast.

Nellie is generously sponsored by Barb Devine.

And some more pics of Nellie... Because it's Christmas and she's so darned adorable!
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Adopt me!

Mitzi: 3 years, Terrier Cross, female  
This happy girl is always smiling and is an absolute delight. She gets on well with other dogs and enjoys making new friends. She loves to be included in family life and enjoys walks, playtime and cuddle time. We're sure you'll love her as much as we do.
Adoption fee: $495. If you'd like to meet Mitzi please Click here to go to the adoption process page on the 4 Paws website.

Sponsor me!

Gavenny: 10 years, Moodle, male
Gavenny is waiting patiently for a kind soul to offer him and his sister Abba a new loving home. But because he has been having seizures, Gavenny is now a 4 Paws Permanent Resident, which means 4 Paws will cover the cost of his ongoing vet bills when he and Abba go to their new family. He is a friendly and playful fellow.
Gavenny's monthly sponsorship requirement is $50. Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor him.
To learn more about sponsoring a Permanent Resident click here

How to care for your dog in the heat

Pets available for adoption

Click on the photo of a pet below to read more about them on the 4 Paws website adoption process page. To see other pets available for adoption click here to go to our website. Navigate to the pages for cat and dog adoptions. To adopt a pet, you need to complete an adoption application. This helps us ensure that you and the pet you have chosen are a good match.
Toby: 1 yr, Fox Terrier, male
This youngster is a real character and full of fun and energy. He's affectionate and sweet but needs training. Cats aren't his thing, but he would suit a home that has a small female dog. Give Toby some love and he'll reward you by being your best mate.
Adoption fee: $495
Abba and Gavenny: 10 yrs, Moodles, sister and brother
Abba and Gavenny are best friends and are in urgent need of a loving home. Gavenny has been having seizures. We've made him a Permanent Resident so his ongoing vet costs will be covered by 4 Paws. Gavenny loves playing with toys and Abba is a snuggle pot. They are house trained and know basic commands. Best suited to a home without small children.
Total adoption fee $495 (must be adopted together) 

Pixie: female
Pixie is a friendly feline who likes to play, cuddle and to show off her cat skills. She is ok with other cats. Pixie would love to be part of your loving family. Do you have room in your heart and home for her?
Adoption fee: $140
Aslan: 4 yrs, male, thinks he's a dog!
Aslan likes to follow you around and to snuggle. He's good with dogs and children and enjoys being brushed. He doesn't shed much hair despite his lovely long coat. Aslan must remain an indoor cat because he's had a positive FIV test. FIV is not transmittable to dogs or people.
Adoption fee: $140
Adoption Tally 2018
Pets adopted since the start of the year: Dogs: 43; Cats: 12
Pets currently in the care of 4 Paws: Dogs: 82; Cats: 45

Meet a 4 Paws Vet

Dr Stacey Berkhout and friends. 4 Paws does not employ its own vets, but our rescue and rehabilitation work is generously supported by the vets at Nicklin Way Veterinary Clinic.
4 Paws Tales regularly interviews the wonderful people who enable 4 Paws to do its important work. This issue we focus on Nicklin Way vet Dr Stacey Berkhout, whose dedication to treating sick and injured rescued animals makes her a valued member of our team.
Stacey has been involved with 4 Paws since its inception in 2005. 
Dr Stacey: Veterinary surgeon and busy mum with two rescue pooches.
Syd: Pugalier 12 years
Floki: Bull Terrier Cross 3 years
Sadly Stacey's elderly dog 'Abe the Babe' (Beagle extraordinaire) passed away a few months ago aged almost 17! Stacey rescued him when she first started working on the Sunshine Coast in 2002: 'I have had rescue animals my whole life - they are my favourite kind!'
Q: How did you become a 4 Paws vet?
A: I guess the role of being a 4 Paws vet was a natural progression of my relationship with its founder Julie Penlington, who was a client bringing her own pets to Nicklin Way Vet Surgery. I really admired her passion for helping these homeless fur babies. It certainly is rewarding to be part of this amazing organisation and, as a vet, extremely satisfying to feel that you have helped in some small way. 
Q: As a vet you see many animals; what's so special about working with homeless dogs and cats?
A: Every rescue animal has its own story and there are many:
  • the regulars that come in that have formed a very close bond with their new human carers
  • those that are sadly surrendered then adopted by amazing loving families
  • the 'lost causes' that are homeless and vulnerable in their old age - unfortunately there are many of those. It's extremely rewarding to be able to improve their quality of life and then see them go to a loving home to enjoy their senior years in comfort and peace. 
Q: What action can people take to make your job with homeless pets easier?
A: There are too many animals surrendered each year. People are not always educated about the commitment of taking on a pet. It's a lifetime commitment. If you are looking for a pet, please consider contacting a rescue organisation that can match you with a fur baby needing a forever home. If you can’t commit long term, please consider being a foster carer. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of our homeless friends adopted to a loving family. That's what makes it all worthwhile. 

In case you missed this year's Walk...

There was a great turnout in September for the annual 4 Paws & SCARS 'Walk For Awareness 'at Lake Kawana. Photo credit: Whisper Images Photography for Life

Save that date!

4 Paws Sausage Sizzle
Caloundra Bunnings, 1st Wednesday of each month

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Our volunteers and supporters rock!

4 Paws exists to give homeless dogs and cats a second chance at life with a loving family. We are a fully volunteer-run organisation and could not do what we do without the dedication and commitment of our fabulous foster carers, stall and sausage sizzle workers, cattery and Carmichael House helpers, and other wonderful volunteers. Our generous donors and sponsors provide vital funds for vet care for animals that come into our care. And we are forever grateful of the support of Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery and Sunshine Coast Council, helping us in our very worthwhile work with rescue animals.
- Julie Penlington, 4 Paws President
Have you recently moved or changed your contact details? If so, please let Cass our Secretary know by emailing her at

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