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NEW FOR 2020...
Stand out with our virtual booth interviews

As we approach what would have been IBC 2020 all of us need to make sure we’re out there making a noise, letting everyone know what's going on with our business, products and services. 
Under normal circumstances we would be meeting up with you in Amsterdam but as this will not be possible this year, we have re-invented the booth interview and will be conducting them, online, with some very special guest interviewers.

Just choose the best person for the job, with experience most relevant to your products and services.

Renowned industry journalist Dick is a proven and popular communicator through words – written and spoken. Above all he cares about getting the most out of your interview and his attention to detail will help you stand out from the rest. When you need support in talking about your technology, you need two things: your interviewer must really understand the subject, and must communicate it with clarity and passion.


Kayte has been in broadcast for several years managing the marketing for NEP group and working at the cutting edge of major broadcast events and is a champion for equality and inclusion. Focused on creating a student centric platform to design and translate specific goals that bring together new and current technologists, broadcasters and organisations with a unified mission of creating opportunities for all people interested in working in the industry.

Our very own ‘Live Streaming Specialist’ who is brought in by companies to sort out the technical side of a Live Video Streaming job.  He makes it all work!

A leader in the rapidly growing arena of esports and stalwart of the corporate live event streaming world, Jon is an experienced director, producer, sound engineer and camera operator. If your product/software/solution, is a part of this workflow, Jon will want to know what it’s all about

Alister is best known for filming and producing 4k short films, documentaries and other television programmes. He also happens to be a Sony ICE and runs training sessions and workshops worldwide on Video Production, camera setup and post production systems. Well known as a guru on camera settings and setup, production technology (including HDR) and film and TV workflow. Alister specializes in: 4K, HDR and 3D cost effective film production. Log and raw workflow, commercial and TV production.

With a long career in broadcast engineering and manufacture Simon is also the founding partner of TV-BAY Ltd, that we now know as KitPlus. His experience in the industry is extensive ranging from video production to editing the KitPlus Magazine as well as creating new web projects with a particular love of SEO... a soldering iron is still never far away though!

Matt began by running cables during school holidays, then worked as a runner on commercial shoots, eventually cutting his teeth in a post production specialising in wet & dry hire of linear and non-linear suites (remember tape!). After some time  supplying equipment to the broadcast industry, Matt joined forces with Simon and the rest is history.

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