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Spring 2020
This newsletter is produced by volunteers. 4 Paws is a non-profit organisation providing refuge for homeless dogs and cats on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
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Sophie's journey from hell to heaven

Enjoying the love: Sophie now enjoys a wonderful life on the Sunshine Coast with Delma and John.

‘It’s a dog’s life’ was a 16th century metaphor describing the prevalent human condition of misery, cruelty and hardship. But people commonly use this figure of speech today when they mean a life of luxury, because the modern dog’s lot is much improved and many pooches are adored and pampered by their owners.

Little Sophie, a 4 Paws Silky Terrier Cross, has experienced human cruelty and neglect and now human love and kindness.

Almost a year ago, she was found malnourished and in an appalling condition in the Beerwah State Forest. Blind in one eye and partially blind in the other, she had rotten teeth, matted fur and a painful skin condition. Her sagging, weary body told the story of how she had delivered litter upon litter of puppies.

Sophie wasn’t claimed at the Pound. It’s thought she’d been used for breeding at a puppy farm before being dumped in the forest when she could no longer carry litters. Frightened and alone in the forest, Sophie had scavenged what she could to survive.

4 Paws believes all rescue pets deserve a forever home where they can live out their days in comfort. So we took over Sophie’s care under our Permanent Resident program. Thanks to the generous support of our Sunshine Coast donors, sponsors and veterinary staff, Sophie received first class veterinary care at Nicklin Way Surgery. The vets estimated she was about 8 years’ old. 

Sophie spent a short time in temporary 4 Paws foster care before Delma and John Murrihy opened their generous hearts and become her permanent foster carers. 

But it wasn’t an instant solution to her suffering. Sweet Sophie needed to be gently nursed back to health over many months. She had to learn to trust people and to become part of a loving family. 

‘We let her take her time, we let her come to us when she wanted to,’ Delma says.

Delma and John love dogs and realised how much they missed having a pet at home when they moved into a retirement village. Being in their 80s, they thought it inappropriate to buy a puppy, so applied to become foster carers with 4 Paws. They were delighted to become permanent carers for Sophie.

Delma says when they first brought Sophie home, she wasn’t used to being touched or patted. With veterinary guidance and lots of care at home her chronic skin condition is almost completely under control. ‘Now she loves being patted. She’s very happy,’ says Delma.

It’s nearly a year since her ordeal in the forest and Sophie now weighs a healthy 7 kg, due to Delma and John’s loving care.

Because of Sophie’s skin issues, Delma cooks her special chicken and fish dishes each day. Their son often brings over beautiful fish he’s caught. ‘Sophie gets most of it,’ Delma laughs. ‘She may have lost a few teeth but she’s very good at eating!’

‘She’s as healthy as anything at the moment. She’s so strong. Her favourite place is by the front door and she watches my husband closely in case he goes out. Sophie’s done a wonderful job training us,’ Delma laughs.

The three often enjoy a play wrestle when they put Sophie’s harness on to go for a walk. But it’s not just Sophie who's the winner in this loving, harmonious arrangement. Sophie has enriched Delma and John’s lives too.

‘She’s improved my husband’s health because of all the walks,’ says Delma. ‘We love her. When you come home she’s all excited, like she’s saying, “Come on in, I’ve been missing you.”’

Sophie’s a strong character who knows her own mind. She’s not too keen on other dogs but adores people and greets everyone who comes through the door.

Sophie’s veterinary care will be covered by 4 Paws for the rest of her life. She’s generously sponsored by Geoff Walton, whose monthly sponsorship goes towards Sophie’s vet care.

Frightened and alone, Sophie was suffering and in an awful state when she was found in Beerwah State Forest.
Below: Sophie now lives the good life as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident, loved and cared for by Delma and John.

Adopt Me!

Biggie: 6 years, male Fox Terrier
Hi, I'm Biggie. My foster mum says I'm a very good boy. I'm smart, know basic commands and have a BIG personality. Loving and protecting my family is my thing. I enjoy playing with my toys and snuggling on the couch. I'm great on the lead and love walks and car trips. I LOVE cats but would rather not live with another dog. I like kids over the age of 8.
Please submit an adoption application and we will be in contact with you.
Adoption fee: $495 

To support the work of 4 Paws, click on the red Donate link below to take you to our 4 Paws donation page. 

Sponsor me!

Sally: 14 years
Sally first came into our care in 2012 and was adopted into a loving home. Recently, Sally's devoted, elderly owner was placed in care, leaving Sally at home being fed by friends until we were contacted. We welcomed Sally back with open arms and she now lives happily with a wonderful foster mum. Sally's monthly sponsorship is $50.
Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor her. 
To learn more about sponsoring a Permanent Resident click here.

Meet a 4 Paws volunteer

4 Paws Tales regularly interviews the wonderful people and organisations that help 4 Paws do its important work. This issue we focus on wonder crocheter Elvira, a volunteer who's commitment to raising funds and public awareness for 4 Paws makes her a valued member of our team.

When Elvira's aged-care advocate Rhonna asked her what she wanted to do with the growing collection of items she was crocheting, Elvira didn't hesitate: 'Send it to the animals.' Elvira, who has a small dog, loves animals. Rhonna generously supplies the wool that Elvira turns into warm and colourful beanies, scarves and throw blankets. The items were very popular at our 4 Paws stall, but Covid-19 restrictions mean we have not had a stall for some months. You can buy items handmade with love by Elvira by emailing us at Items will be available for collection from Mooloolaba.
Do you have family or friends in cold areas who would love Elvira's handcrafted winter warmers?
Adult/teen beanies: $10 each
Adult/teen beanie and scarf set: $15
Blankets 1.5m x 1.5m: $45 each (more colours available)
Pick up from Mooloolaba, cash payment on pick up.
Please feel to share this notice as all funds raised help us to  care for our 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc Permanent Residents and prepare animals for adoption.
To enquire about making a purchase, please email

Pets available for adoption

Click on the photo of a pet below to read more about them on the 4 Paws website adoption process page. To see other pets available for adoption click here to go to our website. Navigate to the pages for cat and dog adoptions. To adopt a pet, you need to complete an adoption application. This helps us ensure that you and the pet you have chosen are a good match.
Amelia: female, Tortoiseshell, 2 yrs
Amelia is a very pretty Tortie girl born in January 2018. She was much loved by her elderly owner who has now entered nursing care. Amelia is a sweet young puss and loves company. She will greet you at the door when you return home. A warm comfy lap is a favourite, but of course only when Amelia wants it... As she is a young playful explorer, she likes to be picked up and cuddled - but not for long, there's too many other exciting things to do. 
Adoption fee: $140
Russell: 8 yrs, male
Through very sad circumstances Russell has been through a couple of homes. One owner passed away unexpectedly and another went into care. Russell needs and deserves a loving home. He particularly loves men but is not a fan of other cats. He would make a great companion. Russell's a little shy at first but once he knows you he will be your best pal.
Adoption fee: $140
Dexter, 3 yrs, male
Fun is Dexter's middle name. This adorable boy is energetic
and likes to play. He would suit a loving home with older children who could be his playmates. Dexter's very intelligent and can sit on command. A loving home indoors leading to an outdoor cat enclosure where he could enjoy safe 'adventures' would best suit Dexter.
Adoption fee: $140
Adoption Tally 2020
Pets adopted so far in 2020: Dogs: 15; Cats: 10
Pets currently in the care of 4 Paws: Dogs: 69; Cats: 38

Meet our Permanent Residents

Many pets that come into 4 Paws care have serious, chronic health conditions or are too elderly for adoption. We welcome these special animals as Permanent Residents. These VIPs (Very Important Pets) live out the rest of their lives in comfort and love. They are looked after by very special, experienced Foster Carers in their homes. In most cases their medication and veterinary bills are covered by 4 Paws through our sponsorship program.

Thanks so much Australia Post and Sunshine Coast Council!

COVID1-19 restrictions have significantly limited our fundraising and community awareness activities this year. So we are very grateful for two recent donations.
Australia Post gave us Community Grant Funding for a fabulous new Whipper Snipper (with accessories) for use by volunteers at Halfway House to keep the area tidy. See Lars pictured above.
Sunshine Coast Council, a great supporter of our work, gave us a COVID-19 Community Response Grant to assist us with operational expenses, such as ongoing vet bills.  
4 Paws greatly appreciates this support in helping us continue to care for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast.

Winners are grinners - thanks VetShop!

Dr Mark Perissinotto, Chief Vet and Managing Director of VetShopAustralia, presents 4 Paws Vice President Bev Fleming, volunteer Ingrid and three adorable 4 Paws pooches with our prize at the company's Sunshine Coast headquarters.
4 Paws is one of 10 rescue organisations to win a massive care pack in a recent VetShop Australia competition. Thanks to all our supporters who went online and voted for us as their favourite pet rescue organisation. Our prize includes bedding, treats, pet food, tick treatments, shampoos and toys. 4 Paws is very grateful to discount pet supply specialist VetShopAustralia for its generosity.
Kawana Stall
Still on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions

4 Paws Sausage Sizzle
Kawana Bunnings
13 September (Sunday)

Our volunteers and supporters rock!

4 Paws exists to give homeless dogs and cats a second chance at life with a loving family. We are a fully volunteer-run organisation and could not do what we do without the dedication and commitment of our fabulous foster carers, stall and sausage sizzle workers, cattery and Carmichael House helpers, and other wonderful volunteers. Our generous donors and sponsors provide vital funds for vet care for animals that come into our care. And we are forever grateful of the support of Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery and Sunshine Coast Council, helping us in our very worthwhile work with rescue animals.
- Julie Penlington, 4 Paws President
Have you recently moved or changed your contact details? If so, please let Kate our Secretary know by emailing her at

Proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's grants program.
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