Ella and Forrest's moving story of survival + Raffa needs a forever home + Adorable Chip needs a sponsor
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Summer 2016
This newsletter is produced by volunteers. 4 Paws is a non-profit organisation providing refuge for homeless dogs and cats on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
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In this edition of 4 Paws Tales:
Dumped in the forest: Forrest (left) and Ella. Read their heartrending story below.

From the Editor's desk

Hello friend:
WELCOME to our summer issue where we meet special foster carer Mary Priddy, whose love and care has transformed the lives of Forrest and Ella, two little dogs who were left in the forest to die.

You can help 4 Paws this Christmas by making a donation click here or by purchasing 4 Paws Christmas cards from Nicklin Way Vet Surgery. Best wishes for a very safe and happy festive season.

Helen Lester

Every day is Christmas for Forrest and Ella

Above left: Mary Priddy helped Ella learn to trust again. Above Right: Forrest loves cuddles with Mary.
Two little dogs, abandoned and left for dead four years ago, have thrived under the love and care of foster carer, and former nurse, Mary Priddy
IT'S said that Christmas brings out the very best in people as well as the very worst. Those working in animal welfare find this sentiment particularly true.
It was about this time four years ago, that two little dogs were found dumped in Sunshine Coast forests a week apart. They had been left for dead.
And while their story has a very happy ending, it had a very awful beginning.
Ella, a young Poodle cross, was found in Beerwah State Forest in an appalling state. She was lying beside two dead siblings, and was starving and terrified.
Although crying and very hard to handle (she could not bear to be touched), Ella was taken to Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery and put into the care of 4 Paws.
A few days later, while Ella was still receiving treatment, a smaller but older Poodle-cross was brought to the surgery. He had been found in Buderim Forest. His coat was filthy and matted. He was emaciated, weighing just 2.5kg. Vet staff were very worried about him.  He was named Forrest and placed him in a cage with Ella so they could comfort each other. The two formed an immediate and strong bond.

'Ella’s very dependent on Forrest. If he is out of sight she looks for him.'

4 Paws President Julie Penlington has witnessed animal neglect over 13 years, but the two dumping incidents shocked her. How could someone do this to two beautiful, gentle pets?
She organised for Permanent Resident foster carer Mary Priddy to take Ella when she returned from holidays. (The elderly Poodle Mary had been fostering had recently died.) However, once Julie saw the bond between Ella and Forrest, she knew they had to stay together.

Mary Priddy, 77, is a former registered nurse who lives at Coolum. When Julie asked her to take Ella, she agreed without hesitation. However, when Julie called her again a few days later requesting a second favour, Mary had to think twice.
“I was a bit dubious about taking on two, but they’ve been a delight,” she says.
While Mary was on holidays, Ella and Forrest received top veterinary care to nourish them and nurse them back to health. Forrest had dental issues and a blind eye that was causing him pain. Vets removed his eye a week after Mary took him home.
Before the two dogs went to live with Mary, two very experienced and loving 4 Paws foster carers, Hiroshi and Barbara, very gently bathed them, painstakingly cut away their matted fur, and groomed them. The task took many hours.
Mary says Forrest seems to have emerged from his ordeal in the forest relatively unscathed. “He is just a loveable ball of fluff now. He has no hang ups except for food – he enjoys it too much.”
Ella was much more damaged by her experience. She’s still learning to trust people. “Ella’s very dependent on Forrest. If he is out of sight she looks for him. She’s done that since I’ve had them,” Mary says.
Ella likes to hop into Forrest’s bed and curl up with him. She has a door phobia and remains nervous and apprehensive about being handled. It took nine months until Mary could take her for a walk on a lead.
“She was like a bucking horse,” Mary says. Then one day she walked on the lead and has been good ever since. Once Mary got Ella walking on lead, Ella started accepting the treats Mary had been offering.
Even though it has been four years since Mary took Ella in, Ella still won’t let Mary pat her some mornings. “Usually by the afternoon she’ll come to me for a pat.”
Despite her amazing progress, Ella (now six) remains wary and anxious.

Mary’s sister looked after the dogs recently while she was on holiday overseas. “Ella was much more friendly when I came home,” Mary laughs.
“She’s beautiful really. When we are out walking and people want to pat her I just have to tell them to take it slowly.”
When Ella first came to live with Mary, she chewed her basket until it was a flat disc on the flor. When Mary took it away, Ella went berserk. “She only calmed down when I brought it back.”
Ella once chewed one of Mary’s hearing aids that had fallen on the floor. “It was lucky she did not get the battery,” Mary says.
On one occasion, after a general dental check, Mary was presented with the back of a brooch that had been stuck in Ella’s teeth.

“Everyone who knows Ella has been amazed at how far she has come since I’ve had her. I think Ella’s come 400 per cent.”
Forrest, a happy and gentle soul, now has arthritis in his back legs. Mary gives him daily treatments for a skin condition and he has eye drops twice daily. Mary says he is very good and puts his head back for his drops.
“Forrest loves to be nursed and cuddled. Ella wants to. You can see the longing in her face sometimes, but she’s apprehensive.”
Both dogs love going for walks. Mary pushes Forrest in a pram halfway and then he walks back home.  “He’s the King of Coolum when he’s in the pram.”
“They’re so loveable, I can’t get over how lucky I am.”
Forrest, too, has his little tricks.
“When I first got Forrest I could not find him one day. I finally found him in my craft basket. Another day I found him curled up in a big handbag.”
Mary approached 4 Paws five years ago about becoming a foster carer. She wanted a companion to go on walks with her. However, because of her age, Mary didn’t want to get a dog of her own. Her first foster dog was a Poodle Cross called Sophie, whose owner had died suddenly.
Ella and Forrest will remain as 4 Paws Permanent Residents for the rest of their lives, so they will receive the best possible love and veterinary care.
Garry Cant, who has an elderly Poodle of his own, generously sponsors both Forrest and Ella. Read Garrys’ story below.
Are you experienced at looking after pets with health conditions or elderly animals and interested in becoming a Permanent Resident foster carer? If you can help, please email Julie:

Adopt me!

Raffa: 3 years, Terrier x Chihuahua, male
LITTLE Raffa is an affectionate, fun-loving guy who loves to play. He is desperate to be part of a family. He would best suit a home without small children and with secure fencing. He is friendly with other dogs and enjoys walks. 
If you are interested in adopting Raffa and would like to meet him, please contact us
Click here to go to the adoption process page on the 4 Paws website.
Adoption fee: $475


Sponsor me!

Chip: Senior citizen, Yorkie Cross, Male
CHIP is a very affectionate and loving 17-year-old Yorkie cross. He came to 4 paws from another rescue group. When he came to us, vets discovered he had severe renal issues. We will keep Chip as a Permanent Resident so that he will receive the best possible care.
Chip is deaf and has visual impairment, however he is very happy in his permanent foster home and is much-loved by his carer. He is enjoying his retirement years with 4 paws. He’s just adorable.
Chip's required monthly sponsorship is $55 per month - Contact us if you'd like to sponsor him

To learn more about sponsoring a Permanent Resident, please click here

Meet a 4 Paws Sponsor

4 Paws Tales regularly shines a spotlight on some of the wonderful people who enable 4 Paws to do its important work. This issue we focus on Garry Cant, who individually sponsors Forrest and Ella. (You can read their story in this newsletter.)

Garry's dedication to sponsoring sick and elderly 4 Paws pets makes him a valued member of the 4 Paws team. 

Left: Garry Cant's own elderly much-loved Poodle Isabella.
4 Paws Permanent Residents are elderly pets that have some to us, or animals abandoned or surrendered with serious health issues. These dogs and cats will remain in the care of 4 Paws, in the loving homes of experienced foster carers, until the end of their days. In order to meet the ongoing veterinary costs to care for these special pets, 4 Paws asks businesses, social clubs, sports groups, schools, and pet-loving individuals to sponsor a Permanent Resident.
Permanent Resident Sponsor: Garry Cant
Sponsored Pets: Forrest: 14 years, Poodle Cross; Ella: 6 years, Poodle Cross
4 Paws Tales: What motivated you to become a 4 Paws sponsor?

Garry: To provide financial assistance to an organisation dedicated to the welfare of animals in need..

4 Paws Tales: You currently sponsor two dogs, have you sponsored other pets in the past?

Garry: Yes, I have. Previous sponsorships have passed on.

4 Paws Tales: Why did you choose Forrest and Ella to sponsor?

Garry: Their story of need was one close to my heart. In a small way, I can hopefully assist with the longer-term care that is so very much needed

4 Paws Tales: What does sponsoring elderly, special-needs pets bring to your life?

Garry: That I am able to, in some small way, do my bit to assist the financial needs of such a worthy organisation as 4 Paws.

4 Paws Tales: Do you have pets of your own?

Garry: Yes, up until this year we had two black poodles: Millie, who passed on in April at the age of 18, and Isabella who's approaching her 16th birthday.

4 Paws Tales: What would you say to someone considering sponsoring a Permanent Resident:

Garry: Be generous in your outlook. Help financially to aid the much-needed care for the souls of animals in need.

Pets available for adoption

Click on the photo of a pet below to read more about them on the 4 Paws website adoption process page. To see other pets available for adoption click here to go to our website. Navigate to the pages for cat and dog adoptions.
Buddha, 6 years, Terrier Cross (mother)
Minnie: 4 years, Schipperke Cross (daughter)

These happy little dogs thrive on human company and love cuddles. They must be rehomed together.
Adoption fee: $695 pair
Siam: 9 years, Siamese, female
Siam is a beautiful, pedigree Siamese best suited to a one-pet home. She would like make a lovely companion in a quiet household.
Adoption fee: $140
Woolsie: 4 years, Maine Coon X, male
This sweet, affectionate boy is a delightful cat, much-loved by his previous owner  He is best suited to a one-pet home.
Adoption fee: $140
Adoption Tally 2016
Pets adopted since the start of the year
Dogs adopted: 33
Cats adopted: 14
Number of pets currently in the care of 4 Paws
Dogs: 69
Cats: 54
To support the work of 4 Paws, click on the red Donate link below to take you to our 4 Paws donation page. 

President's note

AS 2016 draws to a close, I thank our wonderful foster carers, volunteers, supporters and donors for their tireless, generous commitment to homeless animals on the Sunshine Coast.
Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery continues to go the extra mile in supporting the work of 4 Paws, and caring for the precious animals in our care. I don’t know what we’d do without them.
Sunshine Coast Pet Resort has been fabulous in providing temporary emergency accommodation for surrendered animals. When there is an influx of surrendered dogs, it can be a logistical challenge to place dogs in appropriate foster homes. The Pet Resort helps us through these difficult times. We are very grateful for their support.
2016 has been a tough year with many more pets surrendered recently. Common reasons for surrender are difficulties finding rental accommodation with pets, owners dying, and owners deciding their pets no longer fit their preferred lifestyle.
It is very important that people consider their situation carefully before buying or adopting a pet.

The Buderim Christmas Fair went well. We always enjoy seeing our regular supporters who come to the event to make a Christmas donation to 4 Paws.
Our fundraising sausage sizzles at Bunnings Caloundra have been going well. We thank Bunnings and our volunteers for their great support.
We are currently planning a ‘Fur Ball’ in Cotton Tree Park with our friends from Sippy Creek Animal Rescue. It should be a lot of fun. Watch out for details.
Adult volunteers are needed urgently at our Halfway House Cattery to support our caretakers. Tasks include grooming and socialising cats and kittens, and helping with cleaning. Please contact me if you can help.

My thanks and warmest wishes to you all,
- Julie Penlington

Save that date!

4 Paws Sausage Sizzle
Caloundra Bunnings, 4th Tuesday of each month
  • 27 December

Special Offers

Every Thursday, our wonderful friends at Flair Jewellery, Shop 19, 278 Nicklin Way, Warana, offer a special jewellery cleaning service for a gold coin donation.
You can have up to five items cleaned using their ultrasonic and steam-cleaning techniques to get your jewellery sparkling again. All proceeds go directly to 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. Flair will even match your donation dollar for dollar!
Have you recently moved or changed your contact details? If so, please let Cass our Secretary know by emailing her at

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